Nocturne or a summer night in 1979.
I called her from the station. Behind 2 hours on the bus, waiting for a short passing train, the conductor 5 rubles and 4 hours of slumber on top of a shelf ... The usual for me, in the year the way.
I know that today it is home alone. The end of July, nearly twelve ... the cool night. I hear her voice ... my call for her ... she is waiting for me ...
Prior to her home from the station, just ten minutes. The familiar road, familiar door ... She was in a nightie, over - short robe. Long impulsive kiss in the hallway, when you do not have time to put the bag and she muffled bryakaetsya on the floor.
Shower ... I do not wear outdoor clothing, only swimming trunks ... We have become accustomed to, do not hesitate to each other. Loose snack on the road. The relaxed chatter while I hurried to satisfy the hunger game ... ... light kisses ... ... poluobyatiya Sleepwear is no longer only familiar robe ... We both know what to expect.
... We are in the room. Sofa has carpeted, put back the covers ... She turns her back on me, extinguish the light begins to unbutton his coat ... the window full moon and street light ... I did not even catch the moment as it appears no swimming trunks. I hug her from behind ... the whole familiar curve of the neck ... exposes her slender shoulders ... bares it all ... the whole neck ... bury my face in her hair ... they still keep the flavor of some morning spirits ... barely caught ... I also feel something immaterial, ethereal ... fluid, that emanates from her ... a woman who knows what she desires ... and knows what she wants me ...
I caressed her breasts ... Pochemu-to I always liked to do when I'm standing behind her ... light, bordering surface movements ... my palms tickled her nipples ... sharpened slightly clench deliciously tender flesh ... has nipples like cherries .. I gently touch them ... she muffled laughs ... no, it's not even laugh ... it is somewhere inside her ...
Continuing to kiss her, and, with one hand, caress, I put his penis - which has long been at the ready - between her buttocks ... under its pressure they are malleable ... It is shorter than me ... lifted, as a dancer and ... .propuskaet it between his legs ... he sits like rider ...
Then she told me that at this moment I have it so hot ...
She lowers her hand ... I feel her fingers on the head ... kasayutsya..skolzyat along it ... my hand too ... down voltage bulging tummy ... our hands ... It's time to meet!
Every time she gets on her knees and impulsively or ... or ... gently lowered onto lokotochki ... it always does somehow different ... but, always inimitable and beautiful in its shamelessness and obedience. She bends right, but not completely, as if giving me the opportunity to powerfully make it bend more ...
Most of all, I, at this moment, enjoying her ass ... first hand ... ... then his lips caress and tickle the tip of her tongue elastic, trim ring ... But today, we have not been too long together. My fingers glide over the half-soft lips ... long, slightly curly hair tickled my palm ... there was moisture ... .uzhe coveted bump under my fingers ... it coarsens, slightly engorged with blood ... ... two fingers, penetrate between the slats ... to ... She already impatiently, but too little, moving her hips to meet ... Surprisingly, at this moment, the smell of her "cave" becomes sharper ... Behold, now it's time!
A fantastic spectacle when, in bright moonlight, you enter into the beloved ... We are no longer alone ... we are one ... I like it ... not just ... putting a hand on her, feel her camp behind me, more flex ...
Soon she tightly embraces me ... in there ... should be a series of contractions of the walls of her vagina ... in short, das ist science fiction ... Russian words can not pick up .... Her sweet groan deaf ... I know what was happening to her ... She won her top, but it also He knows that this is an intermediate point where it can be a little ... take a breath ahead of the main peak ...
I give her the opportunity to ... my movements are smooth, but the same penetration depth ... In fact, I somehow intuitively soon learned to prolong this thing ... without any special techniques ...
Halt completed ... wider step, comrade ... in a sound range of rhythmic and sonorous contiguities our bodies ... groan ... it is added, for me, exciting squelch, yet only her moisture. But, that's ... wall ... ceiling ... moonlight ... all kuda-to disappears ... I just feel like my testicles spins fire boiling lava ... ... sweet wave consumes me ... just before that I did not move, and it must be mounted as the count, tightly clutching the hips ... sometimes, unfortunately, black and blue ... which, however, pass quickly. Sometimes allow myself to give her a little sick ... or, at the height of delight, pulling her by the hair ... It is for me does not threaten ... Just those moments ... she, then, does not remember anything ....
It's over ... I sit down on my knees and the comfort that attracts her to him ... It settles on my hips ... we are still one suschestvo..Legkimi gentle stroking kisses ... try to keep the elusive sweetness ... .znaya that it replaced an extraordinary, fantastic ( I repeat!) ease ... when we soar ... and, only then, begin to feel your weary body ... very slowly ...
It lies on me ... tired ... awful like to feel her relaxed body on itself ... I gently ... literally fingertips caress her back ... feel her tired voluptuous shake ... baldezh ... at some point I lower arms below ... her ass obediently moved apart under the my hands ... as if mocking her ... I caress her again ... She sluggishly protests, but can not give up these touches.
She always goes to sleep first ... lying on my arm ... it's next to me ... the moonlight gently, without disturbing, covers her face ... her mouth half-open like a child ... and sometimes even cute drool in the corner of the mouth ..
I carefully remove the hand ... I pull away and she immediately ... not waking up ... rolled into a ball and props cheek little fist.
My 29-year-old girl is sleeping ... And soon, and I plunge into a dreamless sleep ...
... That the 79th summer gave me the love with which I shall not leave for almost 30-years old ...
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The first sexual fun with his sister at Jeremy happened when he was 14 and she was 12. They were alone at home, and both were bored. Raffle storm tore the cable from the TV antenna. Jeremy went to his room and began to look at porn magazine, who took time from a friend from school. This magazine was illegal because it was a model of its age and even younger. The magazine was in German, but Jeremy loved to dream, looking at the pictures and imagining some girls from her school.
On one of his favorite pictures of age the girl was just an example of his sister lying in a lewd pose on the bed, with two boys standing around her and masturbates. In the next picture she was lying and smiling. The semen was on her face, her hair, dripped from his chin. Whenever he reached this page, he really wanted to do onanizmom.Obychno he waited until that time go to bed. But this evening there was nothing to do but one sister was not at home. He stood up, closed the door to his bedroom and took off shorts. Carefully placing the lamp under the magazine, Jeremy lay on the bed, put my head on the pillow, the better to see their favorite photo. He pulled the pants on her hips and slowly began to masturbate his erect penis. His hand moved up and down, while all the attention was focused on the girl in the photo, it covered the young pubic fuzz, wide open in front of the two boys has a children's vagina.
Jennifer, meanwhile, also went to his room. She had changed into his pajamas and went into the bathroom, separating the room and her brother, comb your hair. He stood in front of a mirror with a raised top of his pajamas, and admiring look like tennis balls breasts. He wanted them to hurry up. Some of the girls from her seventh grade they were much more.
Examining your breasts, Jennifer heard the creaking springs coming from Jeremy's room. Surprised, she opened the door of the bathroom in his brother's room. He lay on the bed, almost naked except for panties on hips. His attention was riveted on the picture with a naked girl. He was so absorbed in his occupation, he did not notice her. Jennifer stood behind the half-open door and looked at him.
She had never seen the boys do so. He had seen his brother's naked, but never like this. She felt a tingling sensation and a pleasant itch between her legs. She really wanted to touch this place. She did so, with one of her finger penetrated into the hole, and the second touched the hump on top. Jeremy turned and saw her.
- What are you doing here? - He asked, pulling her panties on his swollen member.
- I wanted to ask you the same question, - she said, quickly pulling his hand and pajama pants.
She was sure that he could not see it because of its half-closed door.
- I want to see your journal, - she said. Jeremy is not no way, because she had seen him. It was interesting to see the reaction of the sisters when she sees pictures.
- Well, - he said. - But only in my room. Jennifer stretched out on his stomach on the bed brother, the magazine was in front of her. The German name "Child sex" It was written in red letters on the cover with several children.
- Wow. I saw Playboy and other magazines with adults, but never seen such a log with children. - She said. Turning the page, Jennifer saw the photo of the girl, her jaws wide open vagina, while the boy put in the hole with your finger there.
Leafing through the magazine, she saw all kinds and positions. Front, rear, children with children, children with adults, girls with girls, boys with boys. She stopped at the photos on which adult male lying on his side, and a girl of her age caressed him, his cock three quarter length was in her vagina. Her head turned, his eyes closed.
- He is so big. How he went into it? - Jennifer exclaimed.
- I think it was well lubricated, when she aroused him. -
Said Jeremy's sister, looking at the beautiful ass, silhouetted against the pajamas sister. He never thought about his sister sexually, but it kind of lying on the bed and contemplating his journal, he instituted to impossible. He said that his own sister is very beautiful. Her body had already begun to take shape.
Legs were a little sister divorced and bent at the knees. She was a short little like a child's pajamas, and he could see the smooth white surface of her thighs. He put his hand on her hip and a little squeezed. She resisted and pushed him away, just as if the spark ran between Jennifer felt the same. She did not know what to do, was very excited to view the magazine and knew that his brother was not accidental action. She turned the page and saw the girl, whose face was covered in cum, exclaimed:
- Fu. I've never been so I can not.
She turned to another page on which cancer boy fucked a girl of his age. On the page opposite the boy had finished, throwing sperm on the ass girls.
- That's better. - Said Jennifer, somewhat longer considering this photograph.
Jeremy vigorously stroking hand hip sister. His hand went up so high that he suddenly felt under her crotch. His fingers penetrated turn overshoe pajamas, and then under the nylon panties. He felt moisture between her legs.
- ABOUT. . . I like it - she said softly.
Encouraged by these words, Jeremy began to remove her lower part of the pajamas, but Jennifer started to protest.
- Just do it. I'm not ready to do it ... until the end, as you know, especially with his brother. Besides, you probably will laugh, seeing my body.
- We can not do this until the end, Jen. Just tell me to stop if you do not like. Browse this magazine really excited me, and I see you too excited. Your body looks amazing, even better than some girls my age.
- Oh well. I like what I did until now.
- I also liked it, but would be even better if we undress.
- Okay. Only you are the first, - she said.
- Okay, then I stripped, - said Jeremy, dropping his pants on the floor. His cock was sticking straight up when he sat on the bed. Jennifer stared at his brother tools, barely restraining order not to grab it.
- Now it's your turn.
- Let me do it under the covers, and then you work off the blanket, - she said. Realizing that his sister was a little shy, he agreed, noting that already achieved a lot this evening. When she said she was already undressed, he threw off the blanket. Jennifer took off her pajama bottoms and panties, but left over. Once again she was lying on his stomach and reached for a magazine. Jeremy did not insist on complete nudity and turned his hand to her cleft. When he started to move his finger back and forth in it, I noticed that Jennifer ass podmahivaet him. It was so cool. When he began to move faster, my sister also moved to the beat of his fingers. Inside ... everything was so well lubricated, he decided to insert into it at once with two fingers. Jennifer reached out to his brother and began to explore a member of his brother.
- Have you ever done this already with the girls before? - She asked.
- No never. None of my friends would not let me this. If you were not my sister, you agreed to be my girlfriend, Jen? You deystvitelnoprekrasna.
- Do you really want that?
- Yes, I just dream about it.
At these words, he went to his sister, turned her face to him and kissed her. The return the kiss was not long to wait, and soon their tongues have already explored each other's mouths. Protruding member Jeremy rubbed against her sister. When their bodies touched gently, like an electric discharge passing between them.
Children continued to study each other's bodies. Now Jeremy sisters first saw the body on the front. Part of it was covered with a light fuzz. Shy Jenny completely evaporated when the upper part of her pajamas fell on the floor and show her breasts balls. Her brother is completely wrapped around one of the balls of his mouth, his tongue caressed her nipple. Continuing to caress her vagina, Jeremy brought her the first orgasm of her life.
She moaned loudly, hips began to move quickly, forcing his brother to penetrate fingers deeper and deeper. Jeremy knew instinctively that it was time to insert his penis. Continued reduction of the vagina sister just swallowed his cock, and only when the convulsions stopped, Jennifer realized that her brother really fucks her.
- Oh, Jeremy. We do not and did not think to do it. But this is so cool, I feel so good. I love you.
- I love you too, Jen. You'll always be my secret girlfriend.
At these words, again Jennifer felt the approach of orgasm. Now her legs were wide apart, feet facing upwards, and buttocks moved in time with the movements of his brother. Jeremy drives the his penis now the entire length, he felt like his balls hit on the ass sister. After some time, he also reached orgasm, the semen from his cock began to flow directly into the vagina sisters.
Jennifer felt a member of tremors in his vagina felt like sperm fills it. The brother continued to cum. Jennifer felt as hot, sticky liquid dripping it on its backside and also start to finish. However, she put her brother's feet and kept so until all has not ended.
they lay and rested for a while.
- I do not propose to hide more secrets from each other - Jennifer said.
- Good. You're the best sister and friend, that can only be a guy. - Answered brother.
- Great - I said - I hope you boys did not disappoint me, because I really insatiable girl, and to quench my thirst I need a lot more of your sperm, which I had just - smiling and I went to the couch.
- Anya, sun, here we have nothing more to do. The sofa will be four of us closely. - Olezhka said.
- The bedroom at my parents' big bed, there we will be where to turn.
- Great - I said - I like to play.
Oleg went first, showing us exactly where to go. Igoryok picked me up, I hugged him and all the time while he was carrying me, I kissed his ear and neck. "For such gallantry need to thank him in a special way" - I thought, but still not really thought of as. Anton walked behind eating me with his eyes.
How did it perfectly - feel wanted, to satisfy the passion of several men feel their power. I felt lustful female, ready to give any male that I wish. And the realization that in a moment I will have as many as three males, drove me crazy.
And here we are on the spot. Oleg was right in bed with his parents was an impressive size. I even thought that it would be very interesting to peep what they are doing here ... and maybe even take part ... Now I gave free rein to his imagination ... "It would be interesting to seduce Olezhkinogo Daddy, how would he react to it ..." - flashed through my head.
But fantasies fantasies, and beside me stood a very real guys with very real intentions. While they undressed to a goal, I had a few moments to assess their true worth ... more accurately assess their merits excited. I am happy for myself once again pointed out that my boyfriend (Olezhka I considered her boyfriend), the largest member of all three. "And I was lucky with it, I thought." In Antosha and Igorka members were approximately the same. I decided to give the initiative in the hands of my men, let them decide what to do with me, I'll translate their fantasies into reality.
The first came to me of course Olezhka. I was lying on his back, his hands behind his head and he smiled cheerfully.
- Come to me, my sweet - I beckoned him.
Without answering, he crept up to me, knelt down and gently lifted my short dress to the navel. Then he gently held his palms on my hips to knees, and slightly parted them. Then he leaned over to me and kissed my feet in my own testicles, but not touching themselves. It was so unexpected that groaned to me that thought is capable of. "Oh God, I do not even dreamed of such caresses ... Despite its excited state, he decided to give me all your affection."
- Olezhka ... cute ... I love you !!! - I almost cried, digging his fingers into the sheets.
- I'm also on you crazy Anushka - he whispered and kissed my belly and navel.
Brought me out of the world of dreams into reality Anton, he placed a pillow under my head and began to aggressively push his cock in my mouth. Igor just took my hand and placed it on his testicles. I eagerly took Antoshin unit and began to suck, my right hand on his ass, I left podrachivala member Igor and Oleg, meanwhile, threw one of my leg over his shoulder and naslyunyaviv index finger began to caress my anus ring.
Frankly, I was very excited, and my cock was already crowded in tiny shorts, so that his head has to get out. Funny picture ... probably
Meanwhile, Igor Anton and pulled me with the dress. Igor became over my face so that I could suck his cock and began methodically to fuck me in the mouth ... Yes, it is to fuck, blow job because I could not name. I put my lips tight ringlet him to get maximum enjoyment, hands, I grabbed his leg.
- Anton! Ka Hold her legs until I start to develop its point - said Oleg.
Anton took my legs, threw them as high as possible, so as not to interfere with Igor fuck my mouth, and of course they are widely spread.
I felt like something cool kasnulis my ringlet. Of course I could not see what it was, but I was sure that it Olezhkin finger from smazochki. He slightly massaged my hole and gently pressed on her penetrating inside. "Well, Annie, not a long time you have left play the virgin" - flashed through my head.
Meanwhile, Igor slowed down and took his dick out of my mouth. "Wonderful chance to thank him for having brought me here on his hands" - I thought.
- Igor, cat, turn to me sing, I want to lick your chocolate glazik - I told him.
He did not have to wait. After a moment, I admired this spectacle: in front of my face adorned Igor elastic buttocks, and on the middle, there was a small hole with a dark halo around. Simply fascinating spectacle, I want to note that the vegetation on Igoryok was not, except for rare hairs on the scrotum.
Like a lot for one night - I thought - it's just a jackpot.
I pulled up a little Igorka self adjusting convenient for me to distance even wider spread his buns and licked his timid "glazik". He apparently liked it very much, because it immediately groaned and stood rooted to the spot, giving me to understand that I can continue.
I licked it again. Then he kissed, licked, and again tried, as much as possible, to penetrate into the tongue.
The first time I was licking the anus, and I saw a lot of pornorolikov where such procedures were shown close-up ( "That's handy" - I joked about herself). But video is not able to convey the whole range of feelings that are at the same time you take possession. At first I was a little not nice to feel the language of a particular taste typical of these places, but we must pay tribute to Igor, the boy he was neat, this after a couple of seconds, I greedily licked his point, and kissed him (if relevant here is the expression :) aspirated, He licked again and again kissed. I do not deprive attention, and that his testicles and then slapped me on the chin. I learned on the go ... First swallowed one testicle, sucking it as a lollipop, then another, then just licked them, and again returned to the anus. The real reward for my efforts were jerking Igor and his irrepressible moans.
But back to my populichke. By vremini Olezhka already introduced me three fingers, but of course it hurt, but it was not too much time to this distracted, especially that in parallel with the development of my anus Oleg squeezed my testicles for that by the way I was incredibly grateful to him.
Podolbiv my hole a couple of minutes, Oleg said:
- Prepare your cock, now we are going to deprive our Annushka virginity!
Kissed again lastly point Igor, I let him go, he moved to Oleg, Anton did the same, and I, too, had kept their feet higher and wider in order to ensure the most favorable review of my lovers.
- Annie! You choose who will shoot down you play the virgin - said Oleg.
- I chose a long time ago - I said softly - You did this, my sweet!
Igor Anton and looked at my chosen one with obvious envy. Let envy, but then more will pull me - I thought to myself.
Oleg took a pack of condoms and gave each guy one by one.
Then print your.
- Stop! - I okriknula it.
- I myself want to put it on you!
I changed position, kneeling down in front of Oleg, he took a condom, put it in his mouth, bent over Olezhkinomu penis and took it into his mouth, helping himself with tongue and lips I wore a condom on the penis. Then he lay down on the back, threw her and spread her legs and said, - Come to me, my dear!
Olezhka was attached to my ass and gently pressed on my hole, he first introduced the only head. After waiting for a moment ... he again pressed and penetrated me deeper but still not completely. I was ecstatic, that's it, done. Oleg again made an effort and now I felt his testicles.
"The first tries!" - Flew in my mind, nothing seems to come up with skill my brain was unable, as I lay in a daze.
Meanwhile, my partner has become potrahivat me, gradually increasing the tempo.
In order not to waste time in vain, Anton rubbed his penis in her mouth my and I had to meet with the forces that make him a blow job, I sucked it purely automatically, all my attention was focused on the sensations that Oleg gifts to me. It is already quite vigorously and confidently fucked me, the pain was gone by the wayside, and I began to enjoy the process.
Again, I lost control of the time, but speed up, just at a frantic pace, which asked Oleg, I realized that it would soon be over. I took out a member of Anton and asked Oleg cum in me! It said it was just in time, since the ambush me last time Oleg came out of my priests, nervously tore from his prezik member vzbrochnul bit, again I planted, but not full-length, produced in me a stream of warm sperm !!! It was the climax! Testing all these manipulations with my body, I also reached orgasm at the same time with Oleg finished herself on her tummy. With my cock spilled so much sperm as there was no more nirazu. I'm just exhausted from such ecstasy lying on fully relaxing bed ... I was at that moment was frankly do not care how many more guys standing in line to get me to fuck, even if they were ten or twenty ... I was the first time in his life experienced an orgasm so strong, I had finished at the same time with her boyfriend, who had just robbed me of my virginity. It seems to me that I even fell asleep on some piece time.
My boyfriend lay down beside me, he began to gently kiss my lips, not passionately, but simply and quietly kissing. I answered him, I hugged his neck and drew him to her, we kissed and kissed. Meanwhile, someone has planted me in the ass, no matter who it is. He did this rude affected excitement, he did not even fucked me, but the reader will forgive me for this turn, but he fucked me, fucked fuck like a whore, not caring about what she feels. But this time I felt kisses Oleg and that was enough.
As I learned later, Anton fucked me, it did not last for long, past his thrusts were especially painful for me, but I tolerated. I did nothing to ask, but he followed the example of Olezhka and released all his cum in me.
It was followed by at least a rigid Fucking already Igor. For myself, I noted how ridiculous chomps his cock like a piston chasing my ass sperm left by previous partners. Even I was surprised that he fucked me for a long time, I expect that it gives out faster. He ends violently and gromno, and also to me.
I felt like sperm derived from my popochki ... it was a nice feeling. Since the guys have released all that is held back by a whole evening, it came a little break in our orgy. While Igor Anton took a shower at a time, I suggested Olezhka lick his point, and this time gave him a lot more fun than Igor. Oleg during that time has made me free from the panties and smeared not yet dried semen on my tummy.
But if you think that our night and ended on this, I hasten to inform you that you are wrong.
Guys were lads - strong :)
But the fact that we already get up to in the morning I will tell you next time.
His own salary - it's cool. I could not believe that no longer have klyanchit parents pocket money - at least for now, during the summer holidays. You could start to earn a nanny a couple of years ago. Several classmates have long been engaged in this - probably to the eighth grade. And I started only now, when moved to the tenth.
"If still left with the baby, not the eight-year boy" - I sighed to myself. But work is work. I looked after the son of one of my mother's friend, went to an urgent business trip. The trip was foreign to her and the baby, of course, was not allowed to take. That had to be it for a week somewhere to attach. At first, she wanted to send the boy to us, but then decided that I lived for a week in her apartment. I basically did not mind, especially that they were about to turn on the hot water. "Although it will be possible to wash humanly" - I was delighted. Yeah, what about - hung on the front door an announcement that is delayed by two weeks.
If I knew, do not turn on the hot water, I would seriously consider whether to stay for a week with this boy. "And when he starts to listen to me" - I sighed. For the second day, I had to put up with his rudeness and crudeness. And I wanted to pull tomboy trousers and thrash on the bare ass. I remembered how disgusting boy behaved yesterday. It began with the fact that she could not dozvatsya him to dinner. Half an hour in vain searched the surrounding yard and in the end had lunch alone. When he finally showed up back home, all jeans were caked with mud from top to bottom. I immediately made the boy to take them off and tossed into the washing machine. But most went to the bathroom to wash the shoes and feet.
My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call. As I expected, it was Sasha's mom.
- Hello World - I said into the phone.
Sasha's mother was only 26 and I called her by name, though on "you".
- Well, you and Sasha? - I asked the Light - to listen?
- And do not ask me - I sighed.
I began to complain about the behavior of the Light of her son. She told me how rude Sasha, as she could not dozvatsya him to dinner, he muddy jeans with sneakers ...
- Ay-ay-ay, - heard from the tube - Do not worry, I'll talk to him.
- I had to do some fighting, but still forced to wash his feet, - I said, continuing his story.
- Well done, - said Light - Can you make sure that he does them washed every night? Well, that hot water is already included.
- Nope, not included - I said Light.
- So he washed his feet in cold water with you? - Anxiously asked Light.
- Uh-huh, - I confirmed.
- Well, you, Olga, give! - Amy's voice could be heard clear dissatisfaction, - So the Child and chill briefly. It was necessary to heat the water in a saucepan. Feet should always be warm.
"You go nach ... - I thought - poor child will catch a cold. So over it tryaseshsya. If I knew, you spoiled little boy, my legs were not used in this apartment »
- Well, nothing, - he said in a conciliatory light, - now include accurate. Although this should have been done yesterday
- Do not turn on - I told her - to hang on the access door of the announcement that the hot water for two weeks will not be.
- Last year was the same story - a sigh of Light - A month later included.
- And in our neighborhood do not include time ever - I complained - sometimes hot water is not for two months. So tired to go to the familiar wash.
- Do you have friends with hot water? - Quickened Light - Listen, can you get together with Sasha go?
- To be washed? - I hesitated - I do not know.
I'm still angry at the light. At first, she scolded me, and now asks about such things. Most ask for to unfamiliar people uncomfortable, and here with the boy.
- Well, it might still go? - I keep up with me Light - Sasha I have more than a week did not wash. Do not walk in the same fact in the public bath. There's such a lack of sanitation.
I winced, remembering his only visit to the public baths: mud, cockroaches ...
- Well, - I said to Sasha's mother - I'll try to ring up friends. Somebody hot water be exact.
- Certainly somewhere will - confidently said Light - Her train alternately by region laid off.
I tried to think who could be hot water. "I think Nastia - I thought, - she told me the day before yesterday, for the first time in three weeks normally stood under the shower," I did more hot water is not known.
- And with the food you like? - Light asked, changing the subject - in the fridge is still something left?
- Blank - I sighed - Borsch ended, stuffed cabbage, too. Sausages eat for breakfast today.
- So what you will eat for lunch? - Anxiously asked Light.
- Do not worry, I'll buy anything, - I reassured Sasha's mother - was just about to go to the grocery store.
- Come in cooking, - advised the Light Buy meatballs and other semi-finished products, so most do not cook. A home just will throw into the pan. About the money, do not worry. If you do not have enough of what I had left to eat, then I'll give everything.
Remembering how much I leave the lights, I thought that with this money you can live comfortably for a month. Anyway it was so lazy to trudge to the store and then cook - even the semis. But nothing can be done - not to die of hunger is.
- Oh, Ol, had forgotten - caught on Light - One awkward question. Sasha yesterday went to the toilet for more?
- What?!!! - Indignantly escaped me, - that I stand in the toilet door and listen to what he was doing there?
- Well, no offense, - said Light - Sasha Just recently often constipation. If more than two days will not defecate, be sure to call me.
- Well, - I promised - I am now about these things you'll be sure to notify. By the way, how many times he went on too small to count?
I laughed softly.
- You're funny, but we have a serious problem - said Light, otsmeyavshis - solved mainly enema.
- I can also put Sasha enema - I suggested as a joke, thinking how cool it would be to remove the eight-year boy pants and stick in the ass rubber bulb.
- Yeah, so it you will do it - laughed Sasha's mother - is already large, shy. Even on my bathroom door locks, when bathing.
The conversation continued for a few minutes, during which I had to patiently listen to Sveta's instructions. Having waited until Sasha's mom finally said goodbye, I pressed the reset button, and immediately began to gain Nastya's room.
- Ale, Nastya? - I said hello when on the other end picked up.
- Hey, Olka - happily said Nastya - Well, I like to be a nanny?
- Already I regret that I agreed - I sighed - constantly at war with the boy. It is not being heard. You have no idea what I have to suffer from it. Badly behaved: rude, lunch not dozoveshsya ... About his mamma, I generally keep quiet. So to me niggles. Constantly dissatisfied with something. You see it was not necessary to make him wash gryaznyuschie feet because the water is cold.
- Poor - Nastya said sympathetically.
- And, you know what she asked me? - I have not appeased - Watch as he goes to the toilet and to report, I went to a large or not. The child suffers from constipation ...
In the tube there was a restrained laugh.
- I joked, - I continued with a smile, - told her that the boy can put an enema.
- Yesterday we put the youngest in the evening, - said Anastasia.
I remembered that Nastia was two small nephew.
- We Pavlik recently just trouble - Nastya sighed - no poop without enemas can not. So we have almost every day to put it. Roar, screaming - he was so afraid of this procedure. Therefore, usually we do everything together with Oksana - I hold so as not struggled ... but she puts the ass in a rubber bulb.
- How old is he? - I asked.
- After two weeks, will be a year or two, - said Anastasia.
- A senior? - I asked - Do you train two nephews.
- The eldest three, - said Nastya, - were also up, the problems with a chair.
I listened with interest to the girlfriend, quietly envying that Nastya on a par with his sister is busy with two small nephews. I have not had anyone: no kids, nephews, or brother with sister. And like ponyanchitsya with nursery child. "Especially with a boy" - with a smile, I thought. Since girls are not so interesting - that I have not seen. But the boy to strip naked and see what's between his legs - is another matter. I once saw a naked boy - a couple of years ago in the children's clinic. I went to the district office for help, but there is at this time there were other visitors - young woman with a nursing baby. Surprisingly, the doctor drove me. I ceased to mess with toddler and quickly wrote out a certificate. Still laughing, as I stare at the naked baby.
We Nastya continued to chat about the children another five minutes. I thought that in spite of the school friendship I have never been at her house. "How would gently invite himself to visit her?" - I thought. So like after her short stories look at the kids.
- Lucky you, Nastya - I sighed - I wish I had such nephews-children. So you want someone ponyanchitsya.
I smiled, remembering how once, without question, has agreed to look after the child of my mother's friend. Basically, of course because of the hot water. But yet for some reason I was sure that I'm left with the baby, not the eight-year boy. Of course it was awkward to refuse once agreed. But next time I will not repeat this mistake - always find out the age of the child for whom it is necessary to look. "I will accept only three years and younger" - I decided.
- Hey, you, too, there is no hot water? - Nastia pointersovals I remembered the purpose of his call - Remember when you told me you went somewhere to wash last week.
Nastia began to explain that is not washed at home, while the cousin.
- And I hoped that you included - disappointed I sighed - promised on his head Sasha's mom that svozhu it to someone else to wash.
- I do not know the sales, - Nastya hesitated - I certainly can ask Natasha.
- Oh, Nastya, you rescued me so - I was delighted.
- I do not think she would mind, - said Nastya - The neighbors probably also not buzhut mind.
- Neighbors? - I was surprised.
- She lives in a dormitory, - he explained Nastya - They share a kitchen and bathroom. By the way, I do not know if you want to bathe there. All plumbing in such a state of neglect.
- It's okay - I said, - The main thing that was hot water.
- Well, - I have agreed to Nastya - Then I'll talk to her, and then call you back.
Once again, I thank Nastya and said goodbye to her, she hung up. Nastya's call had to wait ten minutes.
- Sorry, Olka, Natasha was busy - began to defend it.
- Well? - I asked impatiently.
- She said that it is better to come right now, - said Nastya, - Given that you probably will take at least an hour on the road.
Nastya dictated to me Natasha's address. She was right - he had to go on the subway across town. Again thanking her friend, I hung up.
- Sasha! - Loudly I called the boy.
There was no answer. The boy continued to ignore me.
- Get ready! - I ordered, going into another room, where he sat on the floor and playing with toy soldiers, - We are now going to bathe.
- What? - He looked at me, boy.
- Bathe! - I repeated irritably, - Your mother asked me to take you somewhere to wash. Now we'll go to a friend of mine. They have hot water.
- I do not want to swim! - He told me the boy.
- How are you talking to me? - I raised his voice and pulling the boy by the arm, made him get up from the floor - You go wherever say! Do you think I care? That you did not wash more than a week. To me, at least six months go dirty, but promised to your head to your mom that you pomoesh today.
- I do not want-at !!! - I continued to protest the boy.
- Now, these soldiers will be in the bin! - I threatened Sasha - and all the other toys, too. I am not kidding! Quickly get dressed!
Dissatisfied grunt, the boy went to his chair and took out jeans.
- To stand in the hallway dressed and shod in five minutes! - I threw Sasha before leaving the room.
Adding to the bathroom in a big sports bag bath products, I thought, as I punished the boy for what he does not listen. "Do not let go for a walk - I decided - never allowed to watch television. And if he continues to behave like a smack. There is no longer strength to endure "
We traveled in Natasha's really a hostel for about an hour. Well, that is only on the subway, although with two changes. Finally we come to the dilapidated brick five-story building. About this is a hostel and I imagined.
Natasha lived on the first floor. She was a pretty blonde girl of nineteen or twenty.
- Olya and Sasha? - She smiled pleasantly, opening the door - That you Nastia sent me to wash?
- Yeah, us - I smiled back.
- Well, let's go to the bathroom, - Natasha said, and led us down a long corridor.
Reaching the end of the corridor, we stopped in front of two doors.
- That's our bathroom, - Natasha said, opening the door to the left, - And there - the kitchen - she gestured to the other door, - also one half a floor.
- It is clear - I drawled.
- For some reason I thought you were coming with a child younger - Natasha smiled - then only you can bathe him in the kitchen, as do all our mothers.
Natasha opened the door to the kitchen and I saw two young women - really to bathe their babies in basins standing on the table. One toddler was a little boy, and the second - older: three or four years.
- Is the kitchen easier to bathe? - I was surprised - especially out of - I pointed to an older child, - It is not too big to wash in a basin?
- Wick its Kohl always bathes, - said Natasha - Now you see our bathroom, she'll understand.
Staring as spellbound, standing in a basin on the naked boys, I'm sorry again that I was left with a schoolboy. So instead of eight like Sasha toddlers baby. I do not know how the mother, but I used it faithfully every day to bathe. And in the bathroom, and that's because in the basin in the kitchen.
- Come on, - with a smile tugged at my sleeve Natasha - You came to us to wash or kids stare?
We went to the bathroom and I immediately remembered the words of Nastya. All plumbing was really in such a terrible state that I am sorry that it has come to the hostel. "On any better than a warm home in the water pots" - I sighed to myself.
My thoughts were interrupted by Natasha, which began to make excuses for the state of the bathroom.
- How the people shame - apologetically she said, - Now I will cleanse all this dirt.
Natasha turned on the shower and began to pour them a dirty bath. The sight of a shabby bath, slowly fills with dirty water, completely discourage me want to wash. "Just wait until the boy will wash, and go home" - I decided.
- Again hammered! - Natasha sighed, waving his hand in the dark water in the bath.
Having stood next to the bathroom vantus girl try to clean the sink, but it did not work out.
- Well, I invite people to bathe, - she smiled apologetically to me - again have to call the plumber.
I'm secretly glad that did not have to go into this old dilapidated bath. I wanted to get away, not only from dirty bathroom, but generally this shabby hostel. "That's just a boy to do? - I thought - he himself at home with no hot water will wash .... is not necessary that someone helped, just do not give. He's eight years is not something that me, my mom already shy of "Memories of Sasha's mom made me uncomfortable wince. "We'll have to call her and explain why it failed to wash, - irritated I thought - Why he did not two years old? Would swim in the basin in the kitchen, these mothers'
In fact, if I had my kid kindergarten age, it could be used on an equal footing to join two young mothers in the kitchen. "Theoretically, an eight-year, too, so you can bathe" - I smiled at the Sasha standing naked in the pelvis. This obsession - to put the eight-year boy in the pelvis as a small - haunted me ever since I saw two mothers, bathe their babies.
Representing, as I soaped Sasha soft sponge round ass and his little boy's economy between my legs, I have once again regretted that urchin is not two years old - so to me now like him to undress and bathe, as a baby. "But what if you really bathe? - I thought - not only here, but at home, without postronnih. I do not want the mother looked crooked "
I figured, how much will have to heat the water. "The best course here - I thought with a sigh, - So sad that nothing here trudged through the city. ''s Thinking for a minute, if I understand correctly, I still decided to try it. "Here's my chance to tinker with a small child - I smiled to myself - even if it is actually eight. Just think, eight. I, too big. What I'm with him all the ceremony, explaining everything as an adult, trying to persuade? With these it should be easier not to explain, and ordering. Command them as a toddler. Only then will begin to listen. "
- I'm sorry that it happened, - he began to defend Natasha again.
- It's okay - I said - I-mainly because of the boys to you asked for. I myself and the house normally pomoyus. Already used to heat water in a saucepan. But Sasha unaided could not cope.
- Would be younger, have a swim in the basin, - said Natasha - As Ira and Vika.
- And that - I smiled - It is easy to fit the bowl.
- Yeah, fit - Natasha nodded, eyeing the boy appraising look - We have in the kitchen there is a large basin.
- What? !!! - Sasha loudly protested.
- See how once feared - Natasha laughed, - and already it is impossible to make a joke.
- What a joke - I smiled - I had been seriously thinking about it.
- Swim boy in the pelvis? - Natasha surprised - so much? How old is he, eight?
- Yeah, eight - confirmed I - went to the kitchen, look at your pelvis.
- Well you give - Natasha laughed, but nevertheless went into the kitchen.
I followed behind, dragging a stubborn boy. Appearing with Sasha in the kitchen, we immediately found themselves in the spotlight. The faces of the two mothers could read the apparent bewilderment.
- Here! - Natasha said, go to the corner of the room behind a large enamel basin.
- That's it - I nodded - Well, Sasha? Who is going to swim in the basin as these boys.
By setting the pelvis to the only free table, I beckoned to the boy. According to Sasha's astonished face, he still did not believe that he is now to be swimming in the basin.
- Well you stand? - I raised her voice, - Come on, take off your clothes and get in the the pelvis.
- I do not want! - Said the boy so offended tone that seemed even a second, and he burst into tears.
I silently walked up to Sasha and forcibly dragged him by the arm to the table. As I expected, the boy immediately roared.
- I do not want u! - He screamed, trying to escape - I would like Domo-o-oh!
- Now, calm down! - I said strictly - pomoesh and go home.
- Do not cry, - Natasha began to calm the boy.
- I do not want to swim here! - Do not let Sasha.
- You and the house did not want to - I say - More than a week has not bathed. Going to a month to wait until the turn on the hot water?
- Be sure to wash, - said Natasha whining boy, - Do not you bothered to go dirty?
- I do not want! - Repeated Sasha - Only a small wash basin in.
- We all have so bathe, - smiled Natasha - See how big Kohl's?
Natasha pointed to the naked boy on the right.
- What do you think, Vic? - She asked the child's mother.
- Four and a half, - said the young woman, - Passed in the older group of kindergarten.
- I, too big! - Sasha snorted, - I have to go to school.
- What we are adults - sarcastically said I was a boy, - Do you eight years of bathing in a basin will not happen! Come on, take off your clothes!
I looked expectantly at Sasha, with his arms folded.
- Do not cry, honey, - he said the boy gently Natasha - No one is going to torment you unpleasant procedures. Olya just wants you to bathe. All kids love to swim. See how Andryusha like Kolya.
- Yeah, can my hours in this basin to sit, - said mum-year-old kid - Now see how he begins to act up, I'll get it out of the water.
- How old is he? Godik? - I pointersovalas, looking at naked little boy.
- We are already half - proudly told my mother the baby.
I wondered what she was young. "Natasha's the same age - I thought, - nineteen years, not more. A child and a half. Maybe I have a toddler will be in three years? "I looked at Sasha. "And while you pobudesh my baby" - I smiled to myself. Suddenly he remembered that he had long wanted to punish the boy's disgusting behavior, I thought that this would be the best Sasha for punishment. "Pobudesh me all day nursery toddler" - I decided.
- Are you going to undress or not? - I shouted at Sasha - Again, I do not listen? You know? Once you acting, you have me, not only in the basin pomoesh - you do all day spend as little!
Sasha looked at me surprised and frightened eyes.
- Do not look at me - I smiled, pleased with the effect produced, - I'm not kidding. I'm not going to tolerate your conduct anymore. You have long had to be punished for something that is not listening. That pobudesh me today until the end of the day nursery baby.
- What an interesting sentence - with a smile, I saw Natasha.
- Yes, - I confirmed - Will hold today, as the toddler.
- And how are you, I wonder, has decided to turn the eight-year boy in toddlers toddler? - Ironically asked Vick - Odenesh it as a kid? You'll put on a pot?
- But what - I smiled - It will be like a small - and clothes, and a pot. Even find the nipple for him.
They all laughed.
- Are not you ashamed, Kolya! - Suddenly came right Vikin indignant voice - No, you just look at this!
I turned on the four naked little boy and chuckled - toddler let out hanging between the legs of a small cock transparent trickle.
- We direct trickle down here, in the basin center - Wick said, gently taking a tiny child pisyunchik two fingers ..
- So funny peeing in the water, - I smiled.
I could not take her eyes off the naked four boys - so fascinated me fountain between his legs. "How interesting boys pee" - I said, when the toddler did second pause and let her after a couple of short streams, each of which had a funny twitch pisyunchik.
- A person how happy! - Natasha laughed.
- Kolya I still love to put a trickle during bathing - Vic smiled.
- All the boys love to write while swimming, - said mother polutoragodovalogo baby.
- And usually at the most inopportune moment - Wick laughed, shaking with Colin pisyunchik last drop, - As if waiting for me to start to wash it between the legs. Your, Ira, too, so harmful?
- Once a pest! - Ira laughed and followed her all the rest.
- The boys ... it is necessary to force to go before a dip in the small - Wick said, - And I'm not traced to Nick pissed. Cook pot - there he is on the floor - and just forgot.
- Here you toddler and recalled - he smiled Natasha - No more forgetting.
Losing interest in the four-Kole, I thought of her boy.
- It looks like in the good you do not understand - I said to Sasha, who was still dressed - you five minutes ago was told to undress.
I sat down in front of a boy on his heels.
- Since you do not want to undress myself, I would have to undress you, - I smiled, - as a kid.
I tried to unbutton his jeans Sasha, but the boy would not let me do it.
- Come quickly removed his hands! - I ordered and finally lost patience, strong Sasha slapped by the pope.
The boy was taken aback for a moment and then was came hysterical roar. Using Sasha's confusion, I unzipped his jeans and pulled her knees to let them down - of course with shorts. "So, no panties, I like you" - with a smile, I thought, considering the eight-year boy between his legs.
As if remembering that he is without panties, the boy blushed and pulled down her short shirt, trying to cover herself between the legs.
- Well, where you pull a T-shirt? - I shouted at Sasha - Now tear!
Forcibly removing Sasha's hand, which he grabbed a T-shirt, I picked them up and quickly pulled off the boy's head through a T-shirt. Of course, as soon as I let go of his hand, he immediately closed their groin.
- What, in the eight years already nobody can not look at you naked? - Jokingly I asked force Unscrambling Sasha's hands - Do not hide behind. How do I you, I wonder, to bathe, if you constantly keep your hands there?
- So shy - Natasha smiled - See how the red.
Sasha shyly looked down and again tried to hide behind.
- This said, do not hide behind! - I raised voice, a plumb Sasha ringing slap on the bare ass.
Slap acted and the boy no longer hide behind the climb.
- Small children should not be shy of adults, - I said to Sasha, freeing his legs from the jeans with shorts.
- As if no one here had seen naked boys - Wick laughed.
"It is quite another thing" - I smiled, considering standing in front of me naked boy. Thus, shaming, eight tomboy, I liked much more. "Here and Now wait a minute before all, - I smiled to myself - stripped naked and immediately became as silk. We had yesterday so his punishment - into a baby. By the way, than he does now from the two different kids? The same naked toddler, as they "
- Well? - Jokingly I said to Natasha and young mothers - How much do you think Sasha is now give?
- Year or two - with a laugh said Ira, causing general laughter.
- And indeed similar to a two-year, when so here is naked, - he has agreed to Natasha.
- More offers not? - I squinted slyly, - So the decision. You, Sasha, I have now until the end of the day pobudesh two years. I remembered his new age?
The boy resentfully pursed his lips.
- And if they then do not start to behave well, then all the whole week so fooled - I added - Yes. It is not necessary to build a surprised face. If you will not obey me, probudesh two years before the arrival of my mother.
Seeing the fright in Sasha's eyes, I smiled contentedly, thinking again, as the boy changed dramatically. "And indeed, as a helpless toddler nursery, - I smirked to myself, - with him right now whatever you want, you can do?" I thought about the recent Colin trickle. "Well, I stand naked taught - I thought - now learn to use children's potty"
- Can I borrow you the pot? - I asked Vic.
- Oh, if you're not gonna ... - Vic laughed.
- Make the boy to go on a little? - I interrupted with a smile Vika - This is why I need a pot and. You yourself have just said that before bathing every boy should be forced to write.
- Fears that the eight also let in a trickle basin? - With undisguised irony I asked Ira.
- It is better to err, - I smiled.
Vick gave me a children's pot, and I put it in Sasha's legs.
- Well you stand? - I shouted at vosmiltenego boy - You do not know how to use the potty?
- I do not want - and softly squeezed Sasha blushed.
- There are no "do not want"! - I snapped, - You are now two years old, and after two years of all adults decide. Especially when the baby time to go to the potty.
It was difficult to maintain a serious tone - it was so funny to watch feel free naked boy.
- Is my mother did not teach you to write in the pot? - I smiled, continuing to tease Sasha - And I declare that big. You're worse than two years. You stand and you do not know what to do with this pot.
The boy looked down, embarrassed.
- Nothing, we are now a little Sasha will teach how to use the potty, - I said, sitting down next to the boy on his heels.
Sasha snorted resentfully. "I do not like to be with him lisp like a baby" - I smiled about yourself.
- Each boy has a small cock between the legs - gently said Sasha, raised his thin fingers pisyunchik.
Eight-year boy flinched, as if his electric shock. "What I did not expect that there will touch you" - I smirked to myself. I have long wanted to touch the boy hanging between pod legs - from the moment I Sasha naked section. Satisfied that she had found a suitable pretext, I began to feel a children pisyunchik. Soft stick ended with a tiny proboscis. "Just peel" - I knew this gentle mash fingers proboscis.
- What, Sasha? - I smiled, continuing to pull a thin boyish pod - Forgot what little boys need pisyunchik? Kohl's, by the way, only that this is all demonstrated. Let us ask him.
- Do not! - Colin laughing young mother - And that he would arrange another free demonstration.
They all laughed.
- Pis-pis-pis - beginning to sentence me, still holding his fingers pisyunchik Sasha - Who let a trickle in the pot?
I knew that I will achieve nothing from shy boy, but still continued to gently persuade him as a little. Just like eight-tease tomboy, watching him hesitate.
- How long are you going to persuade him? - Natasha smiled - Come on, I do pour water into a basin.
I tried to persuade Sasha few more minutes, until Natasha filled not intended for boys basin of warm water.
- So do not you write in a pot? - Strongly I asked Sasha - Look at me! This aunt Vick with his good Coley. And if you have me in an empty bowl trickle, I'll make you so!
I brought a stool and Sasha helped to climb on the table.
- Stand in a bowl! - I commanded.
The boy gingerly stepped into the hot water.
- So, well done - I praised him.
Suddenly Sasha again blushed and covered himself between her legs. Noticing that he was looking out the window, I knew immediately why he began to hesitate again. We were on the ground floor, not to mention the fact that the table on which I bathed Sasha, stood at one of the two large windows. There were no curtains on the windows was not, so everything in the yard was perfectly clear what is happening in our kitchen.
- Cease to hide behind! - I ordered the boy.
- Larissa Masha shy - Natasha smiled.
Outside, there were really two girls of school age: about two years younger than me. Both were so similar that had no chromosomal that they were sisters. One of the girls shown in our window finger and whispered something in the ear of the other, then both laughed.
- Well? - I looked expectantly at Sasha - Who said not to hide behind? Now get back to the pope!
Forced to separate Sasha's hands ... I have decided to deploy a shy boy facing the window, the girls in the yard well they admired. Laughing Sisters came closer - almost close to the house - and Natasha waved. The girls smiled warmly and waved back.
- What are you standing there? - I said to Sasha - Same Wave handle.
Red from embarrassment and a boy thought to fulfill my request.
- Who said that? - I raised voice - again not listening to me? You slap me no do not understand anything.
He gave me a hurt look, Sasha reluctantly waved the girls hand. Those laughed and waved back. After that, they have gone somewhere. However, a minute later one of the girls came to us in the kitchen.
- Hi, Mary, - greeted with a young guest Wick.
- Dear Aunt Vick - smiling girl - What's in your kitchen is going on?
- Can not you see the kids bathe - Wick said.
- And such a great kid, too? - Masha was surprised.
- What? - Natasha smiled - For all children in a basin to bathe more comfortable. And young and older, like this one.
Masha incredulously looked at Natasha, though she could not understand - she was joking or not.
- Olya punished because of his bad behavior Sasha - explained Natasha - The boy from her all day today should spend a little.
- Ah, that's it! - Masha laughed - and we are so Larissa laughed when they saw this boy naked in the pelvis. They could not believe that it is also bathed as small.
Natasha brought me a jug with warm water and I started to wash Sasha. Naked eight-year boy terribly shy - especially glazevshey it Masha. Soon he came to our table Il, which has already managed to wash and dry their polutoragodovalogo toddler. Now she just stood there, holding in her arms wrapped in a towel Kohl, and watched as I bathe my boy.
- Lathered neck and handle - affectionately kept saying to me, soaping Sasha blue sponge - So - first left hand is now right. Now breast.
Quickly the boy soaped his chest, I was engaged in his stomach, but when you come up with a sponge Sasha pubic area, decided to soap his back before a wash between the legs.
- So-oo, - I reached in half a minute, - The back lathered. Now the priest.
I generously poured liquid soap and a sponge trying to climb between her Sasha halves, but I did not work because the boy squeezed ass.
- Pinch and does not let in the ass sponge - I complained standing next to Ira.
- Boys generally so uncomfortable sponge ass and between the legs, - said Ira - At them there are so many small priborchik. Sponge will not take anywhere.
- And I had his legs between the sponge is not my - agreed to Wick - only his hands.
- Maybe because I try - I smiled.
Lather boy between yagodichek bare hand and it was really a lot easier. Sasha still continued to compress the ass, but now between its halves was so slippery from soap, that the boy could not stop me.
- Thoroughly wash his ass - prompted Ira - Yeah, that's it, the whole palm.
- And do not forget about the hole - Wick said.
- And what to do with it? - I asked, barely holding back laughter.
- And you do not seem to know what to do with children while swimming hole - Wick laughed.
- I understand that it needs to be washed, - I said, - Well, not the same finger?
Two young mothers both laughed on cue.
- But as? - With a view of the expert looked at Wick me - of course with a finger.
- Finger? - Natasha was surprised with a barely perceptible smile squeamish.
- Yeah, finger - confirmed Vick - When Nick was very young, I did it my little finger, and now the index.
Thinking that if I want to continue to work as a nanny, disgust really better overcome, I re-lathered his hand and slid it between the halves Sasha quickly found the finger of his little hole. The boy started violently and leaned forward.
- See how immediately frightened, - said Natasha, - Measurement and afraid to move.
"Indeed a frightened face" - I thought, unceremoniously thrusting his index finger in the hole in the nursery.
The boy started all over again, and after a moment's pause, roared loudly.
- What a roar! - Natasha smiled.
- Do not cry, - with a pleasant smile turned to the boy Vic - All kiddies so wash the ass.
- I Andryusha to six months of age do it - said the IRA - also first roared, but quickly got used.
- You see, Sasha? - I smiled - even month-old Andrew does not cry when my mother washes his ass. And you are capricious.
I pulled the finger out and hastily washed his pelvis.
- So there it was dirty - I told everyone.
- I saw - reserved giggled Mary.
- Yes, not even taught Sasha completely wipe the ass - with a sarcastic smile, I said to the boy.
Sasha offended silent, continuing to sob quietly. I soaped finger and decided to repeat the procedure. "You are my swimming is a long time will remember" - I smiled to myself, again having put a finger in the ass Sasha.
- Look, Olga, how it hurt, - Natasha said to me, - It seems that once again roar today.
- The main thing that stands still - I smiled - not clamped, not ducks. If he was all the time, until I had my own.
Slightly shaking his finger in different directions, I quickly pulled it from Sasha's priests.
- And now, when lathered ass, you need a good wash between the legs -. Start again tells me Ira.
- Now I soaped his farm boy - I smiled, pouring hand liquid soap.
- How should I wash the scrotum, - said Ira - There's boys usually the dirtiest place.
I gently pushed the boy's bare feet and gently fingered delicate pink bag in which there were two small balls. I knew that the boys tickled when they touch the testicles, but did not expect that Sasha begins to prance in place, and turn aside from my fingers.
- Stay calm! - I shouted at the madcap eight years, - No, you just look at it! It does not give myself to wash between the legs.
- Mine too resists when soaping scrotum - smiled Vika - All the boys are so afraid of being tickled.
- Nothing tolerate - I said, and again slid his fingers over the soft bag Sasha between the legs.
Now, when it became clear how much the eight-year boy is afraid of being tickled, I would like especially to tease Sasha, look for his most sensitive spots.
- Where? - I blurted out in exasperation, when the boy stepped back, nearly knocking over the pelvis, which was - was so quiet when I washed your ass, and now what happened? You can not suffer while you lather between the legs? Should I be there as you wash. More than a week has not bathed. Not to mention the fact that took place all the time in his shorts.
I remembered how the boy was afraid to move, when I recently held a finger in his ass. "What if again put him on the hook?" - I thought and feeling for the finger hole Sasha quickly delved inside. "That caught fish - I laughed to himself, thrusting his finger deep - now you can not come off the hook of my"
It was very interesting to watch the reaction of Sasha. The boy tried to squeeze the buttocks, but it was enough just to lift a finger in his ass to get him to relax. With a smile, thinking that they had found a way to train the eight-tomboy, I decided to test his theory.
- Spread your legs - gently asked me, accompanied by his request shurovaniem the boy in the ass.
Sasha looked at me startled and obediently spread her legs. I gently lifted his hand hanging helplessly between Sasha's legs pink scrotum. As I expected, the boy tried to dodge my fingers, but I again poshurovala in his ass, making him freeze in fright.
- Slightly bend your legs at the knees ... - I asked Sasha, as usual accompanied his request Curling his finger in his ass, - And so simple.
Pleased that finally made the eight-year boy to stand still, I decided to experiment with his testicles and generously watering hand liquid soap, quickly slipped her sachet between your legs, under the pretext that such a slut like it, it is necessary to wash it again. "As you are my ticklish" - I smiled to herself, toying with his fingers funny boy's balls.
After a minute of experiments revealed Sasha's testicles, where he most sensitive spot - the boy does not particularly like being touched by the balls. Play around with the little pouch still boyish thirty seconds, I finally left him alone.
- Now lather the front - I smiled, looking at the naked boy between his legs.
I typed in the palm of the next portion of liquid soap and took Sasha's smooth pubis. Sliding touch the pubes boy also did not like very much, because once trembled with tickling.
- Stay calm! - I told Sasha as ever lifting a finger in his ass.
For our table liked Vic, which, like the IRA, finished bathing her little son. It likewise held him in his arms, though unlike wrapped in a towel polutoragodovalogo Andryusha four Kohl was fully dressed - in yellow tights and a light green T-shirt. "Sasha today will also be a form of clothes - with a smile, I thought - Tights T-shirt"
- What the girls decided to take over the patronage of Oley? - Natasha laughed - Do you think it is without your tips boy not atone?
I looked around with a smile saying that all who are gathered around the kitchen table, where I bathed Sasha. "Still - I smiled to myself - eight-year-they have no one so do not bathe," I looked at Sasha's crimson face - finding themselves in the spotlight, the boy terribly shy.
- Thoroughly wash the folds - prompted Wick.
I ran her fingers through Sasha's groin, do not miss the opportunity to tickle defenseless open scrotum.
- And now with all the parties Pomo this little pisyunchik - affectionately told me an eight-year boy.
I began to carefully wash the baby a thin wand, quietly watching the reaction of the boys. Despite the glowing cheeks with shame, Sasha dutifully endured my manipulations.
- And yet? - Vick was surprised when I splashed on Sasha pisyunchik water to wash away the soap - and wash under the skin?
- Under the skin? - I stared blankly at the young woman I am.
- What, you do not know, boys arranged button? - Vic laughed - Look.
Vick unceremoniously took Sasha pisyunchik two fingers.
- That under that skin - she smiled, pulling the soft proboscis, which ends boyish pisyunchik.
I stared wide-eyed at appeared from under a pink proboscis head. Of course, we were in school, male anatomy, and I knew what to expect, but the eight-year boy pisyun seen in this state for the first time.
- As well he was called head - said Wick.
- Still, - he smiled Il - At eight years already it should be easy to open. This is my Andryusha physiological phimosis.
- What is phimosis? - Asked Mary.
- Phimosis - this is when the boys did not put off the skin on the tip of a button, - explained Vic Masha.
- No sooner it even teach such things? - Natasha smiled.
- It's about time - smiled Il - How old are you, Mary?
- Thirteen - a little resentfully answered Masha.
- Which class are you? Passed in the eighth? - Vic asked, - I was at your age start to earn a nanny. Moreover left mainly infants.
Vick again took Sasha pisyunchik fingers.
- Pulls the skin up to the end - she explained to me - That's right, in order to fully open the head.
- Now what to do? - I asked Vicki.
- Like what? - Vic smiled - My boy pipunchik. So big you can easily wash it with soap and water. Just do not get carried away. I do not know, like this, and my four-year head very sensitive. The slightest touch immediately causes a strong urge for a little. You know how often I have let a trickle during this procedure.
- As today? - I smiled.
- Aha, - she nodded Vick - You saw what he had built a fountain.
- It can hold the pot in front of the boy? - Suddenly proposed to Mary.
- Hold - I nodded.
It was ridiculous to compare the eight years since kindergarten toddler Sasha, but I secretly hoped that my kid, too empty of manipulation pisyunchik trickle. Dropping to the fingertips of liquid soap, I began to coat them pale pink head - gently at first, and then, when Mary brought the pot, quite unceremoniously. Vic was right. Less than half a minute, as the boy's wand and pouted out splattered transparent trickle.
- What has decided to keep up with the four-Koli? - I smiled, watching Sasha vengeance pissing in a pot - I knew you were too Empty trickle during bathing. And how recently refused to pot.
- Such a ridiculous trickle - giggled Mary, - I never thought I'd see how an eight-year boy at all to write.
It was really so much fun to watch Sasha stream. Noticing that the boy stopped writing, I was about to ask Masha remove the pot, but the stick in my hand suddenly stiffened and spurted out a new stream. I decided to wait - and did the right thing. For the first stream followed by a second, and so three or four times. Feeling like a throbbing in my fingers pisyunchik Sasha, I remembered that just recently wrote a four Kolya also sprinkled at the end of short streams.
- What, Sasha? - I said to the boy - once bathed as a baby, and it is necessary to behave appropriately? Not ashamed to let a trickle of how small? Well, that Mary was holding a pot in front of you.
- Your boy is now just as little - Mary laughed.
- And just gave us a clear demonstration that no one there was no doubt that he was two years old - I smiled.
I shook the last drops into the pot and splashed on thin Sasha pisyunchik water to remove soap, quickly regained the delicate skin in place.
- Thank you, Mary, - I thanked vosmikoassnitsu - Take away the pot.
Thinking that it is already possible to remove the finger at the boys from the priests, I decided to finally good to them in poshurovat Sasha hole. "To prevent!" - I smiled to myself, catching Sasha frightened look.
- Now the legs - I announced and quickly lathered Sasha both legs - Well, that's all. Lather up and down.
- And the head? - Ira recalled.
I asked Sasha to close her eyes and poured his hair baby shampoo. I waited for the boy begins to act up, but it is surprisingly easy suffered shampooing.
- Let me help you wash away the soap - Natasha suggested, picking up a jug of water.
- Thank you, - I nodded.
A couple of minutes later we Natasha Sasha washed with soap - it is watered with water boy, and I am his soap. I especially liked to slip his hand on the child's round ass.
- Let's moved apart the halves, - I smiled, moving his fingers Sasha's ass - As mildew him there, Natasha.
As soon as Natasha began to pour from a pitcher Sasha's ass, boy farted loudly.
- Are not you ashamed! - Jokingly I said to an eight-year tomboy, lightly poking his index finger hole - tortured you bathe, and in return no thanks. Only bunches.
Instead of answering, Sasha farted again.
- At this time louder - laughingly remarked Masha and laughed all together.
I pulled out of the bag on the floor facing a large towel.
- Here and bathed the little Sasha - I smiled at the boy standing in the pelvis - Get out of the basin and become right here. Now I'll wipe.
I began to wipe the towel boy ...: first the head, then the shoulders, chest, stomach, back ... When I got to the priests, Sasha again squeezed their half, not allowing to get a towel.
- What to clamp again? - I asked wearily boy - How do you wipe the ass?
- I too recently took a clamped fashion, - he smiled Vika - We have to wipe his ass, putting it as the kid on the back, because standing did not offer.
- On the back? - I asked in bewilderment, - to wipe the ass? Well it below, if the child is lying on his back.
- Yeah, in the back - he confirmed Vick - With battened up legs.
- It is clear - I smiled - So now we'll do. Natasha, help me to remove from the table the pelvis.
Natasha and is not easily removed from the table filled a basin with water.
- First bed towel - prompted Wick - Yeah, that's right. And now stacked on his child.
I gently laid on his back and Sasha hesitantly raised his bare feet up.
- Lifts up even higher - smiled Vika - Before refusing. So, in order to press his knees to his chest. See how you made the boy to let go completely buttocks? Now, even the hole can be clearly seen.
- What stuck out forward a small pouch - Maria giggled, pointing sachet between your legs - How to show.
- Aha, - she nodded with a laugh, Natasha - and carrots, too.
I looked appreciatively lying in front of me naked boy. At eight-tomboy really everything was so defenseless open between the legs, which could touch it, where you want.
- Now you can easily wipe the boy's ass and between the legs, and it does not hurt you, - said Wick.
"Now we check" - I smiled to myself and gently tickled the boy's scrotum. As I expected, Sasha began to fidget and escape. "What a cool pose" - I thought, continuing to tickle the eight-year boy's testicles and watching his unsuccessful attempts to free his legs battened up.
- Thoroughly wipe the ass Sasha - I smiled gently, taking Sasha to wipe between the buttocks area, towels, - And now this little pouch. So, from all sides.
Carefully wiping Sasha scrotum, I dropped her baby foot down and took his little pisyunchik.
- Whose silicle? - Jokingly I asked the red as a lobster, an eight-year boy - who recently let out a trickle? Here's the naked boy?
- Well, I went, - said Vick and left the room.
I expected that the IRA also gone, but she continued to stand at the table. "So you do not want to wear it" - I thought, completely wiped boy.
- Who's lying naked? - Mary giggled.
Blushing deeply, Alex stretched his hands to the groin to hide behind, but I shook the boy finger and he stopped.
- What we have chubby belly, - said eighth-grader giggling, gently poking a finger in the navel Sasha - Good mom eat.
It was so funny to watch naked boy - so he lay bewildered and resentful.
- Why are you so gloomy? - Asked Sasha Masha - that our baby care? Tummy ache?
Masha again touched Sasha's stomach.
- That's where it hurts? - She smiled thoughtfully, feeling Sasha just below the navel - lower or here?
The girl began to feel the boy smooth pubis. I was wondering, it touched Masha Sasha pisyunchik or not. It was evident that a thirteen-year girl really wanted to, but she did not dare.
- Well inflated? - Again turned to Sasha Masha - How can I make you smile?
- Come and play with him Okay, - mocking tone advised Il - On my always acts when naughty. Okay, oh, how we love. Immediately begin to smile.
- Okay, Okay! - Enthusiastically sang Masha, extending his hands to the boy.
Sasha did not react, only hurt grimaced.
- Oh like this will give the pope! - I threatened - Why do not you want to do Okay?
Eight-year boy reluctantly began to play with Masha at Okay.
- Okay, Okay! Where were you? Grandma ... - softly sang him Masha.
"So much love to a perfect stranger-child" - I smiled to myself, watching Masha.
- All the kids loved Okay - continued to lisp the boy Masha, - So, well done .. First, this palm is now second. How well have Sashulya obtained.
- Hold still naked? - I smiled, waited, when Masha After playing with the boy in Okay, magpie-crow, bodatuyu goat and other Tales - Let takes air bath, quenched.
- Right now you need to temper the summer to winter is not sick - Masha agreed with a laugh.
Sasha gave me a hurt look that I felt a bit sorry for him.
- What, can not wait to get you dressed? - I hesitate to ask a boy.
I began to pick Sasha's clothes.
- Two years of this are not, - I smiled, immediately postponed jeans aside.
"Cowards, too, will not wear - I thought - It turns out one shirt left out all clothing? That's hilarious. " I helped Sasha get up on the table and quickly wore his jersey. The boy was waiting for that, I will continue to wear it, but I told Sasha that he is like the so - in one t-shirt. "Now again roar" - I thought, seeing as Sasha's eyes filled with tears.
- Natasha - I said to Nastya's cousin - You can leave the boy for an hour with you? I quickly run to the Children's World - Sasha buy a suitable for his new-age clothing, tights, sandals and everything.
- Well, - has agreed to Natasha - Now, did you get what's going to be? So, without panties?
- So what? - I smiled - creches children often run around the house with a bare ass.
Mary giggled softly.
- Well, you came up with, Olga, for boys penalty - smiled Natasha sighed, stretching out their hands to Sasha - Get off the table, golopopoe miracle. Come to my room.
Natasha put to table a stool and helped the boy get off the table.
- You promise to obey Aunt Natasha? - Strongly I asked Sasha - I can not hear!
- I promise - Sasha mumbled.
- Look at me! - I threw the boy - if Natasha complain about your behavior, so I'll go home. Yes, with a bare ass.
Quickly collecting bag bath products, I once again thank Natasha for the fact that she agreed to sit with Sasha.
- I instantly - and I threw a quick step out of the kitchen.
"Children's World" was very close. I climbed to the second floor and quickly ran through the boys' clothing department. She took a couple of T-shirts: light yellow and blue, with specially chosen shorter as kids wear. Sasha's size Tights some reason was not, but I realized at once that you can buy them in a department for girls. There, as I expected, there was a huge selection of children's thick tights. I took three pairs: light green, blue and white trim. "Girlish course - I smiled, looking at the white tights - though in our garden boys they, too, were" I remembered all dressed in the mornings - girls in blue skirts and white blouses, and the boys - in white shirts and blue shorts, under the which had white tights. "Shorts will not take, - I decided - will cost. Creches pants kids usually do not wear tights on. " I smiled, imagining how an eight-year boy will look at these white pantyhose - especially when described.
Next was the shoe department. I chose Sasha red sandals.
"So, what's next? - I thought, paying for clothing and shoes - of course pot "Pots of baths have been in the department for the kids. I slowly walked along a long shelf. All the beautiful plastic pots were small. "Is there more to the eight-year boy fit?" - I thought with annoyance, and the next moment I saw a shelf with cheap enamel pots. These were much larger, though not as impressive looking as plastic. "What is needed, - I smiled - I'll take this one, light green."
Having bought the pot ... I went to the pharmacy department, which stood in a queue, and began to study with interest the contents of the glass-fronted counter. In basically all-bought drugs. I thought that probably was the only one who needs baby equipment.
- Here is the powder? - Asked the saleswoman was standing in front of me a young woman - Diuretic?
- Aha, - he nodded that repeating the name of the medication.
The clerk put on the counter white box. "It will be necessary, and I take this diuretic powder" - I thought.
- Give me please here these nipples - I asked the saleswoman, when my turn came.
- These ones? - Explained a saleswoman showing on the packaging of the two dummies - little yellow and blue?
- Yeah - I nodded - and won the bottle.
- Anything else? - Indifferently I asked the saleswoman.
- Even here the box of wet baby wipes, - I said, - And probably bib. That one. While there, give this one, little yellow. And powder, which bought the woman that was standing in front of me. I forgot the name.
Silently laid out on the counter right things, saleswoman fought off a check. I quickly paid off and went to the door of the store.
Back in Natasha's hostel, I found Sasha front of the TV. The boy enthusiastically watching cartoons, which included Natasha him. Just could not be without a smile observe the eight-year boy - he looked so funny without panties, in one her short T-shirt. "Natasha Shy" - I thought, noting how Sasha is sitting on the couch with his legs crossed.
- I bought the boy two shirts and three pairs of stockings, - I said Natasha, expanding bundle of baby clothes.
- How lovely! - Natasha smiled, looking at children's tights.
- Auden's these white - I decided with a nod to the white pantyhose - But first let descends on the small. We have an hour to go home. If this is not pee, just on the way home will wet stockings.
- Also tell! - With a smile she looked at me Natasha - Eight-year?
- You saw it during bathing let trickle, - I said - from the boys today can expect anything.
Pulling out of the bag bought for Sasha enameled pot, I beckoned to the boy to him.
- Who will try this pot - I smiled - Well, that settled on the couch? Let's get over here!
The boy reluctantly walked over to me. Judging by his red face, he had already guessed what it is now asked.
- Pee in the potty? - I smiled at Sasha.
I moved the pot to Sasha's legs and looked expectantly at the boy.
- Oh, as a kid pee right now, - I said softly, sitting next to Sasha on his heels.
Pleased with the effect produced - offended skrivlennym Sasha's face, I continued to tease the boy, talking to him as a kid.
- What is this little thing hangs between the legs of Sasha? - Jokingly I was surprised, raising two fingers little Sasha pisyunchik - again forgot how to use it?
I gently squeezed his fingers boyishly slim wand, noting that despite the fact that I touch it is not the first time, it is still very fun to do it.
- Maybe you have a pisyunchik something happened? - I kindly asked the confused child - It seems everything is in order. Come on, honey. It is necessary to pee. We are now an hour to go home. You have me on his way to accurately describe.
Natasha chuckled wryly, but said nothing.
- Pis-pis-pis - beginning sentence I - Is Sasha does not want to show Aunt Natasha as he is able to let a trickle?
I continued to try to persuade the boy a couple of minutes, but it has not achieved anything.
- Come quickly write in the pot! - I ordered, losing patience - not will wear pants, do not converge until the small!
- Then how do you go home? - With an ironic smile, Natasha asked.
- And so let's go! - I said - without panties. With naked booty.
- I imagine - Natasha laughed.
- I'm not kidding - I repeated the boy - drove through the city with a bare ass. And let all at you in this form admire.
The threat to the boy had no effect. Realizing that I now do not manage to make Sasha go in a little, I began to get angry, he does not listen to me again. "It seems not to write - I thought, - And I wanted to see how he let trickle into the pot."
- For whom I bought this pot? - I shouted at the boy, - You're going to write or is not it?
I sighed and removed the pot. Seeing Delighted boy face, I finally got angry, his obstinacy won again.
- What you should have to pee in a pot? - I snapped at Sasha - For five minutes trying to persuade. Good boy went for a long time used in a little. Again, I do not listen? Say thank you, that it is necessary to hurry home. A pile of cases waiting for, so that there is no time to mess with you right now. And that would put on his knees and spanked on her bare ass! Nothing will come home, I'll deal with you!
I suddenly remembered a diuretic and in my mind matured cunning plan. "Soon he asked for a pot, like a nice little" - I thought, but said nothing - only a worried frown.
- Similarly, on the way home to describe - I sighed ..
- Enough to you, Ol, - said Natasha - Well The boy really did not two years. He that can not endure an hour?
- Describe - I confidently said, scrolling through a cunning plan in my head - Want to bet?
- Well, well, - Natasha smiled ironically.
I pulled out of the bag baby bottle with a nipple.
- Well, - I said soothingly, - If you will reach dry, will make the house once to go to the potty. In the meantime, we will try instead of the pot another purchase - that's the bottle. Do you have milk?
- Got - Natasha smiled.
Natasha went to the refrigerator and took out a carton of milk.
- Thank you - I thanked the girl - now we milk boil. Kids drink only boiled.
I went into the kitchen, where he quickly boiled milk into the first pan. Then I carefully filled them baby bottle, after spilling to bag diuretic powder. Thoroughly shake up the bottle, I dripped from her nipples to your finger to try to milk. "Very light flavor - I smiled to myself - Most likely nothing will guess"
- Quickly drink! - I told Sasha returned to the room.
The boy grimaced hurt, but still took my bottle and put it vrot.
- Not will wear stockings until you drink the whole bottle - I said eight-year-tomboy.
Having waited until Sasha drank all the milk, I quickly wore his white tights.
- Just lovely sight! - Natasha smiled, looking at the boy in focus.
- I said - - I, too, can not stop looking at it just might have to pull up higher.
- Where already higher - Natasha laughed - You and so the boy pantyhose almost pulled up to his chest. By the way, you forgot to put them under his pants.
- Be without pants - I said - do not wear their Biennial. Only diapers - those who do not know how to ask for a pot. We had to buy diapers and Sasha, since he refuses from the pot. By the way, I esch
Sasha and Olga - a young married couple arrived after graduation in a small town. They have allocated an apartment, and it would have been nice if one of the summer days they did not go to the lake to bathe. Choosing a quiet secluded place, they alone were sunbathing and swimming. Then there was a company out of seven boys, they camped near. Soon Sasha watched as they began to drink and louder and more free and easy laugh. An hour later, when his wife walked past them, one of the guys grabbed her arm. And he does not want Chick join us? With an impudent smile he asked. Minetik to please us? Olga began to break out, but he held. Sasha, seeing, ran up to him. Come on, release my wife! He said. What do you need? Cock! Sasha jumped on him, but also his tut- overwhelmed and tied my hands and foot straps.
Olga knocked on the sand and tore her panties with a bra. She screamed and resisted. You do not want for good? He said the eldest, then look! He picked up her panties, put them in the mouth Sasha and began to beat his feet on his stomach and balls. Do not! Cried Olga, I agree. And then in her mouth stuck member. Sasha watched as his wife sucks dick. He saw that this term is much larger than it. Olga put cancer and she sucked dick shoved into her pussy. In the mouth it is immediately put in another. Soon after the first had finished, straight into her pussy. And repeated carousel. Sasha has always been a petty thought to look at the betrayal of his wife. He quietly climbed on sex files on this topic and masturbate while reading the stories. His small penis stood up and bristled through smelting. Someone took my camera and started to take pictures. Olya excited and began to moan. Her pussy squelched, and the flow of sperm joined by her juices. On the third she had finished. That bitch! She likes when her fuck two bow! I noticed someone. Everything I did not feel anything!
He said fourth inserting member of her pussy. It has a pan! And he picked up a member of the sperm, put it to the pope. Olga seemed torn in two. If no member of the mouth, she would have screamed. Sasha persuaded her long, to anal sex and when she agreed, she did not like it terribly. Yes, and his term was half that. Soon the fourth poured out her ass, and when the fifth began to fuck her in the ass was not so painful. In sixth she experienced the first in the life of anal orgasm. When all fucked her, we took a break. Sasha saw Olya how even glow with joy. He realized that she liked it. I'm going, and wash? Stay here! Someone brought their clothes and gave her husband a shirt. On wipe! But she wiped her feet, as someone suggested, let her husband to wipe! The language! Let our sperm try! Pidarok! Olya nevozvrazhaya crouched over his face, pulled her panties out of his mouth.
In Sasha's face dripped a drop of sperm, and realizing that nowhere to go, he began to lick her swollen hole. He caught himself thinking that fulfilled another of his dream. Look at that! He said the photographer, taking his Cooney, it's worth it! He likes obtrahannaya slut wife. And he pulled off his swimming trunks. His language is easily penetrated the fuck hole and he carefully licked them from the inside. Olya even finished by this. Guys drinking and eating a little rest, and taking the hair pulled from Sasha. Putting on her knees again gave into his mouth. Raising its members have begun to fuck already three. The others watched. And we have one more mouth to eat! I remembered someone and going to Sasha said. Well, girl! That's your turn! You'll be kicking, do so! And I squeezed his balls. Sasha even dark eyes. And he opened his mouth obediently, which immediately inserted member.
Sasha sucking a long and clumsily, but, as a member of the rose and filled his mouth. He was picked up on my knees and just fucked, holding the hair. Now he knew what, when lowered into the mouth. Somewhere we got baby cream and smeared his ass. Cancer Arise! They ordered him. And Overshot in the ass, hit the egg. Sasha screamed and quickly carried out the order. At this time, Ole guys already finished. But they finished on her face and chest. Go comfort such a husband! Ordered her and she stood up to her knees, stroked his head, clutching obspuskannoy chest.
Continued: Bunch. Part 2
It has been almost a year since our trip to Turkey. There was the following summer. Relations after the story became no better, no. Trustee or something. We are not shy and are not afraid to tell each other about our temptations, feelings of someone's attentions and hints. There were stories worthy of the description and for the year. Maybe something like and I would get to them. But nothing extraordinary. For a year I digested that our trip. To be honest, at first I caught myself thinking, envy or jealousy. But gradually it burned out, and left the love of his wife and the belief that it is foolish to confuse sex for pleasure, whatever it was, with the love between spouses.
Gradually they began discussing how to spend this summer vacation was even thought to go to France to visit Marie (she invited). But they did not grow together with its work, and the option was rejected. Accidentally turned up apartment in Gelendzhik, left relatives Lena's girlfriend. Were received address and the keys, and here we are to-Tuu, the wheels on the train on the vast expanses to Novorossiysk. Beforehand scion sent to the village to his grandfather, all the cases settled and the next 2 weeks, we are left to themselves. Vacation decided to start back in the train. First accident, the required number of seats was not in the same compartment. Took 2 shelves CB in different compartments, first assuming the on-site exchange. And then I hinted Lena that if a good company turned up, we can not change. She immediately jumped at the idea, improved it, that we pretend that it is not a husband and wife, and so distant acquaintances, in case you need to communicate.
"Lucky" Lena. And in my coupe and it drove men. With me turned out to be a man of about 50 and. We were all the way to drink beer, and he hunted stories, of which he was a master. Lena Lucky, I wrote in quotes for a reason. With it went the boy 20-22 years, but so downtrodden, probably because of those who are called botanists. He was terribly embarrassed Lena blushed, embarrassed even to eat with her. All attempts to talk replied tersely. But enthusiastically masturbate under the covers at night, thinking that Lena was already asleep. Maybe Lena scared him herself, trying to force the situation. She went to his compartment in her robe, periodically forcing "accidentally" unbuttoned the top button. Often he bent down in front of him, looking at his shelf some small change. In general, constantly provoked him. He looked at her with hungry eyes, but the initiative did not show. And she lash out at the boy still ashamed. He was driving with her 2 days left of the night at some stations, and in the morning went to Lena has some aunt. We laughed Lena that she had to go with my neighbor. Experience in his dealings with the female sex was much more.
In general, we arrived without incident, from Novorossiysk on the same day reached Gelenzhik. Found apartment (clean, comfortable, though a studio). On the first day rested, we went to the little market, filled the fridge with supplies. At night, after hot sex, caused by prolonged forced abstinence, blabbed on how to make the stay memorable. Lena several times a year to tell me that she wanted to try then sex with Paul and me at the same time. Now I remembered it, and offered to find her a worthy partner, and try to translate the idea into practice. In order not to scare off potential suitors, we decided not to go away from the legend that we barely know each other. Relax on the beach separately, but try not to get lost. Fortunately cellular communication has not been canceled. But the first 2 days, we did prozagorali bored individually, in fits and starts exchanging impressions. We already thought to spit on the legend, and start walking together, but on the evening of the 3rd day of the title yet been found. I took a shower after the salty sea, and was about to go out when the next stall joined water. I almost accidentally turned around and saw a young man, age 25. He was standing under the shower jets, lifting up the face and eyes closed. Water jets dripped from his body, going on his belly, as if formed arrow-pointer to its advantage. I immediately decided that this is the man we need. On the one hand, the member was not at all like on the member fields, on the other - it was his worthy replacement. But we will return to this more. Now I had a plausible excuse to meet him, and it is desirable that he did not take me for blue. While I tossed in thought, as if to start a conversation, he had already left. I asked the first available. How to get there, and called our address. It turned out that he knows, and even goes almost in the same direction, I immediately began to write, that I met here the familiar, she was invited to visit and how to get there, I do not know. Immediately call Lena at a hundred, I said that looking for her home, good to eat good man, now it will take me to her. She quickly sort out the situation. She said that she is not at home, and on the beach. So we waited for her at the cafe, next to the house. At this point I persuaded a Man, treat yourself at my expense beer, because he was so responsive and showed me the way. While we were drinking beer, there was Helen. So far, however it was clear on it, do not understand why and with whom I acquaint it. We sat and drank more beer the circle, he promised, if it is necessary to show us all the attractions. At the same time, a little drunk, he did not conceal, I looked at my sights zheny.Vospolzovavshis moment I wrote down his phone number. At the parted.
At home, I have already told Lena that it is a candidate for her boyfriend if she liked it. At first she resisted for decency, but finally agreed that a nice boy, though she expected of a mature man. About its size, I decided not to tell is that it was a pleasant surprise for Lena.
For tomorrow, we are on the beach together came to the cafe, where he was chef Ashot work, but there saw the other guy. It was found that Ashot change starts only at 3 pm. The whole day we spent on the beach. In the evening we went to a cafe, tightly dinner. Conversation with Ashot. It turned out that he will now work until 10 pm, and tomorrow will come in the morning to 3. He invited us to a disco. I said that I did not get, but Lena is coming off, if you give your word that he take her home in the evening. Therefore, in the evening I walked through the park with some young little girl, with whom he met by chance in the same place. Lena went to the disco on the beach. Closer to 10, I could not communicate normally, I could not wait to hear from Lena, how she was doing. I referred to a headache, I took Svetochka phone number and went home. Lena called me about a half of the 11th. She said Ashot finished a shift, and calls her for a walk on the beach. But she is afraid because he knows his second day in all. I agreed with her that is today a chat on the way home, and there is going to decide what to do next. An hour later, I began to worry, and thought to call Lena. Looked out the window, they stood in front of the entrance and said goodbye. 5 minutes later, they both entered into the entrance. And even after 5 minutes, Lena quietly walked into the hallway. I heard the sound of a kiss. Whisper Lena "not today" and then subsides footsteps on the stairs.
- "You do not sleep."
- "No, I'm waiting for you. How are you?"
- "Now I understand the expression - a hot southern guy."
Lena turned on the light. Lipstick lips was eaten. Forelocks were swollen from kissing, from hairstyles remain the same name. One button on her blouse was missing. When she took off her blouse, it turned out that one of the straps of bra also could not stand the pressure. Under the cup with a torn shoulder strap near the nipple could be seen a fresh hickey. We went to bed, I was waiting for her stories. She began to tell:
After I went to the disco, he drank beer, danced, I was glued there even started one. The truth is too brazen and defiant. I do not like. Ashot came up to me as soon as his shift ended. We danced for half an hour, he talked about himself. Then he began to persuade me to go to the beach. He wanted to show me the lunar path. That's when I called you. ... Then she said to him that I was waiting for my aunt, will worry, so you should go home. Along the way we talked a lot, I did not expect from him, that he might be a smart guy. He studies at the University of Novorossiysk. And this is his second university. And here in the cafe earns his uncle to pay for their studies. He says his parents have money, but his father said that he himself must make for themselves. When we had almost reached the house, he took me through the park, at the exit of the park, stopped, turned back to her, showing some monument. Then he began to carry about love at first sight, and so on. Though I understand that he just pribaltyvaet me, but it was pleasant. Gradually I began through word in your ear, kissing me, stroking. I feel I have slowly begins to demolish the roof, his touch. Begin slowly to his house to delay, but not much, as well. That in itself is gradually coming. But she can feel more and more looking for some. And he was under the blouse Sherudilo vengeance, trying to free my chest. Kisses has truly, passionately. Here it is and I can not answer him, so stomach ached at the bottom, I think now it is for me here in the center of the city and take. And there is no strength to resist. So sweet. I hear crackling shirt, he ripped me think, it was only a button came off. He tore cup livchika and sucked. A hand already in panties stroking my little girl. At this time, the car drove past and signaled. I do not know us or anyone. But I was a little sobered. I look around, people still go to 20 feet away from us. I grabbed his arm and pulled him along. The house is approached, it is 5 minutes to the entrance pains, he apologized that he lost his head. I did, of course, forgive, she said she almost lost consciousness right there that I really like. At the entrance he had a little more pozazhimal me, but I have calmed down. I control it.
Needless to say, both took me her story. Its end is already in all jumped on me, and so dispersed that a member jumped out of her pussy, she slipped past and was in her ass. We are in the last year to practice anal sex, so she took my penis is already easy, almost without preparation. She just sighed, and continued to move, now the truth is not so fast. I put her cancer, continuing to hammer away at her small hole, put 3 fingers in her pussy and began to simulate a double penetration. I felt his fingers through the thin partition movement of his cock in her. Presented as a member of my penis rubs Ashot, and very quickly began to approach orgasm. Lena was so on edge that the growling, whining, and I sit down on to the ground. Very quickly I grabbed her orgasm, and together we have reached his peak. Then the council was arranged, how we arrange sex with Ashot. So he reacted calmly to my presence ....
In the morning, Lena went to the beach, and I went to Ashot. I kind of did not know about what they have the meeting ended yesterday. We chatted about anything. Then I brought the conversation back to Lena. Gradually the conversation became more frank, and I told him that Lena has long dreamed of a threesome. She somehow I hinted. So if we offer it to her, she probably will not give up. He proposed his plan, how it will happen. What's her aunt is not at home, you can come to her home in the evening. He kind of nodded, agreed with everything, but in fact turned out to be not so simple. After lunch, he called my Lena, came by to visit her in the evening, he said he would not be alone. In general, all according to plan, but only in terms of me was gone. He promised to come up with some friend. I was not happy with, so we decided to leave my presence is a surprise for them. I accidentally had to be at her home. And they will only have to put up with this fact.
The remaining time we shone the preparation of the event, even managed to get some sleep. I offered to knead her ass, just in case and lubricate Analgesic cream. To which she replied carelessly enough that ass it is now easy to accept my cock, so even if it is a little more - do not worry. Yet I convinced her podrazrabotal his cock and her little fingers stretched.
At about 9 were guests. Ashot was certainly surprised and embarrassed to see me in the same apartment. But I behaved very friendly, so he quickly calmed down. He introduced us to his friend, like a wrestler guy about his age. The guy introduced himself to us Vakha. They brought with them a bunch of supplies. In general, though, the drinks. We set the table to the couch, and the feast began. Lena drank martinis, which ceaselessly poured her boys and men vodka. The boys managed to whisper, and apparently decided to make a drunkard me. Basically, I did not mind to pretend to be drunk. Because in fact, to blame me vodka, perhaps, they would have no more time to run for the additive. It affects apparently Siberian roots. So I easily drank to the bottom, where they keep not finishing their or passed, but to be safe - went to the toilet, two fingers in his mouth and vodka went down the drain. Of course, the noise was in my head, but this is far from drunk. I went out of the bathroom, pretending to be completely oblique. With easy access to the seat. To me immediately jumped frightened Helen, as I probably beat. So drunk she did not yet seen. I whispered in her ear that everything is fine. I was almost sober, just giving you guys the opportunity to do, do not hesitate to me. And if something bad start, then her husband will not give offense ....
Guys, vying Lena showered with compliments, they remembered that they had not drank brotherhood, and without it no acquaintance and familiarity. Lena said that it is necessary to first lady to dance, and then talk about the brotherhood. The boys immediately got down to business. Vaha went to touch wheels on the radio, Ashot, jumped to me with another toast. We had a drink with him. I said that a little drunk, so they had fun without me, and I need to rest. Ashot pointedly exchanged glances with Vakha, triumphing on the ease of execution of their plan.
Flowed slow music. Ashot first invited Lena. They clung to each other. At Lena was now translucent white blouse underneath a beautiful lace bra. On the thighs, under the skirt of light air, such as translucent panties. Ashot about half of the dance rather modest Lena whispered compliments, just stroking her back. Toward the end of the song, he wound up. Movements have become bolder, even a couple of times he gently squeezed her buttocks, stroking them and kissed her earlobe. Waha tried, the entire drive consisted of ballads. Therefore, the next dance he waited, not looking up, looking at Lena, and excitedly licking his lips. Once started the next dance, Vakha immediately replaced Ashot. He immediately clutched my wife in his arms, one hand on the waist, he pressed her to him, and the other is walking on her buttocks, then stroked her neck. Alcohol, compliments, music and gentle stroking of doing their job. Lena just thrilled .... Ashot did not waste time. He poured two glasses and brought dancing. He said toast, filed a crossed for bruderschaft hands glasses. I pick them up after they had drunk. And immediately I retired without disturbing finish toast kiss. Lena looked at me, held with one hand on the cheek Wahi, another took up the back of his head and pulled it to his lips and merged with it in a passionate kiss. Waha, I took the kiss as a signal for action. He even further squeezed his foot between her thighs. He has rested an impressive hill on the jeans in her thigh. Hand, plenty enough of her buttocks, slowly began to lift up her skirt. His other hand is stroking her hair, trying to squeeze between the bodies to the heaving breasts with protruding nipples through the thin fabric. Even finish their music is not interrupted.
I looked at Ashot. He sat on the opposite seat. However, I was almost in total darkness, and it lit up the light from the hallway door. It is, without blinking, he looked at the couple kissing and stroking through his pants count. Because of its size, ... he had not put straight up, and a little to one side. It was obvious stand-out through the pants head somewhere in the region of the pocket. And in the center of the room Waha already groping hand under the skirt of Lena, he kissed her neck, and his other hand was trying to undo the top buttons of her blouse. Affected intoxication or little experience. He still did not work. It ended with another song. Lena looked at Ashot. "We are with you have not had a drink, let's go." Ashot, under hypnosis, even poured 2 glasses. He went to the couple. Waha gave him a place, took the empty glasses, put them on the table and went to the toilet. Ashot wasted no time, Lena stared at her lips gently with both hands lifted her skirt, hesitated briefly buttocks, one hand raised to the edge of the lace panties, the other ran inside, trying to get to the coveted crevices. Again, a little second hand helped himself, parted her buttocks. It was evident that the fingers under the panties already sliding down her pussy. In the room there was a pleasant smell excited my wife's pussy. Lena stood with his eyes closed, not even trying to sway to the music. With one hand she stroked the hair of Ashot, the other stroked his chest. I entered the room Waha. He stood for a moment at the entrance, and probably wanted to pass them on the chair, but Ashot without words, took his hand, and put his hand on his naked thigh Wahi Lena. He himself pulled his hand out of her panties and Lena turned her face to the Wache. Here, too, found themselves face to face, Lena Vaha started kissing. Ashot, remaining behind, hugged his hands Lena and began to conjure with the buttons on her blouse. Immediately through blouse bra clasp snapped, and turned back to face him Lena. As soon as Lena for a moment give up as four hands simultaneously helped to fall off the shoulders and unbuttoned blouse and lace bra. Large breasts carefully dropped into the substituted Vakha palm. He stood behind Lena kissed, stroked sticking as pegs nipples and rubbing rearing a member of her buttocks. Ashot stood in front of Lena on her knees, kissing the belly, the legs, take care of the zipper skirt, then carefully began to lower her panties, not forgetting to kiss every inch of her legs, after the motion of thin lace. And now, in front of me, my wife naked, surrounded by two fully dressed dark-skinned guys. She stroked his head behind it Vahi and ecstatically kissed him. Ashot stood in front of Lena, took the neck, turned her head to him and kissed her on the lips and began aggressively enough, if not rude to bend down my wife's head to his crotch. Lena had to stand in front of him on his knees.
He unbuttoned his pants and pulled his pants with shorts. Elda there fell out, hitting Lena's face. Lena, her eyes wide open, staring dumbfounded at this miracle of nature. Before her rocking long, more than 25 cm, dark-skinned, bolt curve. He was bent or broken in two places, pouting at the bend locations. To top it off, a complete similarity with the bolt brings a large, inflated to a shine with a violet shade head. She loomed over by a member of a sort of hood. "Mommy! You're like a cudgel grown? "- Lena whispered fearfully. Ashot took her head with the other hand took the term and, without saying a word, raised his eldu to her lips.
- "Lasky ran out" - I thought. Would they even intervene, but Lena is absolutely obediently opened her mouth, and with evident pleasure, beginning to suck gigantic head. Smacking and unsuccessfully trying to shove it down his throat, she with one hand podrachivala trunk, the other caressing his balls. Waha is also not long remained indifferent to this scene. He quickly undressed and lifted its nose sticking unit at Lena. His penis was sensitive shorter. Smooth, thick, with inflated veins, looked like a large eggplant or sausage. According to the thickness, it was a wrist Lena. And he stuck a gun parallel to the floor, aiming for my wife. Lena shifted to him with difficulty sucking dick of this thickness.
Ashot went back and lifted Lena's hips and began to push through his monster in her pussy. Slippery from saliva and grease head stretched delicate inner lips and fell inside, causing a groan Lena. He brought it back a little, twisting pussy inside out, and again pushed forward. Gradually the power of his thrusts increased, each time he push through his giant deeper, and now more than half the members disappeared in Lena. Here Lena reached her first orgasm. Rather, it has ceased to feel pain, only a desire possessed her. It is finely trembling all over, her legs buckled, and probably would have fallen if not for 2 ramrod to which she was strung from two sides. Ashot, taking advantage of her condition, and took her by the hips and slowly, gently pulled her to his bolt to the base. Lena got out of the eyes of the orbits of the resisting member into the uterus. From the cry of the throat, which could be heard a mixture of pain and lust. However, the cry was immediately drowned in her throat clogged head Wahi. With half a minute Ashot stood motionless, with his quivering stretched over Lena. Lena was in complete prostration. She did not try to either suck or move, but kept hold of the hairy legs, fucked her in the mouth, Vahi. Gradually Lena came to the senses. She coughed, pulled out of the mouth of a happy member of the Vahi. She eyes streamed tears, saliva ran down his chin. She tried to straighten up, but it scored a member Ashot does not seem to let her do it, causing her pain at the slightest movement. She asked Ashot pour her a drink and to rest. Member Ashot reluctant slowly left the nest chosen by them. Lena drank a martini glass in one gulp and staggered, went into the bathroom. It rustled the water. Ashot with Vakha sat down animatedly sharing their impressions on your tongue. 10 minutes they chatted, drank, then went to the balcony to smoke, throwing the covers. I got up, went to the bathroom, ask how are you Lena. She revealed to me when I found out it was me. She had washed her face, flushed, and as far as I managed to see, even made an enema. In the eyes of all the fucking is not fading light. As it was clear that this is not all, orgasm is not cooled it, and only started to new exploits. She hugged me and asked if I was angry with my poor little wife in the pussy. I replied that it is absolutely not angry that I was pleased to see her so happy, and that after that night, her pussy will be much stronger and hardier. That's just did not give me rest my riser. To relax me, Lena undid my pants, was a member of a number of already ached from long inactivity. Helen leaned on the tub, bent, inviting me to her. I fell into a stretched vagina, made a couple of frictions, then Lena asked me to move to another hole. I understand, in spite of the dimensions seen, she still plans to try today, "sandwich". I wanted to stretch her ass is better, adding a member a couple of fingers, but wild excitement and tightly covering member of the anus, forced me to pour into it almost immediately. While I was recovering from the orgasm, she could be washed away. He squeezes his anus a little grease with analgesic effect (we bought it, when we started to practice anal sex). Whispered to me, when I go out, I pretended that I was sick. And he flew off. I have to complete the picture began to imitate the sounds blyuyuschih man washed on all fours and crawled out of the bathroom. I think my acting skill and no one noticed.
In the room there was already a small rearrangement. The table was pushed into a corner. On the floor in the center of the room was spread out a blanket, a pillow was promptly inserted. Nearby were three empty glasses and a plate of fruit. Ashot lying on his back, Lena sucked his stick. Waha, parked his tolstyachka Lenochkinomu to the grotto of love. But apparently it was not enough lubrication, and it did not work. Then he removed his cock and began to develop her fingers. Gradually Lena excited, lips glistened with moisture, it is easy to stoke already three fingers in it, do not forget to rub the clitoris with your thumb. Waha moistened with saliva head, added a member, felt that he was beginning to fall where you want ... and with one blow drove it for the most eggs. Lena arched, I think it is now vzvoet pain, but it looks like Ashot bad sprained her, and she with evident pleasure the beginning of his podmahivat. Ashot has not given long to miss her mouth, I took her head and began to pull her head on his chlenische, each time trying to log in is not accustomed to such a size throat. Lena, by the way, long ago learned to swallow my head, suppressed retching, and she herself wound up achieving its rotika in this field. Once with my member, it has become fairly easy to handle, it is sometimes experimented with various objects larger. The most that she tried, it was a decent size eggplant. Probably, it was close to the thickness of Ashot member. But there it is 15 minutes trying on it from different angles, yet found the perfect way for him. On the other side of the diligence with which she tried to please Ashot can not be compared with the pampering with vegetables. In the end, she took her hands from his head Ashot, and asked for her to try to do everything itself. It was like a trained athlete to jump championship at the Olympics. She caught her breath, move the lower jaw, flexing it. Widely she opened her mouth and began crawling on his cock head. It was evident, as the thick head again rested her throat as she tries to shove her, forcibly lowering his head down. As they say, athletes - a record not obeyed. She lifted her head, throat mucus stretched to the penis. Tears stream flowed from his eyes. But apparently she had felt that she almost got it. Hoarse voice, said: "We have just received, only you need to kneel." Ashot stood in front of her, looking with interest on it. Lena again caught her breath, squeezed his hand head Ashot to briefly reduce it in size, grabbed the base of his cock and quickly stretched it to the throat, then closed her eyes and took a sip of his head, just absorbing the half the length of its trunk.
There is still Waha not stopped all the time pussy torture on the other hand, pushed Lena meet Ashot. The Lena was almost the whole of his very long penis. Lena slowly began to release his breath. He went out almost as hard as entered into. At Lena was afraid to look. Tears in their eyes, smeared ink, hanging from the chin to the floor saliva, and at the same time a triumphant expression. It was evident that she is proud of it his personal record. Immediately she decided to build on the success and again launched his cock down his throat. I noted with surprise that now she did it already with little effort. Or she guessed a secret swallowing giants, or simply stretched his throat. Or maybe a little of everything. After the third time she swallowed him, Ashot, before standing motionless, had begun to give away the pelvis. On his face was the bliss of doyaschego head a narrow throat Lena. It was not long, when suddenly his movements became sharper, it was evident that he is constrained not to impose Lena's head to the ground. Apparently the head began to swell, as was again rest on the throat. Finally he propihnul her, and shuddered all over, uttering a roar. The first jet hit Lena directly into the esophagus, it is beginning to pull out of the surprises of the member itself, there appeared in time the second, a blow to the glands and irrigate the tart taste of her mouth. The third shot at, not had time to close his mouth. The following portion is no longer flying, and jerks poured from swollen member, flowed on the head and dripped onto the floor. Apparently the sight and began to finish perevozbudilsya Waha.
He pulled out his penis, and poured white blobs back first, and then the cleavage between the buttocks of Lena, a member of smearing semen on her holes. It was evident that the guys got a first-class orgasms. They just fell on the blanket, eyes closed and breathing heavily. Lena, swinging, got up and went to the bathroom. From there, she went out after 10 minutes, clean, smelling shower gel and glittering white naked body. The boys were in the same position as she had left them. Only their members have decreased in size and relaxed lying legs honey.
Lena came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I could smell toothpaste and with nothing comparable - sperm. "How do you view? You wait, now they have a break, and we will continue. You saw how I swallowed? Interestingly, he told me in the ass as you like, or break off? Now I have tried, put 4 fingers. If accurate, it does not break off, I guess. I will go and look after them. Tired of the boys. A bed early. "
This I have not seen her. She was like a mad. His eyes still burned with lust. Tomorrow she has confessed to me that she was afraid of the night, and so bought the pharmacy and took in the early evening some exciting pill. In the absence of desire, and so she never complained, and a beautiful young body, smart strong members, liquor and pathogen whetted her to the limit.
She is naked goddess, gently swinging her hips, she went to the table. I took him with him a bottle of champagne, from which were otpity only one Fougeres first toast. Moisten them a towel, I sat between the boys and started to wipe with a damp towel the sweat from their bodies, constantly adding champagne. Gradually she got to them prichindalov carefully and very gently wiping them with the dried up remnants of sperm. Men have long been out of oblivion, but this concern for them was so unexpected and pleasant, they were afraid to move. After becoming a member of a clean, she gained champagne in the mouth, and, bending down to the penis, sucking the same direction and head. Apparently from the cool liquid or tingling champagne bubbles - members began to revive. While they only trembled, still lying, but it was evident that the blood has rushed to them and more and more fills, causing them to increase in size.
Lena did not force things, I stood up and offered a drink for a pleasant evening, and not less than pleasant its continuation. Spilling wine glasses, drink, guys again showered sitting between Lena, compliments. Not forgetting, as if by accident, oglazhivaet her charms hands, then feeding it from the hands of grapes, then, passing the fruit together. Ashot accidentally crushed in the hands of the grape, the juice dripped on Lena's chest, and now the two laughing, stain the divine body and fruit juice lick it. Lena, falling on his back, stroking their curly hair, directing the heads of young people, to the nipples, it attracts for a kiss, the kiss sends belly. Finally Waha, down to the bright triangle of pubic hair, and starts kissing the delicate skin around it. Lena helps him, bending one leg at the knee, and now the nimble tongue flutters around her clitoris, causing Lena moan and bend toward him. Ashot, giving little time Wache, he bypasses Lena. Adds her legs on his shoulders, and thoroughly taken to prove that he also knows how to fondle women. His tongue, then hits a shot on the clitoris then licking the slot, it penetrates deep into the bowels of the earth, causing all the new releases of its nectar. Waha, remaining out of work, her body oglazhivaet hands caressing her nipples, stroking her hair. Hand Lena finds his penis, has long been on alert. And podrachivaya, drawn to his mouth. Waha has nothing against. Kneels over her head, let Lena freedom of maneuver. Lena takes on the case thoroughly, and she suck it and lick from the beginning to the end, and caresses the tongue sensitive spot under the head, do not forget about the eggs, taking each of them in his mouth, gently rolls of the tongue. Meanwhile, Ashot, with great selections of face rises. Legs Lena and remain on his shoulders. His long cock starts to poke between Lena's legs, trying to find the entrance. He takes it in his hand, and sliding along the crack, lubricates it. Moving the pelvis forward, and this head has itself found its way, gently parted lips. Lips are closed after the head as if he did not want to let go of her again. Following the head starts to crawl the remainder of the giant, with each friction deeper ... and deeper. Ashot not in a hurry, measured swinging dick and trying not to cause pain to Elena. Lena feels his curve member of every movement caresses the walls of her vagina as swollen head and curved portions make her pussy is stretched to the limit, then relax.
Next I will try to describe the events through the eyes of Lena, recovered from her story:
Already dizzy and abdomen throbbing, ready to explode with myriads splashing orgasm. Here is another push member strikes the uterus, and this is the trigger causes her to shudder in orgasm. She still has time to get another member of his mouth, so as not to bite him in a fit of passion. Flashes, glow, flash in his eyes. Nothing around is not only a wild happiness. Gradually, as the distance to get the feeling of tension member of pain that it bursts and disappears. The taste of blood on his lips. Was she still bite his penis? No, here it is bitten lip. Its. Perhaps now this term, scurrying there is excess, but she can not even move, even dig the mouth, and ask to stop. Here he stops. "Thank you, my dear, he understood." Leaves. Nega. Complete relaxation. It appears some unpleasant sensation. Slowly it comes to that the same member of the cat, is now trying to break into her ass. No. Do not. Painfully. What is it hard and hot, and there is no strength even to compress the legs. No, it was not included. Again, relaxed state. On the anus smeared something slippery. Nicely. Stroking the cat, the anus. Suddenly, again, something hard and hot pressed against the pope. Oh, he just dragged on grease my hole. Ahhh! This time, not so hard pressed, but why is it so painful. He's already in me? Head so easily slipped inside? Throbbing ache. Well at least he was no longer moving. Gradually, the pain goes away. Orgasm retreats. It appears clear. It is, Ashot standing over her. Pats on the cheek. Her legs are also on his shoulders. His long cock rests on her ass. No, it does not rest, he was already in her ass. However, while only one head. He starts to swing. Ring anus tightly embraces it and does not move. Exit member does not allow the hood on the head. Log on - dry without lubrication bore. But those rocking start to relax the tight ring. Bolnovato, but tolerable. Suddenly, with a smacking sound head pops up, and without giving the pope closed, breaks again. Apparently jumping, head smeared walls inside the grease. It was good that I managed to say while greasing. I feel like bursting head is somewhere deeper. Smack. Again freedom. This time the head did not immediately rushes inside and outside the first crawl, the lubricating hole. I feel a pleasant chill, cool anal pain. It looks like an anesthetic effect. Here again, the head is directed inward. Now it is not so painful. Wade on the rectum, back almost to the end. Back inside, this is the first node. Here he was a member of the bends. How pleasant was this bump rubbing the vagina. Now back twinge, ass can not yet become accustomed to this thickness. Slightly and slowly pushed back. More and more. That ring anus misses stout member of the bend and tightly hugging him, not wanting to let back. Gradually soreness stretched rectum, it is replaced by a feeling of fullness, and delight from perfect. In the mouth insistently poked a thick head, perhaps he was afraid that I am in pain and can bite, and now decided to catch up. And now back to me two. Popa true aches a bit, but I'm very like this. And fat cock Wahi is impossible to swallow, just chew. Well it is not so annoying, I do not shove it down his throat. But I wanted to try a "sandwich". I recently so wound up that fantasy. Now a little more ass let them stretch and try to ....
From me, from a dark corner of the room, it was seen as Ashot hollowed ass of my wife, each time pushing his long cock deeper. He is an experienced lover, I was fairly accurate. As soon as Lena began to moan mingled notes of pain, he weakened the onslaught, allowing it to get used to new sensations. It lasted long enough and seen tired of standing on her knees, he is not taking a member, he sat down on his side and continued slowly but persistently batter Lena. Vahe apparently also wanted to replace the mouth of the Lena, something hotter. They talked softly among themselves. Waha lay on his back, Ashot helped Lena to get on top of him. Lena groaned and planted her pussy on his thick head and began to rock. Apparently affected by recent myocardial orgasm, or pain in the ass, but there was virtually no lubrication. Thick member is not falling down, but only a dent lip petals and wrenched it back, causing a grimace of pain in both. But it lasted long, Lenochkina pussy plucked out another portion of the lubricant, and has been a brilliant fat cock like a pneumatic hammer breaks between her buttocks. I have long forgotten that I should pretend to be drunk. Sitting in a chair, I enthusiastically look at this spectacle, stroking through the pants have long standing member. Ashot comes up to me: "Fuck, fucking MILF! Bro, if you're in my way when not asked, I would have tried this sex and not. Thank you! Come join us. I'll fuck her in the ass, but I'm afraid to break. Do you have Vaseline? ". I said that I saw the grease on the bathroom shelf, and he went there.
There was the sound of a toilet bowl, and then turn on the shower, I thought he was a long time, and he decided to settle down to a free port. Bailiffs member to her ass, she lay down on the Wahoo, easing my way. I pushed, and my cock easily disappeared into it. Through the thin partition I felt scurrying in her second term. It was unforgettable. We are then at the same time, then turn broke into its depths, occasionally colliding heads or gliding over each other. Vakha was breathing heavily, his hands kneading her full breasts, suddenly grabbed her in his arms, hugged her, and wheezing, and began to hammer his cock pelvis, throwing us both. He ends a long, but I tried not to disturb him, feeling even after he calmed down, he starts his cock deep into the vagina. Gradually, he went limp, became less and I almost stopped him feel, continuing its movement. But Lena has not dropped.
By Lena came Ashot with lost form, but almost not reduced in size member. Lena immediately grabbed him and began to caress the mouth. Member immediately began to gain momentum. When he straightened completely, Ashot offered me to change places with him. I stood in front of Lena, getting pleasure from her mouth. Ashot also came from the ass, discovered clutched in his hand, a tube of lubricant. Gusto struck him on the anus of the Lena. Then he poured on his penis, rubbing his hand over the entire length and began to throw out his gun to my wife's ass. I was all eyes looked like a gigantic cudgel easily slipped into the Lena, and immediately half hid in its depths. I did not expect that this spectacle would cause such emotion in me. Member just ready to explode with excitement .... Throat Lena shuddered, trying to issue a groan, and more refined stroking my penis. I could not stand it, dick shoved down her throat, and began to flow, filling her mouth with their juices. Lena, the first second choked, then sucked cock and literally start to milk it, swallowing the contents of my testicles. Izlivshis in her mouth, I stepped up to the table, poured himself a juice and sat down in his place, continued observation.
Ashot, continued to hammer away at Lena. And now it is shining on the lubrication member easily scurried between her buttocks. Vakha and lay under the Lena. His thick cock again began to take elasticity. And here they are tensioned simultaneously Lena. It is a pity I can not see her face, but judging by her moans, she was once again on the verge of orgasm. A few more synchronous strokes, and her whole body arched arc. She gasps and run over her body cramping. Men dispersed, without stopping, continued to hammer their guns into it. Lena ... almost immediately calms down and begins to beat in a new orgasm. This I have not seen her. She just shakes holes too convulsively compressed, massaging members. Finally, she exhausted drops on Vakha and calms down. Ashot with Vakha continue fuck her limp body like a rubber doll. For a long time, Lena no signs of life. Then there postanyvanie, then the light podmahivaniya ass, and then lifts his head, and asked to drink. I'm not to interrupt them, come to the table, pour the juice into a glass, and I present to the mouth of his wife. She greedily drank the whole glass. Thank me, and all this without interrupting the race. Her breasts jump from powerful aftershocks, two males in it. On the lips dried up sperm. Eyes some crazy.
I'm drawn cast, and I'm going to the toilet. 5 Minutes for my absence, nothing has changed. The same fucking mad. All glisten with sweat, but the recent orgasm, does not give the peasants a quick discharge. Ashot says something, lies next to the blanket and helps Lena climb on it, and then quickly continues to fuck her. Waha parked his cock back, and with one blow in the ass Lena scores. Lena screaming in pain, but she has no one hears. Her tear without stopping a few more minutes, then the movement becomes jerky, and almost at the same time they end. The first was Lena, well, and then and Waha Ashot merged remnants of sperm in it. Lena lay on Ashot and fell near Waha. I was staring razvorochannaya hole, which until recently was neat anus Lena.
After some time, the boys began to stir. Ashot pushed himself sleeping with Lena. We got up, drank a glass more. And the men began to gather, after I convinced them that look after Lena. Once again, drunk on the doorstep for the road, they are extremely satisfied, left our cozy corner.
I snatched his wife with a blanket, got a hot bath, carried her there. He washed himself, wiped and put him to bed, determined to leave the talk for tomorrow. The next morning I woke up surprisingly early. Lena decided not to wake him, and ran to the beach. I take a dip in the cool water of the morning. He went on his way back to the store for breakfast and returned home to revive his wife. Wake her, he made her drink kefir. He gave her a pill for a headache, activated carbon. And once again laid to sleep. And he went to the beach where phoned with Sveta, which walked the day before. It turned out that she was only 16. She rested here with his parents and grandmother, and it was evident that she was wildly bored with them. Despite his young age, the same age it is not attracted, and she without hesitation their otshivala. But in me for some reason she saw a kindred spirit, and enthusiastically talked about the hard life of a modern girl. In conclusion, we have agreed to meet in the evening. I was pleased when she held up for me a farewell kiss, no cheek and lips.
At home, I met a good sleep and happy Lena. She flitted around the kitchen, there was also a pleasant smell of cooking. Apparently she decided not to go to the beach today, and in this way to thank me for yesterday evening. I inquired about her condition. It turned out that she had, as she put it, "It's almost okay, but today it is still better to have a rest." We after eating to lie in bed with her, sharing his impressions. I'm under the pretext of medical care, he demanded access to her holes. Lubricating cream them, I noted that in addition to a small swelling and rubbed sore, no damage. I told her about the Light, which going to go for a walk in the evening. She decided to stay home to read and tidy. Out of the conversation mutual oral sex.
I will not linger for an evening stroll. In short, we had a long walk on the beach, talking, then kissing. Far away, I did not go, deciding to leave the most delicious for a more suitable place. At about 10 I brought her home, however, before her family decided not to show up. The next day we with Lena before dinner were on tour in the mountains, and after it waited out the midday heat in the apartment, when her cell phone rang. Called Ashot it after a long exchange of courtesies and compliments ambiguous invited Lena evening ride on a yacht for the company. Like, a girl friend called, and he was alone. Lena looked at me, I nodded in agreement. Then they agreed on the time and place of the meeting. It turned out that they are only at 8 pm sail. I was going to spend the evening with Sveta and Lena began to gather on their date. Before the evening we still had time to take a nap at home, go to the beach. Then I made an appointment with Sveta and Lena spent, handed her than swimwear accessories, and even our cell, "shoot beautiful views."
We met with Sveta, went together to the cafe, where I am a connoisseur ordered her light cocktails and talked about each of them the story of the invention. Pilis they easily fortress almost not felt, but the young body a lot and it was not necessary. After 3, she was very drunk, and when on the road from the cafe she added more and offered me the "Red Devil" okosela final. In my opinion, she did not even really understand how was in our apartment. Or maybe just pretended not to know anything, not to ask stupid questions, where are we going, and what we will do. I already knew that she was not a virgin. She said that the first time she tried to stand still at 14, finding his parents in the bedroom vibrator. Then he often turned to him, experimenting with your body. Then she was a boy, but he was just zero. She did not even feel anything from his convulsive twitches. So she decided to find out what sex is already a grown man.
I got the real pleasure of learning the tricks of Amy, who knew. On this day, however, her ass was left intact, but the mouth and pisechka left me very tired out. Light was very temperamental and ready to learn the girl. Despite the fact that she had experienced orgasm only 2, that evening, she was very happy, and ready to continue learning. At 12 I had to carry it out, because it even before that time to take time off work to a disco with relatives.
Probably, hours before the 2 I tried to wait Lena, then still sleep overcame me. The next morning, I jumped sharply to the idea, but where is Lena? And immediately he calmed down when he saw her snoring peacefully beside me. I pressed her to dospat, hugging her, but all morning risers do not give sleep. My cock pressed against the protruding hot ass, trying to find a cozy nest. Settling back, so as not to bear against a member of the thigh, I was bursting with them in the heat of the space between the buttocks. Member shudders quietly parted lips and turned inside. Lena, issuing a languid moan, even more stuck her ass, swallow it whole. I started to move it, without encountering any resistance. And when there was grease, or even almost without feeling anything. Then I moved to a higher hole. The same story. Member simply sank without even feeling the pressure of the walls. It was necessary to include fantasy, and only after that I managed to finish and contentedly to sleep without removing a member of her ass. The next time I woke up at 9 o'clock in the morning. Lena was still asleep. I think even the posture has not changed. I got up, washed, he breakfasted. Lena was still asleep. Then I remembered the camera, which she had with him. I found her things. The camera was lying on top, swimsuit neatly folded and dry with a towel lying in the same place. It looks like a swimsuit is not useful, but have long to wash out a towel from nasohshey sperm. The cell was fully discharged. I had to find a charge. I sat in the kitchen, closed the door and began to view the captured images. First came the pictures of nature. Coast in the sunset twilight, then the yacht. Big enough. Occasionally frame people fall, but because of the small screen, it was difficult to see the face. It seems that Lena took off because she did not get the shot. Next to her always someone joked, talked, laughed, but because of the waves of sound, words were not read. Then the camera moved into the inner space .... In the middle of the cabin stood a table. The camera went through the utility room. It seems that Lena got acquainted with the vehicle without turning off the camera. Then came the banquet shooting. At the table sat 3rd guys and Lena. Male voice-over commented shooting. Judging by his voice, chamber ruled Ashot. He in turn came to the guys, they said chamber toast. All the toasts were dedicated to Lena. The other women did not have a cabin. Next time the camera was again outside. It was already dark. Lena behind the camera drunkenly explained to someone that wants to make a lunar path. Next something quietly muttering male voice. Were heard and the sound of rustling clothes excited breathing. Then the moon shooting began quivering, and then just a camera and put her on the floor, and added to the sounds the sounds of kisses and after some time and Lenochkino postanyvanie. Gradually the camera close to the floor, it seems that Lena sat down. Immediately Lenochkin voice: "Wait, I have it turns out, the camera is working." Male: "Give me, I'm off". The view from the camera starts to gallop, and after a while begins to show, sitting on his haunches with a member of the Lena mouth.
She carefully chew stick, lift up his eyes and angrily: "What are you filming? Turn right now! ". The image disappears. Next frame. Again already inside. The image shows the wall-overs men's voices were talking, it seems that long to understand how to turn on the camera. "Why, she has been working for." "It takes?" "Where's the approach?" "On pressing this button?". The camera pans a room. Table is already in a corner. In place of a table piled a heap of pillows, the middle has cancer pyalyat Lena. Screaming she does not give a big dick in her mouth. Next comes the moment Gang bang. I have a member in its holes, guys try full. The camera goes from hand to hand, removes the action from different angles. It takes about half an hour more, then the record ends. Then the camera is turned on again. Voiceover: "charge? Let's shoot it until it passed out again. " The camera pans lying with eyes closed spouse. It shines semen stains. Cum everywhere. Pubic, on his stomach, smeared on the chest, but most of all, perhaps, on the face. Then the camera creeps to take close-up of her labia and off permanently.
I box the camera back in the pack, and wait until Lena did not wake up.
She woke up almost 12.
- "Come to me I'll hug you. Yesterday I came late, you're already asleep. It does not become to wake you. "
- "How to ride on the yacht?"
- "Cool, but you obaldeesh when I tell you as I have a ride"
- "Let's tell the order"
- "In order?
First, we arrived at the boat Ashot. It turned out that the girl his friend was not there. She could not come, then there were two more guys. Ashot really convinced me that all of his friends, so I was not afraid of anything. They set sail from the coast. We put a boat anchor. Then toast came at a time for me to say. Constantly I poured martini. Oh, and then I remember snatches. I remember that my first Ashot right on the deck in her mouth gave his club. Oh! He is also a shot. Then show, the camera must remain. And then he put me on a side. I thought he was going to fuck me there. And he planted me on his dick, lifted and carried inside to friends. I'm trying to get off with him, and he, if I start to flutter, just swing me insert deeper, much breath catches. And so it went inside. Those of course content, is already waiting for me, probably all had agreed. The table has been removed. Oh, and then just the carousel was. I spit, as they wanted. I do not know how many times it came, until they are exhausted. Back when Ashot brought me, my feet do not already converged. I barely found the strength to get to the bath. Rinsed in the shower, and passed out. "
To be continued? Do you need ???
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Everything happened quite unexpectedly for me, my dream daughter in law, with respect to its neighbors, became a reality, and it is ... well to me there was a story ...
In the house where I live downstairs, the family lives. Safely in all respects, the eldest son married, his wife will not say that krasvitsa but very privleatelnaya person, and symptoms that can meet her, let alone have sex with her was not so, hello and goodbye. But in my dreams I did ...
One day I ran in the morning with her on the stairs, the usual ritual, but in her eyes he saw something new, hello, how are you? And all, but there was something so I started a simple conversation, does not mean anything. And then the way it responded to the question, that today go back to 9 o'clock in the evening, and tomorrow a day off, and it did not realize that my answer will bring me tomorrow is what I sometimes dream
In general, they dispersed. And when evening up the stairs back home, he saw her again, even if her name is Natasha, I will not name real name, because it is very rare, and it may soon find out. in short, it came out with the garbage pail, and passed by, said hello and slipped into my hand a piece of paper that I'm home, zaperevshis in the closet, hiding from his wife, read, she invited me for tomorrow at a certain address, which is close to meet. These were her words, besides the underlined.
For tomorrow, I usually seem to be left to work, but of course went to the address, but for some reason the meeting was scheduled for 10 am, I realized later. I come. call at the door, it opens immediately, and I hear her voice, they say you're going through, but I am now. I went and closed the door, went into the apartment, which by the way was neat, but mediocre atmosphere, sat in the kitchen, smoke, and it was at this time in the bathroom. Premonition was such that he felt an unusual excitement.
She came out of the bathroom in a short robe with a belt and without buttons. And we had a dialogue during which we drank a drink, smoking. and some point had pobrosit her glass, aphrodisiac, although he could not do this because she, too, was sufficiently excited. In general, if briefly, the conversation we had two hours and consisted in the fact that it has wanted man since her husband was already on earnings more than an ode and come only in 3 years, working in one of the countries on the contract, that she chose me, because I sympathize with her in everything, and so dale, in the course of the conversation I told her gvoril, code affected tyemy sex after drinking already Bole less liberated, in sex I love all that you can think of and let it thoroughly think before you say so to begin, I told her skazla I love to caress and kiss the vagina, like anal sex, to which caress the anus with his lips and yazykoa, actually tried more than frighten it because you never know what can proizoytyi spill the beans, and then younger than me two times, in short I was not excited and wanted her, tried to avoid intimacy between us.
but it did not help, she was frank with me and wanted me. It is now analyzing how to our meeting. I remember that her feet never once touched the knees. and it was all the time apart so that you could see her panties. robe that was a very, very short little. that it did not have buttons, but there was only band that it was not tied. so the ends are thrown that dressing gown neckline was very much frank, and then I spoke more and tried not smotert at her, drank brandy and smoked. Then came this moment! I just got to stretch a little stiff muscles. and she, too, got up, stretched like me. so much so that the robe has risen almost on poyasa.i besides, she was back to me, I then realized that it was on purpose, I saw that her thong and ass was so tender and appetinoy I touched his hand yy, what Natasha turned slowly, not pushing my hand, he hugged me and kissed. kiss was so passionate and long that my dignity immediately come to a standing position, it is felt, and with even greater force clung to me, and further it was almost without words.
I began to kiss her and caress everywhere. which I hold out my hands. and especially the ass. I untied her robe, which fell on the field. neck kissed shoulders. down to the elastic breast and began to suck her nipples like a baby. she said breathlessly that have become wet. and I wanted to feel her taste, but when I started kissing goes down, she said, it is better to do everything in bed, but I still got to her knees, and began her hips lips caste. rising closer to her vagina. and it only seems to push me away. but did not give away her head, and when I touched her pussy lips through her panties until the truth. She has openly cuddle, I pulled the thong aside, put his tongue between two already wet sponges and current and slowly began to fondle and lick, she spread her legs, as if I just touched the inside of the arms legs, to increase access.
she parted them, I pulled the panties even stronger, but it was not very comfortable, and then I pulled a chair postvil one foot taller, it has become much more comfortable to snuggle into her vagina, licking is not so long, the main thing that I felt that she wanted me. Then I asked to turn his back on me. and bend down, to which she looked surprised and asked. they say you are what you want back. In general, I turned it himself. arched her back, pushed the thong and kissed right in the anus, such a reaction I did not expect. I heard a moan. which still leads me to a state of extreme excitement! I began to caress his tongue hole, push it inward, pushing the buttocks as much as possible as soon as possible. Xia plunged so deeply into the anus. that began to ache language what they do with it, it should be seen!
We continued our prelude probably hour and a half ....
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Having found friends!


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The names of the characters in the story changed. Some details and conversations I had forgotten, because it was not yesterday. I had to write them, adhering to the facts, which are well remembered. And there was this story.
Going on a business trip, I decided to take care of is to have a good free evenings. While not yet a proliferation of online dating sites with the ability to communicate online. But were the sites with a large number of profiles of girls who could write on soap. This took.
At acquaintance through the network have a wide selection. This does not mean that all desires are easily implemented, but chances are varied. I decided to choose from the girls aged 18-22 years, although he is much older. Then I had almost no dating experience across sites. But why not try?
Part of a small letter in which, without hiding their age and marital status, directly wrote that he would be pleased to meet you, to work together well and culturally to spend a couple of evenings. A little bit about yourself. About the desire to make love just did not write. I tried to prove to be interesting and intelligent person you can trust.
Then it was necessary to choose whom to write, and who is not. Preference is given to those in the questionnaires was more interesting than others, and others wrote. It is though not very reliable, but the test on the culture of the girl and her interest in communicating. Well I know that if men and women have to talk about, the more chances to continue the interesting conversation in bed.
In foreign books on the psychology of communication is sometimes encountered such a thing as "chemistry". This refers to something very vague, it is almost impossible to describe in words, but it can bring people together or push them apart. It seems that reading what people wrote, I feel this good chemistry. It also took into account in the selection of candidates for acquaintance with me.
Describes in detail how to choose the questionnaire, I will not. The main thing is that pretty quickly get a list of about a dozen girls for dating. I sent a letter to all its standard, only delivering in each case the name of the girl.
Someone did not answer me. Someone wrote that it is in principle not interested. Two or three contacts seemed promising. With this approach, you can end up with no one to negotiate, and it may happen that there will be more of a girl or a woman ready for a personal meeting. This time it came down to one real contact, which resulted in the introduction, which lasted several years. But this is a topic for a separate story. Now what happened next.
A few days after I had a good time on a business trip and returned home to my inbox came another letter. The girl with the beautiful name "Diana" with regret wrote that a long time did not check mail and too late to see my letter. Although acquainted with me she would have been very interesting. I replied, struck up a correspondence.
In the end, we agreed that she would come to my city specifically to spend time together and make love, if we want to. Diana was a student of the penultimate year in two universities before the end was about one and a half years. It was her then 20 or 21. She wrote it fun and easy. If you read the letter and direct communication is possible even without a personal meeting so much to see and understand in man.
A meeting. For the first time together
I met Diana on the platform of the station, right by the train. The time was winter, and in winter to undress the girl's eyes is much more difficult than in summer. But something that can be seen when the girl in a winter coat and fur hat easily. Diana was a petite woman, about 160 cm tall. Everything else saw and I appreciated very soon.
Before the hotel where I had booked a room for Diana, arrived quickly. Dragged her right to bed, I did not, she, too, did not show impatience. We talked, a snack buffet in the hotel returned to the room. Already a bit used to each other and did not feel like strangers. After that, everything went like clockwork - kissing, undress, shower, bed.
Figurine Diana was just gorgeous! Everything was in it a very proportionately. Not a small or large breasts, which did not need a bra because of its perfection. Small nipples, very responsive to affection. Loboc neatly trimmed, but not stripped. Diana kept completely relaxed. And, as it turned out, gladly included in the wide variety of caresses. The Bible teaches us to love, and the Kama Sutra explains well how to do it. It seems that the Kama Sutra has nothing would be unable to teach Diana, she has done all she could, and not only skillfully, but with enthusiasm and excitement. This, in my opinion, lovemaking differ from primitive sex.
I will not describe all the details, especially since many of the details in the memory remained. We took pictures of each other. One of the photos I have kept for a long time. On it I have lying on her back, she took off as Diana makes me a blowjob. She was in the skilled worker. Not just sucked cock and played with him like a favorite toy, then releasing it at all, then taking a very deep breath. So deep that I felt the penetration of the head member of the throat, which is closely held her.
Love Lessons differ from the primitive sex by the fact that there is something to talk about - before and after. Many men and women often lack the understanding and intelligent companion, who wants to tell the whole story. Diana told me a lot. To learn how to split up with her virginity, she had a crush on the most popular boy in the school for 15 years. As he rudely and unceremoniously treated her. As it repeatedly raped - and high school years, and later. If you know how to listen well, then you willing to talk about almost everything. And it is very brings.
At some point, Diane shared her unfulfilled fantasy. It turns out that she long wanted to feel myself in the two members at the same time, one in the vagina and another in the anus. And so it was gently and beautifully. Doing this with the guys from his circle of friends Diana feared - and it is clear that a well-made, and there is a risk to spoil the reputation of (men are often no less talkative than women).
I liked the idea. And I said that the best-case fulfill his fantasy she might never be presented. What I have a good friend, without complexes, very skilful in love. And we can arrange it all. Diana Long did not have to persuade. Straight out of the room, I called Vlad. He quickly realized what it was about. We agreed that we meet the next day at 2 pm at the Diana in the room.
After talking with Diane a little more, let her rest. We agreed that in the evening I'll come again. The mood was good, and she and I have. Both were happy with how we did it. I went to work, had urgent business. But do not just think back to what was, what will be in the evening, and what will happen tomorrow. I not once noticed that the new intimate acquaintance filled with bright impressions and causes a feeling of euphoria.
During the day your first orgasm Diana experienced during oral sex. Then, at a crucial time, two of my fingers were put into Diana and easily massaged the upper wall of the vagina, below the pubic bone. For many women it is very sensitive to caresses place. The lips and tongue at this time were mainly clitoris. Diana did not say anything. But her participation breathing, low moan and body movements were not hard to understand that all of this it is very nice, and the orgasm is approaching. And then we get what we both wanted. Diana stiffened, slightly arched, and the waves of orgasm began covering it. The body shook convulsively. Groans went into barely contained shouts. Introduced into the vagina fingers felt the rhythmic contractions. It lasted long. She calmed down and was lying completely silent.
We ... different women have different needs in orgasm. Someone wants to experience several orgasms in a row. Although not everyone is given or not all of the learned. Someone immediately after his orgasm, obtained by oral sex, wants to feel a man's penis and intense experience additional pleasure from her male orgasm. There are other options, especially in the rich imagination and the presence of varied experiences.
Simply, when a woman is already well know, and you know what she likes more. And with Diana at us it was the very first time. After waiting a while, we began to talk quietly:
- How are you?
- Cool!
- Would you still the same?
- No, not now.
- Good.
- And how are you? Come for you now. You both want?
- And you? For a long time, or quickly you want?
- What's better for you. For a long time, you can then. Now a little tired.
This for me is always a difficult situation. By learning to govern themselves, I can enter into a woman, and not a very long time to finish. And I, if I want to have an orgasm in a few seconds. And a quick orgasm can be even more striking. But there is regret that it was over so quickly. And you have to wait, so I was ready again to orgasm.
Also, I do not have a favorite pose, which would prefer to everything else. I want a different, and you should always choose something one. Therefore it is necessary to seek a compromise. If a woman has a clear desire to do what I want, then after two or three changes poses to orgasm more often choose the classic missionary position. The desire to end the girl in the mouth I usually only when no other options.
In the evening again came to the hotel Diana. Captured gel rehearsals that have planned to do with Vlad. We talk a little and soon found themselves in bed. From Diana, I knew that she had tried anal sex and not afraid of him. But we have not started with this, and with the usual caresses.
We were pretty fast in the afternoon successfully tested position. Diana lay on her back, and I caressed her mouth. But at that time I found the use of his hands otherwise. At first I caress the nipples with your fingers. But do not zealous, not to bring Diana to orgasm too soon. Then he began to enter the index finger of his left hand to Diana in the anus.
If the finger and anus well lubricated (a tube of gel, I prudently put under the pillow), it is easy to enter even the girl who has not yet had the experience of anal sex. And without any pain or difficulty.
By introducing the index finger of his left hand into the anus, I introduced the index finger of his right hand into the vagina. And he began to massage his fingers easily a thin wall between the vagina and the anus (more accurate to write "rectum", but it does not sound romantic). At the same time, I continued oral sex clitoris. Breathing Diana again started to become frequent.
I do not know that the girl acted stronger - oral sex, the movements of my fingers or piquancy of the situation. It was obvious that Diana like what I'm doing. I also liked. When the one with his finger entered into a girl, a very good feel through the partition your second finger, which is in a completely different place, this is a very unusual feeling. But I had no desire to again bring Diana to orgasm oral sex. I mapped out for her and for himself something else.
After a while I looked up from the womb of the girl and pulled her from her fingers. It has long been noticed that the well-lubricated finger or a member, entered the girl's anus, usually comes out completely clean. It turned this time. Diana obviously waiting what will happen next. But silent, completely trusting in me.
Anal sex is usually used three basic postures - the man behind the man on top (the girl on the back), a girl from the top (the man on the back). Delicately he asked how Diana prefers. She offered to begin with something of one, and further on the situation. We had to decide whether to wear a condom (in the afternoon with a standard bed, I used a condom). We decided that in the ass can be without it.
Leaving Diana lying on your back, I'm abundantly smeared his erection and asked her to raise her knees as high as possible, pulling them to the shoulders. In this position, the entrance to the anus is opened very well. Podsunuv under the buttocks of the girls their bent knees, hands, I sent a member in the ass. Pose on the back of a few inconvenient at the beginning of anal sex as possible, instead of the close closeness of the anus to get a member into the vagina.
But this time it worked well. Putting a member of the anus always feels very different from the input member in the vagina, and oral sex. Something that's more like a first insight into the virgin. First balk head member to a closed ring anus. Then you start to press, the ring is in no hurry to pass a member. At some point, increasing the pressure of the penetrating member and the head of the girl stopped. Passed just ring closely embraces the base of the head. In the vagina, no such feeling. Even when penetrates the virgins. There, too, there is resistance to the unused member of the vagina. But there is no clenching head at its base.
After giving the girl time to get used to the penis in the anus and relax, you begin to penetrate deeper. And if you have a member of average men's size, it gradually penetrates the girl for the rest of its length, the girl without causing pain or discomfort. The most important thing is not to hurry, do everything smoothly and gradually. We all turned to Diana in the best possible way. Already pretty soon I made deep frictions. Then I began to occasionally totally pull penis from the vagina and enter it again there. Feeling no longer so sharp as in the first penetration. A relaxed anus member receives much easier, almost without resistance. But still very nice. And much closer in, this, too, has its own charm.
After playing a woman in this position, I offered Diane to kneel to enter her from behind. She willingly changed her position. In such a situation a lot easier to correctly send a member of the girl for anal sex. And so this is very convenient position for the first penetration. Especially if inexperienced girl in anal sex. But I had another purpose. By introducing his penis into Diana and frictions began, I began to caress her clitoris with your fingers to bring her to orgasm. The calculation was correct. Diana excited more and more. And I have prepared for the fact that, in her own orgasm shot in the ass with his sperm. The simultaneous orgasm has its own charm.
But it did not work out as planned. Suddenly I heard:
- Stop. Lie down on your back.
- What for? You are not comfortable?
- No, all is well. We will do differently.
- How?
- Now you'll know. Entrust it to me.
I have realized that Diana is going to sit on my cock on top. But it was not clear how this is not too comfortable position it is able to have an orgasm. Very soon, Diana, standing squat, gently sat down on my cock. He again entered her easily. But it seemed to me that he has become even closer. And with a deep penetration of the head as if in something rested. I asked:
- You are so comfortable?
- Yes. But how long can not, tired legs.
- I told you I can help you?
- No, it does not. I'll help myself. Hand.
- Good. Let me know when you're very close.
- Yes, I would say.
I did not say "stop", this word also seems to me not romantic. But Diana is well understood. Then she arranged herself. The pace quickens, the groans were amplified. Diane hand caressing her clitoris, and seemed to have forgotten about me. But very soon I heard:
- Now, now ... I want you with me ...
- Yes, my happiness ...
It happened we did almost simultaneously. More precisely, again groaning Diana, both during the day crossed into screams. And her body swept the first convulsion. At the same moment I let go of your brakes, and also began to have an orgasm .... But this time, not the vagina of Diana waves shrank my dick, and he pulsated in her tight ass. I, too, lost his head and began to publish some screams, completely forgetting that we are in the hotel and behind the wall or in the hallway we could hear.
But everything that has a beginning has an end. Even such a pleasant thing as an orgasm. Pretty soon, we both fell silent. Diana got off my excitement has not lost members and lay down, embraced me. I also turned to Diana. We lie down in silence, catching his breath. And they began to kiss ...
Threesomes with Vlad
The next day, I called Vlad colo noon and said he would not be late. I also said that I would try not to be late. But in reality it turned out that was late by about a quarter of an hour. Interesting, I thought, I shall find them in what position and what they will do. I am a little embarrassed that it's not some gentleman - to invite the girl to an unknown guy, and very late.
When I opened the room unlocked the door and walked in, I saw Diana and Vlad, lying under a blanket and something talked. They embraced and kissed each other. They said that without me decided not to start. To acquaint them was not necessary, they are perfectly mastered it without me. I soon joined them in bed. Diana was between us, h began to kiss her. Vlad caressed her hands from behind.
Having got the little girl, I turned on my back with Diana, she was on top. I asked, referring to Diana and Vlad:
- Well, we will continue? Let's try?
- You decide the boys. I have it for the first time.
- What do you, Vlad?
- I can back ...
Other options to discuss and did not got down to business. Diana cleverly planted on my penis and completely took him to her vagina. I bent her to him and began to move it. Vlad waited a bit, and then you need to lubricate the gel started to do what we expected of him.
Pose turned out pretty funny. Anyone who has tried knows that to enter into the second female member when there is already one in her vagina, not too convenient. But Vlad had experience and knew how to do it. He had slipped his legs bent at the knees under my thigh, and selecting the correct position, put his penis to the anus Diana. Then, warning Diana began to introduce a member. I think he felt about the same feeling as me the night before. As a result, we are all intertwined, each touched everyone. No wonder such a position is sometimes called a sandwich, very similar.
Soon, the two terms were fully Diana. And we started to pick up this pace of movement, which would be convenient for everyone. More precisely, we picked up Vlad, Diana was not required by any special activity. Yes, and it was hard for her to do something in the position in which she found herself between the two men. Finding the right pace, we began to get on and off their Diana almost in unison. In such a situation any of us with too sweeping movements could easily jump out of Diana. What happened a few times. In my opinion, this kind of sex is not very convenient. But gives a very savory experience.
No further details and there has not been:
- How are you? Are you comfortable?
- OK, everything is OK.
- What more do you want?
- Nothing. I got what I wanted. And you?
- Continue?
- How are you. Do as you wish. Now I do not finish it, I then ...
Vlad did not prolong this matter and quickly discharged in Diana. I have such a desire was not, decided to postpone. Vlad and Diana in turn went to the bathroom, and Vlad began to dress, citing urgent business. He was not discouraged. We Vlad it was not the first to have sex with a total girl. But to enter into a girl, two members at the same time, we have not tried before. Cool, funny. But nothing special. Pleasing rather than any special feeling, but the fact of participation in something unusual.
Topic Diana impressions we touched on in the conversation before I left Vlad. She was pleased that carried out long-held desire. Very grateful to us for what we have helped her in this and all very well done.
After leaving Vlad us of something sweet talking. It seems that I have, and Diana had the feeling that everything has already happened. About his feelings, I can say that he felt like a few minutes after orgasm. At the heart is good, nice body, easy fatigue. And while no desire to make love. But pretty soon the nature reminded of itself. And we willingly gave each other even for pleasure serving.
In the evening I had a train to go to another city on business. We even before the meeting agreed that Diana will go with me. Four hours have passed unnoticed road in conversations. And the night we spent together already in a very different hotel room.
The long friendship between a man and a woman meet in life is not so often. And in certain cases, for me personally it was always after they slept together. While friendships can begin, and before that, when both sides or at least one set in the proximity. But if this is strongly tightened, the friendship "before" is often short-lived.
For several years, we kept in touch, although the letters gradually became more rare. Diana graduated and began to work in one of the law enforcement agencies. I it did not see in the shape and uniform, but she showed me photos. Rare, when it was provided with my city on the way to a holiday or returning home. At the last meeting learned that her wedding soon. I think Diane should be a good wife. And the fact that she walk up to the youth and to realize all your fantasies, does not prevent me to introduce Diana loving and faithful wife. I know from experience that often turns out to be a married woman in bed with a man because of the pent-up curiosity before. But that is for another story threads.
Victor Northerner, Moscow.
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Lived a man but a woman, they had a son a fool. Conceived he is to marry and even to sleep with his wife. Every now and then sticks to his father:
- Genis me, sir!
The father and tells him:
- Hold on, son, it is too early to marry you, you ... nd your still does not reach the ass when ass would get up, at that time, and marry you ...
That son grabbed hold of the X ... th, pulled it tight as possible, looked - and precisely true, lacks little to asses.
- Yes, - he says - and the sooner I marry you ... nd my still small, to asses is not enough! It is necessary to wait a year or two, another.
Time goes by itself but is, and only a fool, and the work that pulls you ... st. And he still made sense, steels ... nd its reach not only to asses - and in short supply.
- Do not be ashamed, and his wife to bed, her own pleasure, not let in strangers! Father thought to myself:
- What to expect from the fool avail!
Told him:
- Well, son, when you ... First you have grown so large that through the ass enough, then you do not marry for that: live idle. Stay at home, yes ... it's your f ... himself in the ass. There the matter ended.
It was my last year at school. I studied fine, preparing to enter with tutors, and often skipped school. And at the end of the second quarter, I realized that I do not have any estimates of astronomy. In this quarter, our teacher was ill and spent the lessons young, only this year arrived in our school teacher. She was tall, slim, not to say that beauty, but not ugly, wearing large sunglasses, which gave her identity. The nature was not strict and as equals communicate with students. Accordingly, for its lessons, I did not go. And in the last quarter of the day, I went up to her to somehow solve the problem with the assessment of a quarter. But she said that she was busy and so I approached her after class hours and the very best with the magazine. That's exactly what I did. It was not a cabinet was opened. I went in and began to wait. After 10 minutes she came. She was in a short black skirt and white wide leather belt to match her blouse open and high, knee-high boots with high heels. I could not help admiring her.
- Well, let's magazine, put your assessment.
- What? - I asked, handing her the magazine.
- 1.
I was taken aback.
- 1 How? Let me get you something to answer, essay, or do anything else. -prishel I a.
Unit for the quarter and for the year up to 4 completely demolished my otestat and thus the chances for admission. Such admit it was impossible.
- I have nothing else to do. You had to go to class and get ratings. - She snapped.
- Well, think of yourself: it's graduating class. I can not receive such assessments.
- And lessons can score?
- Oh please. I'll do anything. - With despair in his voice, I said.
- Good. Then I will punish you severely by any means what I want.
- Good. - I was willing to do anything.
She locked the door and the curtain blinds.
- Take off your clothes! - An imperious voice she said.
- What?
- Are you deaf? Or one for a quarter!
I had to perform. When I undressed my cock stood stake.
- What we're big. - She laughed. - Well, it must be corrected, but it will hinder us.
She gave me a small jar and said to finish it. I decided that I would do everything she says. I was very excited, and finished in a few minutes. Sperm were many, and it filled nearly half the jar. The teacher lowered her finger in a jar and took a bit of sperm on a long nail, and then licked it.
- Delicious. Well, I'll leave it for a snack. And now lean on my desk hands, become cancer and puffed out his ass, that she was above everything else.
I played her orders. After a few seconds I felt her finger in her anus.
- What a tight ass. I love these finish.
She began quietly to fuck me with his finger. Gradually, I started to like it and I started podmahivat ass and moaning in time with her movements. I felt it wildly nravitsya.Togda she added a second finger. At first it was a little painful, but eventually the pain is gone and I'm already hard moaned as she fucked me.
- Well done! I will make of you a good student.
She stopped me and pulled out of the fucking skirt belt.
- Well, you should be punished?
- Yes, teacher.
- You have to ask me about it.
- You are welcome. I'm a bad student. I skip class. Punish me, please.
- Oh well.
She struck. Wild pain burned my ass and I screamed.
- Behind this cry five strokes.
She struck again. The blow seemed to me 2 times stronger, and I could not help but cry out again.
- There is no way it will not work. - She took off her panties under her skirt. - I shove them in your mouth, but before that for 10 additional blows can give them lick.
- Of course I agree.
She threw them on the table.
- Fast!
Pants were soaking wet, especially in the middle, where the discharge was the most, and smelled divine. I started licking them violently.
- Enough. - She said a few minutes later - Give it here. Once you're such a hard boy, it is possible to you and reward.
She took her panties and rubbed under his skirt.
- Open your mouth.
She stuffed them in my mouth and my tongue got her selection.
- And now in the position.
I've already forgotten about flogging. When I got cancer, she took the belt and began to whip me. Each hit brings all new pain. In the mouth, I had her panties and I could only mumble. The fact that I'm naked, cancer, exposing his ass up, wet with secretions panties in her mouth, as a young teacher in a short skirt, under which there is nothing, whips me and flows from it, so much me excited that I started to want to next stroke was stronger than the previous one and has exhibited ass above, substituting under the belt.
Somewhere after the thirty strokes she stopped. My cock stood like a wooden butt and burned with fire, and I felt indescribable feeling.
- You're ready to fight again. - She laughed again. - I did not think that spanking you so excited.
Again, she gave me a bottle and for 10 minutes of masturbation, I filled it to the brim.
- Well, if you are so well done, it is necessary to reward you.
She ran a hand up her skirt and pulled her out completely in secretions. I indescribable pleasure licked each of her finger.
- So. Now, in the same position.
I immediately became a cancer. She took from her purse strap and Vaseline smeared them my ass, put the strap under her skirt and began to slowly introduce it. It was very painful and I screamed, but she introduced it slowly until it is completely gone and she put her hips into my ass beaten. Then she held him in that position. The pain gradually go away.
- Well you see, my little one, it is not so painful.
Then, still slowly, she took it. Then he smeared it again, put it to my hole and suddenly drove him to the end and the beginning of my fucking cruel, much splashing the red ass, and not paying attention to my cries. At first, I was infinitely painful, but after a few minutes the pain merged with indescribable pleasure and I groaned loudly as the latest slut who have cancer in the public sartire. The teacher is not what is not paying attention to fuck me at a furious pace indefinitely and so sweet, that I have lost count of time. When I touched her, davmo standing and ready to burst, a member of this explosion.
I never in my life experienced such feelings. I finished one touch and so profusely that he could fill the whole jar full. I finished it because I like the dirty slut fucked young teacher. I'm finished, twitching about a minute, the whole Bay Area on me to cum.
But the teacher did not notice anything wildly continued to rape me. After 10 minutes, she huddled in an orgasm that lasted her for about 5 minutes, during which she only quickened the pace. Then she collapsed to the floor and sat down, unable to rise. I fell on my knees and minutes stood still cancer. After I collected all his strength, he raised his teacher and sat her on a chair.
- Oh, you scamp! You smeared me the whole table! Immediately take it away! The language!
I started to lick his sperm from the table. This has brought me and my cock stood up again. She is also excited. When I finished, I stood up, she came close to me and put her back to the table. My cock rested in her skirt. She took his hand.
- This very best bitch should be carefully pull out, and then I see you a little.
She pushed me and I fell back on the table. She climbed on top, put on a condom and started to fuck me. Ass burned and it gave special feeling. So she raped me for 20 minutes and then I still finished. But it was not enough. She moved forward and sat on my face.
- You work well, my bitch. - She said, and she took the jar from my semen and started drinking it.
And I worked hard tongue, licking her release ... anywhere where he could be reached. When a few minutes later, I brought her to orgasm, she squeezed my head and knees for about a minute jerked on me, then fell forward on the table, and left her pussy over my face.
So we lay exhausted and satisfied, and I licked her delicious selection that flowed in my mouth and my ass was burning, after all that had happened to her today.
- Well done, 10 points! - I whispered my favorite teacher.
To be continued...
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