"We can now go to the mall?" - Kelly asked. "Of course," - said Maggie, which itself did not want to sit at home. Being a babysitter is boring, although there is unlikely to fit the word "nurse". Kelly studied in a very prestigious and expensive private school, she was 17 years (although it looked like a 14-15 year old girl with a well-developed figure), and Meg, who was a little more (to be exact - 19 years), could not understand, why Kelly called her parents on an ad, where Meg wanted to get a job babysitter or a babysitter. In fact, Meg was a lesbian, and she agreed to this, not only because of the money, but also because of the fact that it is very vobuzhdala Kelly. Today, the girl was dressed very sexy, according to Meg: very tight tights almost from the navel to the middle of the thighs, short topic, size rather resembles a bra and light shoes. Kelly was really nice: not very tall, slim (if she dropped a few kilos, it could be called the worst), with a small but supple breasts with hard nipples, but the main thing - it's legs, her feet could be the envy of any fashion model. "Why it yet eighteen" - Meg thought - "I would have tried to seduce her right now, she just drives me crazy." "Come quickly, do not wait" - Kelly hurried her. "Why the rush?" - Surprised Meg. "I want to have time to go there before closing because today they have a shortened day.", - Said the girl. "You have not forgotten the purse?" - Meg said, locking the door from outside. "It is not necessary to me, still I have almost no money I just want to see the display case." - He said Kelly hesitated a little. The girls got into the car and drove to the store. Several times during the twenty-minute trip Meg looked at Kelly and I noticed that she looks around and sits a little too intently. "What is it you become silent?" - Asked Meg. "What .. And nothing's just so ...?." - Kelly said absently, squeezing his knees, because noticed that her bladder became dovlno complete. The girl remembered that she never left the bathroom before you go, and does not empty your bladder for a couple of hours while she drank a couple of glasses of soda just before the departure. Soon Meg put the car into the parking lot, she and Kelly went to the store, and Meg, going back, looking at the magnificent ass 17-year-old girl, tightly covered with thin black leggings. When they came to the store, Kelly noticed the offing toilets and said, "I'm going to the toilet, then close the way, the buy me a soda, today something hot.". "Well, I'll wait here," - Meg said. She went to the tent and took a two-liter Pepsi cup as half liter glasses have ended, but for myself it is not worried, as went to the toilet before the trip. She did not have long to wait, and when Meg came back, she saw Kelly and said to her, "Wow, I have not had time so quickly." Kelly said, frowning, "I do not go to the bathroom all the booths are closed until tomorrow, went to the store." "You asked me to buy a soda," - Meg said and handed her a glass. . "Oh, yes, I would not ask for better, but the store has a toilet, I think to endure them, even drinking a Pepsi," - Kelly took the glass, and the girl went to the mall. They went to see the musical department of the new compacts, and Kelly drank nearly half a glass. If it is introduced as soon Pepsi would be in her bladder, she would drink a lot slower. Kelly liked one CD, but she did not take the money, so Meg smiled and said: "What, no money?" "Leave me alone, I'll come here tomorrow with my mom, and she would buy me ten compact, if I want to", - said Kelly, offended by Clip Available. Meg was starting to get angry at Kelly, who had been all day in a bad mood, and led her to a different department. Kelly looked around because she's more like the toilet. Soda, she had just finished her, has already begun to be processed and to increase the pressure in the bladder. The girl began a little nervous, because felt a familiar feeling - zone pressure slowly brimming bladder. Tight elastic at the waist of her leggings made the situation worse Kelly, squeezing her poor belly on the line for a couple of fingers below the navel. "Wow, look at the silver bracelet" - suddenly said Kelly turned to Meg. "Yes, he's very nice, though, must have been very expensive," - said Meg. Kelly asked the seller to show her a bracelet and an example of it, Meg, not to stand by just asked to see her emerald earrings. Kelly thought. bracelet that looks great on her white skin, but by looking at the price tag, I realized that even parents will not buy her such an expensive decoration. When Meg tried on earrings, it is noticed that Kelly begins a little dance. "Oh, Maggie, let's go home," - nervously whispered Kelly, quietly prvedya hand between the thighs, covering their bag. "Wait a minute, I want to look more at the ring with topaz", - he asked Meg and started to consider it, while Kelly is already quite noticeable to others shifted from foot to foot, and a few times even a little jump. "Well, thank you, I'm just looking" - Meg said, returning the ring seller. "Come quickly," - Kelly hurried her, felt a very strong desire to pee. The girls went to the car, all the time Kelly looked around. "Are you okay?" - Meg asked, noting that Kelly bit her lip and walks very slowly. "Almost, I just oh, really want to go to the toilet", - said Kelly. "Be patient, you will be able to endure to the house, you're not a two-year baby, which need diapers, we do not go more than twenty minutes," - he said Meg decided to tease a little girl, aroused by her needs. "The # 96; OK, I put up, just went faster," - said nervously Kelly, walking toward the car. When Meg was about to open the door, she noticed a silver bracelet, looking out of her purse Kelly. "Where did you get that bracelet?" - Meg asked incredulously, thinking that her ward stole it in the store. "O h-What are you talking about, Mr.?" - Kelly asked nervously, knowing that it was caught. . "I'm on this wristband you stole it in the store until I asked the seller to show me the ring?" - Meg asked, looking directly at Kelly's eye, which was nervous, and because of a full bladder, and due to the fact that the invisible theft failed. "Yes, I stole it, but you do something for a cause," - said the girl. Trying to defend himself. "You will return it to the store, with immediately," - Meg said, - "I'm not going to cover you because now you are under my care, and, if anything, your parents will still ask me to." Kelly smiled and tried to get into the car, but Meg grabbed her by the arm and led him back to the store. Kelly realized that her plan ultimately failed theft, asked: "Well, we'll return the bracelet, but I can first go to the toilet?" "No," - firmly said Meg. "But I really need to please," - continued to ask Kelly trembling voice. "No, you're lucky that I'm not going to take you to the store protection, and they probably would have called the police", - said Meg, and went to the door. Kelly quietly and intensely followed her, her bladder began pulsing ache, a girl always felt the fullness of the bladder, as he began to bulge above the pubic bone, and rested in leggings belt. "Please, can I go to the toilet in front of dismantling the seller I badly need to pee?" - Asked Kelly, stopping halfway to the store, his hands clasped between his hips. "No, and again no, the store will soon close, and I'm afraid not to have time if we are late, but it will happen if you go to the toilet, the seller will go, and I will have to inform the protection about your act." - Quite seriously said Maggie. "Oh, please !!!" - Kelly almost cried in despair. "No, and stop asking me" - Meg snapped. Kelly again followed her, still feel is not very severe pain on the line for a couple of centimeters below the navel, which leggings belt hit in the stomach. The poor girl felt she could not keep a small trickle at any time, so she clasped her hands in front of him, holding them in a stolen bracelet, so that no one noticed the wet spot, which could appear between her legs. The girls quickly came to the Department of jewelry, and Meg took Kelly bracelet seller said: "Excuse me, I'm afraid that this girl tried to leave without paying for this bracelet can take it back.". The seller looked at Kelly, then Meg and thanked her. Meg thought, added: "I would not like you to call security and make a fuss, but I would be grateful to you if you write a note to parents of this girl and put a seal, so that they believe in it, I assure you that. they will take appropriate measures to it. " Kelly indignantly looked at Meg, she knew that if her parents find out about this theft, it flogged with a belt, and a month or two to go with the ban yard. "Yes, of course, if you ask," - said the salesman, and began to write a note to parents Kelly and then signed her and set print shop. Meg hid a note in a backpack, again apologized to the seller and took Kelly to the door. "What ... what are you gonna do with this note?" - Kelly nervously asked Meg. "Did not know may give your parents, or maybe not." - Maggie said calmly. "Please do not give them a note in the next weekend I was going to go on a picnic with her boyfriend, and if my parents find out about this theft, they will not let me ...." - Kelly murmured. "Shut up," - said Meg, when she has become bored of these stories. "Oh please do not tell my parents anything, please," - it's not calmed Kelly. Meg thought for a moment ... She had a plan in mind when she remembered that the girl is still very much wants to use the toilet, and, besides, just loves her boyfriend, and will do everything to go to the picnic. "Well, we can conclude a deal before the arrival of their parents you will do what I tell you if you fulfill all that I have come up with, I do not tell your parents and I will give you a note.." - Maggie said shortly. "You're not kidding about # 96; OK, I agree!" - Kelly said quickly, smiling at Meg said, "Well, that agreed with this second you do only what I tell you.". The girls walked down the nearly empty shop corridors and Kelly, stopping at public toilets, said: "I really have to pee, I pee before we go home?" "No Stick it to the house, and do not forget our agreement." - Slyly said Meg. "Oh, please, I really need I already almost full to the brim, honestly, I really, really need to shake-and-aluysta." - He continued to ask Kelly. "No, be patient, do not five years, so you could not wait until the house, so limit yourself" - a tone that brooked no argument, Maggie said. Kelly went on for Meg, clutching her hips, so as not to inflate the pants. When they reached the car, Kelly sat quietly in the front seat. On the way back home Kelly sat silently, clenching his right hand between her hips and leaning forward slightly, as her bladder began to noticeably hurt. It took only 15 minutes, but this time it was a real torture for Kelly, she has never in his life did not want to use the toilet so much as now. The girl always felt a burning pain in the lower abdomen, and she had all the time to strain the pelvic muscles to keep the urethra closed. She was trying to figure out how to alleviate their suffering, but did not come up, so I just continued to sit, squeezing the pelvic muscles hard. Kelly even thought about to release a small trickle under him and a little to ease the pressure in the bladder, but she quickly realized that Maggie noticed a wet spot on the seat and would not give her a note. Kelly continued to suffer, and finally, the trip came to an end, as she saw her outside. "Even a little bit, and I could go to the toilet" - Kelly thought to herself. She wanted so badly to the bathroom, he almost released from only one stream of thought that if it was not Meg. She would pee on the lawn in front of home, removing the tights. "For me", - said Maggie and went to the house, and Kelly followed her from time to time holding the crotch. "Wow, you really really want to go to the toilet," - said with a laugh, Maggie saw her gait. "Yes, it is true, I am about to describe Hurry, open the door." - Kelly asked. "Oh, really?" - He asked Meg turned to Kelly with the keys in his hand, - "but maybe I wait for a minute or two before you let a good weather right now, I can still breathe the air ...?" "No, please do not, "- frightened girl asked, clasping both hands between the thighs and a little dancing. Meg looked at her, smiled and opened the door. Immediately, as soon as Kelly limped in pain, ran into the house, Meg grabbed her by the arm and ordered to stop. "What do I need to pee, I go to the toilet?" - Puzzled Kelly said, trying to pull his hand, what Meg said: "Do you remember our agreement?" "I remember, but I have just described, let me go, I have to pee!" - Screamed Kelly, still trying to snatch the wrist of the hand of Meg, who reminded her: "And do not dream you'll do what I say so what!. better calm down. " "I know I'll do whatever you say, but why I can not pee in front of it, so as not to inflate the floor Let me go to the toilet, and then I'm all at your disposal.?" - Kelly did not understand the ideas of Meg. "You do not have or do what I say, or your parents know everything So you go to the toilet or you will try to win a note..?" - Meg said sharply. The girl realized that she had no choice, and muttered. "Well, I'll do whatever you say, just give me a note later, and did not say anything to the parents, they will beat me if they knew." Kelly thought that the choice of her poor: or play strange games Maggie, or miss a trip out of town with her boyfriend (the girl knew that the parents just do not allow her any visits, at least for a month, if they knew about the theft). Kelly, feeling a terrible pain in the bladder, secretly hoping that still persuade Meg let her go to the bathroom before she will simply make a puddle on the floor. Maggie herself at that time enjoyed the torment and Kelly, something thought up, took her into a room for gymnastics. "Stand here," - Maggie said and pointed to the Swedish wall. "What?" - Detached Kelly asked, thinking only of his desire to get to the toilet. A moment later the girl crossed her legs and sat down a little bit in this position for a few seconds he felt a very strong pain in the bladder. In this movement, it was clear that Kelly already very much wants to pee. Maggie watched Kelly desire to go to the toilet, almost from the beginning of the trip to the store, so buying a liter of Pepsi was only part of premeditated plan, in which Kelly herself has made adjustments stealing the bracelet. Since then, Kelly drank soda, it took more than an hour, and the feelings girl vengeance liquid processed by the kidneys, later entering the bladder. Kelly felt very uncomfortable because her bladder for half an hour noticeably ill, Meg and asked herself, how many more will be able to tolerate this girl. Of course, Kelly was obnoxious character, but Meg could not accept that her body was just great. Even with intense pain face clenched thighs and constant po¸zhivaniem Kelly was very beautiful and exciting. Tights Kelly is very tight snug her thighs through her short topic clearly hard nipples were small, but very firm breasts.
Excite, Maggie wanted to make Kelly feel humiliated, she ordered the girl to take extended her hands over the crossbar and then got out of the bag taken along for the occasion these handcuffs (Meg was the brother of police officer) and quickly snapped the one ring on the wrist Kelly, after what I swung the chain over the crossbar ladder so that Kelly stretched to his full height, and instantly snapped the second ring at the other girl's wrist. She did it all so quickly that Kelly, distracted his need, all realized only when it was already fastened to the stairs, clutching his legs, trying to pull his hands from the handcuffs. "Bitch, what are you doing?!" - Kelly cried, realizing that Maggie strapped her to the stairs real handcuffs and is not going to unfasten. "Just to punish you for theft," - with a grin said Meg, watching with interest as they are now Kelly has been hard to endure because she could not just squeeze the hand between her legs, and even bend. "Have you gone mad You have no right to mock me? !!!" - Kelly screamed in rage from shame and pain. "But you also do not have the right to steal the bracelet in the store. You broke the law, and I did not give you store protection. If you do not want to know your parents about this story, do what I tell you, but if you prefer so I undid you, and in the evening gave a note to your parents ... "- Maggie said quietly. "Listen, I agree that you strapped me to the Swedish side, I agree to everything that they did not see the note, but let me just before that go to the toilet I am dying to use the toilet, I beg you ...!" - The voice of Kelly jumped on very high note and changed the girl sobs as she realized. that all her requests in vain. Maggie thought, and soon said. "One hour If you suffer an hour, I'll let you go to the toilet, and you will receive a seller note If you do not doterpit and describe the end of the hour, I'll tell your parents I'll come through.. minute, and remember that you have to endure an hour time has gone. " Meg left the poor girl alone with a terrible need, pomotrite at his watch, and went down the stairs to the kitchen, she decided to make this more interesting hour. Maggie took two bottles of iced tea with lemon from the refrigerator and returned with them in the gymnastic room. Kelly stood near the wall bars, strongly gripping her hips and frantically dancing on tiptoe, still trying to tolerate. The handcuffs rattled the crossbar on the stairs, because the girl is constantly squirming. The inability to help himself with his hands, squeezing them between his legs, a little reassured Kelly because she knew anyway certainly not be able to survive another hour, though, if Meg told her to endure a half hour, it would be still possible. Kelly remembered that the last time she so badly wanted to use the toilet a few years ago in a bus on a school trip, but then she broke down and described on the seat in front of classmates. "There is ice tea with lemon drink it." - Meg said, ran into the room and take up the neck of a bottle to his lips Kelly. "What? Are you crazy?" - Shouted the girl, feeling unbearable throbbing pain of the abdomen. "Drink this, or I'll tell your parents," - said Maggie inexorably. "All right, but I can go to the bathroom, when I drink this tea, please?" - With the hope Kelly asked. When she started to drink the first bottle in the corners of her eyes were tears of pain, because her belly, brimming with icy liquid, press down firmly on the bladder, in which the front a couple of centimeters times crashed leggings. Kelly felt a searing pain across the lower abdomen, and did not know how to get rid of it. She is incredibly like the toilet, the girl looked. that her crotch was about to stand and not through her leggings noise breaks out a huge jet. Kelly wriggled, danced, in general, trying to do everything, to suffer a little longer, but it is constantly flowing into the stomach iced tea reduced all these efforts to naught. When Kelly finished her half-liter bottle of tea, Meg brought it to her lips a second and said, "Drink this, too, I know you can." "Please, with-with-with-with, I can not, my stomach swelled, and my bladder is about to burst, at-ui, although I beg you, I need to popisit." - Whined the girl, beginning to squeeze even toes. She did everything in order not to wet oneself. Kelly remembered very accident on the bus when she was sitting in a pool of his own urine, and her friends laughed at her, and she did not want to experience such a shame again. On the other hand, in the room there was no one except Meg and she would be glad if Kelly inventory, but the thought of it led Kelly in horror. A few months ago Maggie stumbled in interenet on site with photos of girls who really wanted to use the toilet, she is excited and she decided to be at all costs try to get some girl to endure to the limit, to pomotret what it looks like in life . The event took place in the store can be very useful, and Meg took a special note to the seller, to realize our plans. She thought that she was lucky with the "under surveillance", because there are more and mingled a little revenge. The guys at school always liked girls like Kelly: slender, long-haired blonde with long thin legs, flat stomach and a small elastic breast, and a girl with a physique Meg (large, a little plump, but with a slightly relief muscles, with big soft breast, Large feet wide and rounded hips) did not enjoy the success, so Meg has always disliked such as Kelly, and behold, she had a chance to mock and humiliate a girl. Meg held the neck of the bottle to his mouth, and Kelly said: "Drink this, or something which would be a piece of paper in the hands of your parents!" Kelly, with no options, started to drink tea. Immediately sensing an increase in pressure in the bladder, because tea fills the stomach, which stifled the already crowded bladder. Abdominal pain became unbearable girls, and Kelly knew that would not stand much longer, cried: "Well, I drank it please, I can now go to the toilet Please!?!" Meg looked at her and thought that the girl is making every effort to sustain: Kelly face was all wet with sweat, hair matted on his forehead, breathing very deep and rough. Maggie put near Kelly stool, he sat down at her and said, "You left to endure the entire 50 minutes, if able to stand, I will let you go to the toilet and tear the note from the seller." - Realizing that uric girls bubble filled to such an extent that it is in any case not be able to survive for so long. One day at school Maggie almost described in the library, gathering material for the essay, and, realizing in time that it is immediately necessary to run off somewhere, barely able to reach the toilet to dry jeans, and she realized that Kelly is now wants to use the toilet at least than she did at that time. Meg is excited on the type of tight black leggings with long legs and body hugging sports Kelly topic through which clearly spoke nipples hard girls. Her bladder was so full that even girls belly bulged and almost imperceptibly hanging over belt leggings, which was two fingers below the navel, even before the trip, when Kelly dressed, her stomach looked absolutely flat and even belt a little loose. Kelly writhing in polupodveshennom condition, continuously moving and cuts and sharp bursts of pain in the bladder became more frequent. Each flash was so strong that the girl closed her eyes and tried to collect all the physical and mental strength to not describe. She wanted so badly to the bathroom, that seriously thought about the possibility to release a small trickle to a little to reduce the pressure in the bladder, but she also knew that releasing a trickle, it surely will not be able to stop. "Maggie just a bitch" - thought with hatred Kelly - "I wonder how she would have behaved if I clipped it to the stairs when she wanted to piss just as I am now, and would have made her suffer for an hour" - but then her thoughts were interrupted as the pressure in the bladder increased, crotch Kelly pulsing twitching and bladder literally cried for help. The girl felt the first drops of urine from the urethra near the exit, and they were ready to leak, but only through perseverance, willpower and critical concentration Kelly she was able to stay dry. Meg began to be excited all the more by watching the torment of the ward, but also it begins to realize that she, too, pretty much wants the toilet, and this even more excited. Of course, it need was small compared with the need to Kelly, but Meg wanted to experience the feeling of it when you want to use the toilet, which already can not restrain myself and literally drips in shorts, although compresses struggling, and then just can not sustain and urine flows out of you, no matter how you tried to keep her, so Meg decided to endure the same, but there was another reason: Meg feared that Kelly would not stand until she is in the toilet, and she really wanted to see this moment. Maggie was surprised to see that her own nipples become solid, although this rarely happened because of her big soft breasts with large, but almost no protruding nipples. "So describe to me how much you want to use the toilet?" - She asked out of interest, imagining in advance the answer. "I vot-vot described, I can no longer tolerate, please, let me go to the toilet, I'll do for you anything you want, oh, just do not torment me any more," - begged Kelly, still hoping that her tormentor take pity on her. ". Well, I have bad news for you, I do not think that your bladder is filled to its limit, so you can suffer more," - said Meg, pushing the stool a few feet from Kelly, the better to see all the traffic the poor girl . "No! Please, I can not stand for longer beg ..." - Kelly asked, feeling that the bladder pain intensifies every minute. "Kelly, you studied in school anatomy and know that the bladder may be quite stretched if it can not be emptied. It is estimated that the average bubble extends only to 500-600ml, but many ordinary people do when they have nowhere to pee and they put up with all his strength, can suffer and a liter, and more. on the Internet I found a site which has information about the people who can endure almost two liters. You surely can endure more than half a liter or liter - because you have a very good incentive - a note from the seller So be patient, I'll be back in a minute ", -. Meg said, remembering something. Maggie ran down the stairs to the first floor, jumping over the step, although it is prevented to do close miniskirt and a full bladder. Kelly looked on with regret thick, in her opinion, Meg back and regretted that he could not change with his tormentor places, it was interesting, Meg could endure such pain, which is now suffering itself Kelly. The girl crossed her legs, which she had to stand on tiptoe, and gently bounced, unable to stop even for a moment. Maggie, meanwhile, went to his bag by the front door and took out a video camera, which his father's colleague asked me to give him (Meg thought that would do it after buy a new cartridge, and this will take you). She checked the batteries, and understood. they will suffice that at least one hour. Maggie very hard to believe in something that has just decided. "I have to do this a second chance I might not be" - she thought, and went back into the room, near where the wall bars writhed fastened handcuffs Kelly. The girl looked at Meg's eyes round with horror when he saw her in the hands of the camera, and groaned, thinking only of the pressure in the bladder tortured her: "What are you doing ?!" "I want to interview you," - said Meg, including recording and camera directed at the poor girl. She saw in the viewfinder sweaty red face Kelly round of pain and shame eyes. Meg knew. how much the girl wants to use the toilet, and hoped that she still have strength to endure, because the videotape could be a good entertainment for Meg. It has increased the image and took Kelly from top to bottom: the hands, fastened cuffs, desperate face, bulging belly and legs tightly compressed. Kelly thought she would already have inventory, if not for the camera. The idea that Meg can shoot when Kelly tights become wet, forced the girl to suffer even more. After a couple of seconds, Meg began to ask questions: "What is your name, full name?" "Kelly," - murmured the girl, unable to consider the question of the unbearable pain in the perineum. "I said, full name!" - Continued to mock Meg. "K-Caroline" - barely mumbled the girl. "Why are you handcuffed?" - Followed by the next question. "Because ... you - and merzavka bitch!" - Screamed Kelly, barely cope with flash Dalen in the bubble, almost forcing her to wet oneself. "You said the wrong answer, I'm a bitch Do not you think that I can cancel our contract and still give a note to your parents.?" - Squinting, Maggie asked. "No, not that right, I'm sorry I'm sorry, I'm just dying to use the toilet, and I hurt a lot, please let me go to the toilet, I really, really need to pee!..", - The girl said through tears. "? How much do I now also want to use the toilet, and I want to understand, how much more do you want" - said Maggie, moving a stool close to Kelly. "Very much so, it's hard to imagine !!! I already can not stand, I never in my life wanted so much, um-m, beg, well solvable with-with-with me popisit!" - cried the girl, from time to time groaning in pain and impatience. Throbbing pain almost forced Kelly to give up, but now the girl felt no flash of pain, but simply a constant excruciating pain in the bladder, which has not changed over time. The first drops of urine were already at the exit of the urethra Kelly, and she knew that would not last for a long time as long as the hot liquid will flow not on her feet. "Why do not I put you in the toilet and forced to endure for so long that you're about to not stand?" - Followed by another question from Meg. Kelly barely replied: "Because I stole a silver bracelet in the store, and you decided to punish me ... Please, let me go to the toilet, please, I have now described, o-oh, I'm hurt, I can not stand" - mumbled the girl, sobbing, tears already being flowed down her cheeks. "Wow, I believe that you really badly want the toilet Tell me how you feel, where and what you got hurt, what sensations in your bladder." - Asked Meg, swipe the belt leggings Kelly which shuddered in pain and whimpered when tormentor shoved the tip of the index finger in the navel girls and began to drive it gently back and forth, and then barely noticeable in circles clockwise. Usually these actions the soft tissue of the abdomen just a little caved in to the inside, but now Meg finger came across solid as stone bladder girls, separated by a thin partition nail press. A minute later, Maggie put the index finger just above the pubic bone Kelly and gently push them to the front wall of the bloated bladder girls, removing a second hand and clicking Kelly fingers just above the pubic area. From this Kelly shivered and forcefully sucked in his breath between clenched teeth, then moaned pleadingly: "Maggie, please, do not press more on my stomach, I could hardly suffered, no more, I'm hurt." But Meg just laughed, put her hand on top of the girl's stomach, above the navel, and a little, very gently pushed the whole hand, not only inside the abdomen to the spine, but also down. Kelly screamed in pain and in an instant suddenly farted loudly, but the pain and pressure in her belly was too strong, and she could not help because of the abrupt exit of gases, therefore, a second later, Kelly pulled the crotch of a trickle of urine.
On tights appeared wet spot about 5 centimeters in diameter, and Kelly's eyes welled with tears of pain as she strained to the limit, again squeezing the sphincter. "I am lost please, I soaked leggings, please let me now go to the bathroom, please ...." - Her voice trailed off, and Meg realized that Kelly is now described. Maggie at this time stroking fingers crotch Kelly, but now she realized that the girl could wet her whole arm, so Meg moved her hand, stroked the inside of the thighs and Kelly again took the camera, sending it to the girl's face. When Maggie saw in the viewfinder expression face girl, she even felt a little sorry for her: for sch¸kam Kelly tears flowed, her eyes were wide open with pain and stress, and his lips trembled. Maggie realized that this girl can describe any second, so she sent a lens on a wet spot between Kelly's legs, and a few seconds later moved to take it off in full growth. "So, Kelly, I can forgive you this trickle and pretend not to notice anything, but before the end of the stipulated hours still almost half an hour you think you can endure 27 more minutes.?" - With a grin said Maggie, decided to continue the "interview ". "No-oo, I beg you, I can not stand still for half an hour, I can no longer tolerate sterplyu I do not, I really want to pee, I need to pee !!!" - Kelly screamed in a trembling voice, squeezing the thighs every all forces and clenching his fists, but her hands were fastened. A moment later Kelly felt the strongest in her life urge to urinate and the strongest intense pain in the bladder. Her perineal muscles gave way, and she released another small trickle, which immediately increased the spot on the tights almost doubled. Almost immediately, the poor girl did not keep a second consecutive trickle blur on the inside of the thighs Kelly, but a moment later she was able to shrink, although Kelly knew it was a useless effort, and it will not be able to endure much longer. Meg went to her and spread her legs, then saw wet streaks on the tights. Suddenly, Kelly screamed as unbearable wave of pain passed through her stomach, and bladder tortured the girls began to suffer defeat. Kelly was not in the bathroom a little more than 4 hours, but more than two hours ago, she drank half a glass of soda, about the same time - a liter of Pepsi in the park at the store, but half an hour ago - a liter of iced tea. Her muscles of the perineum, even strained to the limit, could no longer resist the enormous pressure in the bladder, and Kelly began to produce one by one short strong trickle of urine. Girl of the last forces tried to stop them, and it almost succeeded, but every time she clenched sphincter and the jet stopped, her bladder pierced flash of pain from which Kelly again inadvertently opened the sphincter and a new stream breaks free. Kelly quickly realized that he could not stop, and shouted in panic: "No, Oh, God, no-oo!" - Still trying to slow down a little stream. She shone non-stop hot and nearly clear urine escapes from her crotch so hard that by the form of the jet was not even say that it passes through the shorts and leggings, it seemed that those barriers do not exist. The inner parts of the thighs girls were completely wet, puddle of urine on the floor spreading between girls. Kelly stood motionless in a pool of his own urine, her face streaming with tears, her eyes were round with shame and horror, but she continued to urinate through clothing. In a puddle of urine on the floor reflected the lights on the ceiling of the room. Meg was filming it all on film, even though such a spectacle of its own desire to pee was getting stronger. Also she wanted to wet oneself Kelly, to feel what it means - to inflate in clothes (the last time Meg dip it in 5, or 6 years old, and almost did not remember about it), but she wanted to describe not specifically having started jet in the pants, and so it happened by accident because of too full bladder. Her own bubble suddenly began to ache and demand to empty it, but Maggie was suffering because she was ashamed to wet oneself in front of Kelly, she had just so humiliated. Finally, the bladder is emptied Kelly and puddle on the floor remained more than a meter in diameter. Recent drops dripping with leggings Kelly and fell to the floor, the girl cried out of shame, realizing that mess in front of Meg, and she took off all this on tape. Previously, Kelly is very angry with Meg and tried to stay more or less proud, but now she knew that did not survive, and thus herself humiliated in the eyes of his tormentor, so now Kelly looked like a schoolgirl junior classes, which are described at the blackboard in class. Meg unhooked it from the wall bars and said, stroking crotch Kelly: "Go, disguise yourself, you need a bath." Kelly, blushing, went into the bathroom, leaving wet footprints on the floor, and stood under the shower. Ten minutes later, she emerged from the bathroom, dressed, and shyly came up to Meg, who asked her: "Are you feeling better after a shower?" Kelly, embarrassed, said. "Yes, I hope that you now do not tell my parents about any theft or of what happened in this room?" Maggie just grinned and said, "Why is this? You had to endure just a little more than twenty minutes, and you are not able to do this, it means that you did not fulfill agreement. Okay so, I'm not going to talk about the case in this room, as you really are trying to endure, but what about theft, I will not be silent. " Meg thought that Kelly looks very sexy in a white miniskirt and a thin denim jacket that she wore after the shower. Also, Maggie said. that girl wore no bra, and her hard nipples clearly stood out through the fabric of his shirt. Kelly did not say anything and just went to the floor TRTI where was her room, Maggie went to her and quietly turn on the camera, shooting from behind and slightly below all that was Kelly under her skirt. Meg was surprised to see that Kelly wore not only a bra and panties, and was smoothly shaved her crotch. They went up to the room, Kelly, and Meg went to the girl, thinking that Kelly really almost perfect body. Meg turned off the camera and put it on the bed, saying. "Well I do not tell your parents, but a week later, we repeat all this I'll take a few videotapes, we go to the supermarket, but you did there shalt not steal, you will drink again. liter of soda, and then we get home, I fasten you to the stairs, I will give to drink as much fluid as today, and you'll have to endure an hour. and, if you manage to do it the next time, I promise that I will give you a note from the seller although leave yourself on cassette memory. I agree to this only because I want next time to shoot it all from beginning to end, not just the last fifteen minutes. " "No! I will not do it again" - screamed Kelly. "Well, then I will give a note to your parents as soon as they arrive," - the answer Maggie. Kelly thought for a second, and as it seemed to her to figure out how you can try to get out of this situation, the winner, said with a smile: "Well, we do it again a week later with the proviso that then you give me a note from the seller Be confident. I stand before the end of an hour the next time, and win a note. " Maggie is not suspected, said nothing: "We agreed to stay here, I need the toilet and the shower, I'll be back in a while.". Maggie took her tape from the camera, hid it in his backpack, and then came back in the gymnastic room, took off her handcuffs from a ladder, and then sat down on the stool. Now she badly wanted to use the toilet, but decided to endure as long as possible to experience the very same sensations as Kelly before the inflated pool. Maggie specifically said Kelly sit in her room because she did not want the girl watched her anguish after his humiliation, and Maggie decided to do it alone. Also, Maggie decided not to wipe the puddle on the floor and say parents Kelly, their daughter, dip it in the room. Soon Meg felt a desire to pee was even stronger, and now bladder girls quite ill. She remembered that she wanted to feel yourself in the place Kelly, therefore stood near the wall bars, and raised her hands, gripping them at the bar. To stay in this dry, Maggie had to cross my legs, but to stand in this position on his heels was uncomfortable, and she kicked off her shoes, left in tights, tight miniskirt and a sports jacket, through which were visible outlines of the lush, rounded breasts Maggie. A few seconds later she noticed a bottle of mineral water on a window sill, left here this morning, in which there were still more than half a liter, and Meg decided to accelerate the process of finishing his the water. She imagined that Kelly first felt the same way, and then her bladder was filled with more and more. From these thoughts of Maggie are very excited and thought that, too, will endure as long as the increase does not puddle on the floor. However, she thought that parents Kelly can not believe that this pool did Kelly when she Meg described there, because on the floor and it was a huge amount of urine, incredible for a slender girl of 17 years, and if we add to this and the contents of a full bladder Meg, no sane person would believe that Kelly was able to inflate so much on the floor, her bubble would have to burst with such amounts of urine, so Meg decided that only a few podotr¸t puddle around the edges when you do not suffer. Maggie already had a couple of times to let go of the bar with his right hand and squeeze between your legs, because it became unbearable to endure. Looking down, Meg noticed that her stomach, and so far is not flat due to the completeness, is now very much sticks out from the side and it should look pretty thick. The girl began to feel sorry that did not make Kelly pee in any capacity to see how much she was able to stand, and then pee there same and find out who the bladder more, but it is thought that a week later, when Kelly will again be here to suffer, it will do so. Maggie was more difficult to endure, and due to the fact that she was forced to stand barefoot in a puddle of cold urine already Kelly, and since it was impossible to stand still for natural reasons, Meg hovered in a pool of cold fluid, which only worsened the situation of her bladder. Suddenly, Meg heard the house a car drove up. Parents Kelly returned home ahead of time! Maggie realized that she had no time to go to the toilet, quickly put on her shoes, shifting from one foot to the other, then came into the room for Kelly, and the girls went into the hall to meet the parents of Kelly. "Hi, how are you?" - Asked mum Kelly, Jane. Meg still had not had time to open his mouth, Kelly has carried out his plan, crying out: "Mama, mama You will not believe that Maggie made me do Mommy, she tortured me and made pee in front of her She took it all on camera.!" "What are you talking about, you have a daughter that temperature?" - Puzzled asked her mother. . "I'm sorry, madam I am afraid that your daughter has committed shoplifting, and thus tries to make sure that you do not believe me, because I just wanted to tell you about it." - Meg said in a calm voice. "It is not true, Mom," - said plaintively Kelly - "she's lying, she made fun of me ..." "Madame, I have proof of my words", - again quietly Maggie said, holding out a note from the seller woman - " here's a note, it is worth printing shop. Your daughter tried to steal jewelry. If you do not believe, and this, tomorrow you can go to the store and check. " "Well, what is it?" - My father asked Kelly what her mother nervously said: "Hush, I still read!" Almost immediately she Kelly became almost like a white chalk, realizing that everything is revealed. "Kelly, can you tell us it is somehow explained We told you that if something like this happens again, we will seriously punish you?" - My mother said Kelly, and turned to Meg said: "I should have warned you Maggie that she is not the first case of theft in the stores. " "No, Mom, I did not steal anything today!" - Kelly shouted, still trying to justify, but her father asked sternly: "I want you to tell the truth you stole a bracelet, as it is written here.?" Kelly knew that her father still knew the truth, so admitted, "Yes, Dad, but I ... I did not want to ... it was an accident ..." "Well, sit down on that chair" - has strictly told her father . Kelly, almost in tears, sat down, but then realized with horror that suddenly wanted to pee, and even though she was in the toilet just half an hour ago, her bladder very sick and required to empty it. Tired muscles of the pelvis girl could not bear to deter the bladder, which quickly filled with the remains of the liquid, which she saw earlier. Then my mother came from a gymnastics room, where she took the store-bought mineral water and told my father that there is a huge puddle of urine. "Maggie, that you happened?" - Asked the father, and Meg said as calmly as possible, "Unfortunately, your daughter has not suffered, being engaged on the wall bars. She said she will not clean up after themselves, but my duty is Excluded". "Well, Maggie, sit down on the other chair," - said Father Kelly, a glance at the stiff hips Meg, which were clearly visible from under the skirt (he liked girls with physique Maggie, and it is no accident hired it was her, in spite of the almost otstutstvie complete experience in the educational process, and young age). The girl sat down, crossed his legs to make it easier to tolerate, and the father of Kelly noted that under the skirt she was very small and almost transparent blue panties. Taking stern face, Kelly's father said to his daughter: "You acted very badly, and will be punished You're going to be a month under house arrest.". "No, Daddy, please!" - Kelly asked, - "You know, I have a trip to this weekend, I beg you." "What, and you still dare to argue with me after all that has done today?" - Her father was beside himself with the behavior of her daughter. Kelly began to fidget in his chair and began to cry. Again she felt unbearable pain in the bladder, the girl, quite unexpectedly, I could not strongly enough to squeeze the sphincter, tired from a recent test, and a few seconds later described sitting on a chair. The urine flowed between her thighs squeezed, and soon under the chair was quite big puddle. Maggie from such a spectacle very excited for the second time that day. She already unbearably wanted to pee, and I knew that if soon not go to the toilet, it will happen the same thing with Kelly. His father, seeing his daughter again described, shouted in a rage: "Kelly, I do not understand what it means, and what you're doing here, but I'm sick of it immediately Arise!" Father Kelly took a large wooden ruler, made his daughter bare ass, sat down on a chair and put Kelly in the abdomen on his lap, then began to whip her ruler. Kelly cried after the first blow, and Meg saw a scarlet strip on soft ass girls. Mr. Smith stopped only after twenty-five strokes, he let Kelly and the girl, weeping, fell to the floor. Suddenly Kelly again unbearably wanted to use the toilet, and, despite the fact that her bladder was already almost empty, she released a thin stream, which after a couple of seconds stopped. "Maybe you should not have to see it, Maggie, but for the moral shock I pay in addition you still twenty dollars", - the father of Kelly said, looking at the crotch Meg, who, although they noticed it was not opposed to such views, if everything really limited views. Maggie got up, but then it overflowed the bladder made itself felt, and piss on the second spurted out of her tightly compressed sphincter. The girl clenched her teeth and managed to stop the trickle, and then took the money, she reached Mr. Smith, said goodbye and went to the door, feeling that he could not stand and urine on a drop seeps from between her legs. Going into the corner of the house where she had left the car, Maggie the last effort squeezed sphincter and realized she did not stand a minute longer, she just burst. Then the girl squatted down and, without removing the pants and skirts, relaxed. After a few seconds of her skirt and panties were wet, and underfoot she grew hot puddle of urine. For the first time Meg specifically described in the clothes, and she liked it. A minute later, Maggie already went home, thinking about what she had in the bag is a videotape on which she filmed torment Kelly. Meg thought that it would be nice to catch on something forbidden and other girls with whom she sits during the absence of their parents, to punish them in the same way, only to have to borrow somebody camcorder ...

Oddly enough, it is practically impossible to predict the behavior of his bladder - sometimes you have to run to the toilet a couple of times a day, and sometimes there is a feeling that he had not filled. This time, the pressure in my bladder was much less than what I expected. That same evening, on Thursday, I drank two cups of tea and went to bed after midnight. In the morning I woke up and felt quite strongly want to use the toilet, but did not succumb to the temptation during the washing and went to work.
At work, I was very busy, but still found time Ms to drink two cups of coffee. Around 11 am I made a break for five minutes and a bit of a bite, and then drank a glass of water. About four o'clock in the afternoon desire popisit was quite strong, but I just was not paying attention to him. When I came home, it was already early evening, and my bladder felt a dull constant pain, to ease that I could not. Over dinner, I drank more tea. After that I decided s¸ezdit a couple of hours at a local gym and play table tennis there. When I want to use the toilet, I need something to do, to endure longer, so I did not want to just sit or lie down, moreover, in the next room was my cousin, with whom I live (but she does not know about my fantasies ).
In the gym a few times I felt twinges of my bladder, but it is easy to deal with it. I came home only at 11 pm (by the time I suffered for 28 hours, I doubt that many of you would have survived and half of the time!). I went to my room for contact lenses, but they were a little dirty, and I had much to squeeze the legs to endure, until I wiped them. Then I sat down at my computer and looked at a few sites, checked the mail and went into a few conversations, but did not find there any familiar. By midnight (I had already endured 29 hours!), I decided to continue to tolerate lying. My bladder looked very much inflated and was sick, but I was thirsty, so I drank a glass of water. By the time I undressed, the pressure in my bladder greatly increased. I lay down under a blanket in a light T-shirt, because it simply is not even the weakest gum to withstand the pressure from the panties in my overfull bladder.
My goal was to survive until 7 am (when it turns out that I endured 36 hours), but it was still only half of the first. I always tried to find a comfortable position and sleep, but within half an hour I managed to doze off a few times for a few minutes. I stroked his stomach and felt strongly bulging bladder with a fairly precise contours, and then began stroking between her legs and gently press the urethral opening. I kept glancing at the clock, counting the hours, minutes and even seconds. Several times I nearly inventory, I could not find a comfortable position and badly wanted to use the toilet. I found that a bit of despair weakens, if I squeeze the pillow between your legs. In this position, I was able to doze off for a few minutes, but soon I woke up because of the pain in the bladder. I found it difficult to tolerate due to the fact that I knew next to the toilet, and I can go there at any time. I actually wanted to be on a busy street, where there are no toilets!
Now my bladder was terribly full, and I struggled squeezed the buttocks to make it a little easier to tolerate. It was still only 4:00 am - I had to endure for three hours! In order not to succumb to the temptation to go to the toilet, I squeezed his hands between his legs, and convinced myself that too long endured and suffered too much agony to give up this idea at the last minute.
At 6 hours and 15 minutes my cousin woke up and went to the bathroom, so now I could not popisit, even if I wanted to - and I just really wanted to do a wee. My sister had to go to work at 7 am, but I mentally wished her to go faster. My bladder was huge and very full, to it was very painful, even just to touch. I knew that soon my bladder is at the limit of its capacity, and my sphincter - to its limits. But all this is so exciting to me, I was already quite wet between the legs. From time to time I rubbed her crotch, but did not allow herself to reach orgasm. I knew immediately after orgasm all the excitement will be gone and I'll run screaming to the toilet. Thus, every time I felt the approach of orgasm, I removed his hand from the perineum, and then struggled strained leg muscles, squeezing the thighs as much as possible.
My sister was almost twenty minutes the bathroom, and I literally begged her mind quickly go to work. I decided to get up at 7 o'clock and then connect to the Internet. However, I do not know how much more I can stand - my bladder was on the limit, and I barely restrained. Finally, ten minutes to seven, the sister left. All I had to endure ten minutes to set up a record in 36 hours! I literally crawled out of bed, because just could not stand up straight, put a light coat and struck the size of my bulging and full bladder. A few minutes later I was sitting at the computer and read mail, as decided to test their strength and try to suffer even for an hour (or go to the bathroom 37 hours, I'm very fond of tormenting his bladder)! Looking to chat, I met my friend, who is well aware of my own fun and is very excited by this. We began to communicate with him after the timer of my bladder passed the mark of 36 hours. My friend knew that I was trying to stand 36 hours and convinced me that I could endure even longer.
Despite the fact that I told him that my bladder is about to burst, he literally forced me to endure longer. Again and again I asked him to end the conversation and let me popisit, but he urged me to suffer more, and I agree. Now I'm constantly gripped with one hand between her legs, the other typing. I tried all ways to relieve pain in the bladder (except, of course, the simplest method - popisit), but nothing helped. It was 8 am, and I do not pisila for 37 hours, but my friend encouraged me and convinced that, if I was able to withstand 37 hours, so I have a very strong bladder, and he will suffer more 1-2 hours if I want to own this. At 8.30, when I have stood 37.5 hours, I was in a terrible state! I slept most of the night and terribly tired during this time, my sphincter, too tired, and I have been making great efforts to keep them closed, but the main thing - my bladder is literally cracking at the seams! I almost screamed in frustration and pain in the bladder, tears were in my eyes corners, and more than anything I wanted to squat and popisit in the basin, which is always next to my desk. But by now I was incredibly excited and felt the approach of orgasm.
I moved the keyboard on a chair and got her knees on the floor. Basin was literally a few inches from me, and I desperately clutching one arm between his legs. Once again, I asked my friend from the chat conversation to suspend for a few minutes so that I could popisit, but he said he wanted to talk more, and urged:
From laughter became even harder, and I had to pull over pisey much beloved to the leg. "Well, I put up, but not for long" - I thought, and even took another sip. Cell phone rang, the tube was lying there on the table, and Dennis began to talk on the phone, holding me tightly with one hand. Write like more and more, I felt like I warmly at the bottom and a little tingle starts in the bladder. It seemed to me that the telephone conversation was very long, even though it lasted no more than five minutes. I imagined going to the bathroom right now, do not go and run and shoot tight jet in white earthenware.
I will write a long time, and even after the finish, the bladder will be a little ache, trying to shrink to its original position: the thought was quite unbearable, and then I noticed that Dennis got a member. I realized that it was a factory, but I was not up to it, I struggled squeezed legs. I begged to let me pee, so that later we could have sex, I whispered as I will sit on top of him and wear out before his death, he would only let me go to the toilet. Only ten paces separated me from the goal, but Dennis was adamant. I thought it was described today, and I was not the least bit ashamed. I imagined how hot piss running down my thighs and on his feet, I even moaned at the thought. "Suffer little girl, be patient!" - Denis whispered. He transplanted me back to him and spread my legs. I must say that I was in a long T-shirt and shorts that are already wet from the fact that I could not hold all the urine in itself. I grabbed his hands in his hips and felt under a hard, tearing member to freedom.
I wanted to scream that now I have to describe exactly, but Dennis lowered his hand between my legs and strongly pressed, pressing on the perineum and the clitoris. I suffer from the mixed feelings of desire to write and anything else unusual that made me breathe harder and struggled to contain the liquid overflowing me. Second hand Dennis launched a T-shirt and felt his hand my left nipple, squeezing it strongly. Forbidden reception! Ah-ah-ah-ah! He knows what it means to me! Hot wave rolled from the chest down, becomes even hotter and a few drops between his legs pulled out of me on his arm: I strongly pressed pisey the palm: "Let me go, for Ms-luysta !! I can not!" "Be patient, baby! Do you remember how mom for a walk ask you to wait until the house?" "Release! Deniiis! Fuck, I can not anymore!" "Oh, you bitch, swear obscenities will be?" - Denis again squeezed my nipple, bringing me to the dizziness. I have nothing to think, only to feel that not only my panties, and his pants were wet beneath me: Then Dennis picked me up and carried her into the bathroom. I was ready to pee on the floor, but Denis asked not to do that, supposedly has a new floor mat. He undressed me and undressed himself (this I do not remember), then asked to put one foot on the bath edge and: No, he did not let me relieve himself, he again squeezed between my legs with one hand, and the other took out his penis and began to piss himself ! From such a spectacle, I could no longer tolerate, and began to wash his hand hot streaks. He put his hand lightly and my urine flowed between his fingers: So good I had never in my life, I was almost in heaven. Denis gently stroked my crotch, we stood together and wrote, he finished first, and when it ended, and my suffering, he turned on the shower and lathered all my tense body. Until stomach still hurt to touch, but that night we made tremendous sex in the shower, woke the neighbors. My clitoris, nipples and all other parts of the body were so excited that the slightest touch caused a storm of desires: But that's another story:
The weather was cool, -15, and even the wind. Undress her daughter outside in this weather, I did not want. I began to think, what do we do ...
- I also want to use the toilet, - said my friend who was already a little tipsy from the beer. - Send to the entrance?
I thought ... yes, in this weather and daughter could catch a cold! And in the entrance of the heat.
- Let's go! - And the three of us went to a nearby nine-storey.
The door, fortunately, was opened and we entered. My daughter begged ... "Mom, I can not!" I took her hand and dragged him up the stairs.
- Mom, to whom are we going?
- To anyone not going.
- And where am I going to write?
- Now, now, pee right here.
- But here, because there is no toilet? A-aa, I can no more! - She was barely tolerated.
- It's all to write here. And now we too ... - said a friend.
We went out on the landing between floors. I hurriedly unbuttoned coat and daughter barely had time to take off pants. She suffered a last effort, and now the baby warm stream gushed from her before she sat down. Under it on the floor began to form a puddle. My friend also decided not to waste time. She unbuttoned her coat and pants, was about to sit down, but realized that the coat will have to be removed, so as not to stain on the dirty floor.
Then we heard that the entrance door opened, and he heard voices. My friend quickly buttoned pants. People began to climb the stairs to our side! The child continued to write, she could not stop! I did not disturb her, even if it is better to be freed completely. The boy and 2 girls walked past us, glancing at her daughter, with the understanding turned away.
My daughter graduated, the last droplets poured out of her pussy on a wet floor. I put on her panties and felt that I, too, beer vengeance asks out, and if I doterplyu unlikely home.
A friend said ... "Bl @ $ s, go here all sorts, piss can not calm! Let's go better in the elevator!"
We went together, as it was necessary to hold each other's fur. And Aleesk took - do not leave it in the hallway!
The elevator was the smell of urine, we are not alone seen it used for this purpose. Girlfriend press Stop, and began to take off his coat. My daughter asked ... What will you do? - Also write, turn away, I said. - I do not want! - She replied. A friend pulled the pants and panties, not paying attention to her, sat down and relaxed completely. The first trickle flowed, watering is still dry floor.
Then it trickle increased, and urine flowed a powerful stream of hot, with a slight whistling. A puddle on the floor all increased.
The flow of it is increased, then decreased. It lasted about a minute, until all the beer drunk is not spilled on the well-worn floor of the elevator, where there were traces of urine is probably not a dozen women, and perhaps men. Girlfriend smiled contentedly, final push themselves pushed from the liquid residues podterlas napkin and threw it into a corner. Where she sat, it was a tremendous pool and I decided to sit in the other corner, at the door.
We had changed, and she held my coat. Only now I felt that I too now obossus! I have nothing to think big! She lifted her skirt, took off her tights and sat down, relax the muscles, releasing the liquid out. A liter of beer, drunk me, too, began to break out of me with a whistle, splashing on the floor. My daughter looked at it, making the surprised eyes. But I did not care - I felt a thrill of relief, a warm liquid running down my lips, I would like this to continue as long as possible. I wrote longer my girlfriend - I drank more than her. My shoes were already in the pool, and everything flowed from me. I thought - Do not stop now, I would have reached home. But the sense of relief was too nice, and I decided to release his bladder completely. The urine has flowed down somewhere in the mine. I thought that if there was one, would have made now just a few hand movements on the clitoris, and finished right here!
Finally, I felt the pristine emptiness inside. I also podterlas, dressed, and we came out of his own puddle, went for a walk on.
Now, I do not perceive a hostile reception in puddles own entrance, knowing that anything can happen, and it is better to release his bladder than to walk and suffering.
Still dose was decent.
I had not noticed behind these reflections, my little stranger came to her senses, and even tried to get up, though, she did it poorly. Oyknuv, she flopped back in a chair and drunk eyes began to fumble around until her eyes did not stop me.
- Hello - she managed to say - and where everything?
- All - that's me. At least, all who survived - we are with you.
- That attack, why I'm so drunk that? Legs something I faintly hear.
- Your name is Vic? - I asked.
- Yes. And you like Jack?
- His name until my sober essence is not passed into the gaseous state.
She smiled. She was damn beautiful. In appearance she was 18-20 years old, well built, and the face, despite the drunk, still looked quite decent.
- As you brought here?
- You're one came? - I asked, although he knew the answer.
- Like no, I'm with a friend.
- Only then it is not visible.
There's something I began to notice that somehow it was too weird sitting. Legs impacted and not sitting quietly after all, and poerzyvaet on a chair.
- Come for an acquaintance for a drink - I suggested.
- Oh, no, that's enough from me already. And so drunk as a dog.
- Come on Vikulya, now a glass more glass of less irrelevant. And tomorrow may disperse and do not see each other ever again.
- Okay, let's die, so die.
We drank two wine glasses of vodka, and Vick completely disassembled. Understand she knew, but her body is almost not heard. Yes, and on a chair to fidget she became somehow more energetic. My suspicions come true soon.
- Zhenya, forgive me, but there is such a thing ... - she hesitated for a moment and looked me in the eye.
- What Vikulya? - I asked, pretending not to notice that Vic is about to cease to control your bladder.
- Jack, I need the toilet.
- Okay, I'll wait for you here - I said, knowing full well that she will not come to the toilet.
She tried to get up, and immediately sat up, clenching his hips much. I realized that she was a little empty for themselves. She blushed. Her face expressed the burning desire to get rid of alcohol consumed.
- Genia, forgive me, but could you help me to get up and carry it to the toilet, I think I will not reach itself.
I walked up behind her, took her elbow and tried to rouse.
- Oh, Jack, wait, I can not get up. It seems to me that I just described. I feel so ashamed.
She covered her face with her hands.
- Vikulya, baby, do not be shy, please me. I understand your situation and try to help you. Do you believe me?
She looked at me. Her eyes were full of tears.
- Thank you. Let's try again, but very slowly.
- Come on, just you that's what. You Clamp hand between her legs and slowly try to get up. I will support you.
She blushed even more, but still did as I said. We slowly got up and straightened.
- All Jack, I can not take it anymore, pour out of me now.
- Vic, do you believe me?
- Yes I believe you.
- Then do as I say and do not resist. You're a strong girl and we are with you we come, okay?
I started on the left, ducked and swung her left hand across his head. Right-handed, I took her by the waist and we stumbled to the bathroom. Right hand she pinched between her legs and seeds in small steps. When we passed the halfway she suddenly stopped and said:
- I do not have strength to keep myself, I'm starting to write.
- Take my hand, I'll help you.
With these words, I removed her hand from his crotch and pressed. Vick has not protested, but greedily gasping for air. Yeah, it was very wet between the legs. Apparently she has taken a couple of streams, as we walked.
- That's better? - I asked.
- Yes, let's go faster.
Some how we got to the toilet, went into it together and I locked the door. Vic rested his free hand on the shelf, still there is a force to compress between your legs. Shelf was her sole support.
- Vic, we have already in place. I'll let go of the hand, you Clamp her, and I undo your belt and jeans.
Vick did not resist. I took his hand and saw that through her fingers oozing urine.
- Quickly, I can no more! - Almost she cried.
I undid the belt, unbuttoned her jeans and pants, but after they interfered with her hand.
- Vikulya, you have to let go of his hand. I'll take you with jeans, but they are so narrow that you most do not handle.
She did not think, but only doing what she is told. She let go of his hand, I quickly pulled the jeans down. That has seemed little white panties with a dark spot at the bottom. I pulled the jeans almost to his knees and was about to take up the panties, as here Vick burst. From it flowed right through the panties urine. First, dripped, then it turned into a thin trickle of golden. Urine fell right on my hands and on her drooping jeans.
- Sit down! - I shouted, but only Vic leaned sideways against the wall and closed her eyes.
Her panties completely soaked and it was dark on the toilet broke sickly sweet smell of urine Vika. She no longer control himself.
but I did not find the strength to use plastic likeness village toilet at a construction site. Although mineral water, and countless coffee drunk in the past two hours has persistently asked out, I relied get to the office for half an hour, and remaining time to spend in the final preparation of the report, which was to be held in the presence of important customers and my director.
After an hour in the unthinkable and, as always, the unexpected traffic jam, I was only half way to the office. Endlessly ringing cell was turned off and was lying on the seat - oh, how I was not up to it! Continuous pressing the pedal back and forth, the intermittent rhythm of movement given to the pulsating pressure surges in my bladder. Herself, but aloud, in a loud voice, I cursed the manual gearbox, motorists, traffic jams and disgust for myself. From some masochistic malice, I imagined, as he wrote in the pants, right on the seat of the car, or in despair, do it in front of everyone, right in the street. I can not say that this would have been easier, but through the nagging pain in the abdomen, I felt a strange excitement and stormy night on the familiar dampness between her legs.
After another twenty minutes I podezzhala to the building where our office is located. After parking the car, I found the strength to go in building a fast pace (I was late), but with dignity. Walking after immobility, brought light relief ...
Inside, I was waiting for a huge surprise - on the door of the ladies' room of the first floor was a notice, that till evening closed all three ladies toilet on this riser. For women's needs was allotted one of the men. It was on my floor, but at the other end of the corridor. Coming out of the elevator, I realized that a large group of intense chattering women at the door of the lavatory killed my last hope of salvation. From today's meeting depended on the fate of my career, and with a desperate idea
Well, again, the weekend passed. Although the first time in a long time I was not upset by this, but on the contrary, very much want to see again the guys breathe the heady scent of the male member, feel on the lips bitter taste of semen ... stirred up by these thoughts, I decided to fool around a little bit, and dressing for study , wearing women's panties. And that - discreetly under clothes, but when my boys as usual zataschat me to the toilet, to give to her mouth, I could make a small pleasant surprise. I am sure they will like.

Therefore, the College entered into a good mood, which lasted exactly until I saw a bulletin board. A huge banner read: "We wish our champions of luck in the competition! We cheer for you guys! You - the best "and the photo - Ruslan, Gregory and Simon pose in front of the main building, in top form, festooned with ribbons and medals. Small text below all finally made it clear: the guys at the loss of competition and will stay there until the end of the week, the support group at the college site, "we are all as one support our champions" and so on. Good mood mockingly waved handle and disappeared into the morning air. For the whole week I was alone.

Time dragged on endlessly. During the break could not resist and looked into the toilet, "our place." There was nobody there. Trampled a couple of minutes, even more limp trudged on to gnaw granite of science, wondering myself what I did to Popper. Whispering and scornful glances classmates ignored - in recent years managed to get used to, and not touched me for some reason of their attitude. Let them think what they want. Jerked out of the classroom after school was immediately stopped by the teacher: ill technicals and some of the teachers struck that students - is not only a "valuable fur", but also free, trouble-free labor. So I and another classmate, Dmitry, it turns out, have volunteered to participate in cleaning the room. Tools of the Trade - obtained from the Commandant, he was to hand over the keys at the end of the process. Zashibis pancake.

"And it started so well the day" - a kind of frowning look around the empty room, but then literally skin feel someone's greedy eyes. I surprised and turn around time to notice how my partner, Dima, quickly turns to the window.

"Is he staring at my ass?" Oh, that is, because usually looks at me like I was an empty space, and if you still have to observe - as befits the "normal kid" - with contempt and mild disgust. And it is worth to stay together ...

"How interesting. And if you like this? "- I bend over to pick up dropped by someone leaflets, supposedly by accident trying to get my ass was in the most favorable angle for observation. There's someone kept a sigh, or a thought? Slowly I pick up the paper, and turn around.

- Alexander? - It turns out, while I "entertained", he not only stared, but managed to come closer, and now almost pulls me to the desk.

- Sasha is better - try to get around it, but it was not there. It is, of course, is not as healthy as children, but quite sturdy, and ... uh, very nice. This communication with Lena something to me so affected, but could not help draw attention to shiny black hair, a pretty face and slim, flexible body.

- Sasha - easily agree to it - I, Dima.

- I know - could not help adding acidly, - We, like, have been together for more than a month learning.

- Well ... Well, yes - in a strange way he behaves - Exactly learn. Sash, tell me you're ...

He pauses for a few seconds in indecision, but then continues:

-... You're the guys with the toilet suck? Well, those of our sports team?

- What?! None of your business, moron! - I try to get my angry cries sounded more natural as possible and try to push him away. He catches my hand and pritiskivaet to the desk. Hand twisted quite painful and I can not pull away, forced to cling to it even stronger. Even through his clothes abutting feel my stomach Dima member.

- Let go, - is not trying to escape, and add to the plaintive notes of the voice, - What do you want, eh?

- Look, suck me - Pasha to retreat does not intend to, - Come on, what you should. The whole college knows that you suck ...

It starts gently rubbing against me with his erection.

- Come on, huh? Quick.

I look in his eyes is absolutely crazy and unexpectedly even for myself agree:

- Okay, come on. Just let go, it hurts, you know.

As if waking up, Dima releases my hand and takes a step back. He was breathing hard with excitement, and a member of the risen, seems about to burst pants. I, too, begins in earnest start happening. If at first I just wanted to tease him (a little revenge for such universal contempt), now in my mind are the words of Lena - "... you also can not hurt to gain experience and confidence, to be liberated." Once again, appraising eyes look around the sports figure and broad shoulders. Why not?

I smile and slowly pull together yourself with a sweater and T-shirt, showing the excited eyes of Dima their breasts:

- It is that you are not soiled my clothes - a little wiggling her ass, I come close. His hands immediately lay down on my sisechki and begin to knead them. Indignant shrieks playfully slap his hand and gently lowered to his knees. Pants in the groin just vzdybleny, he probably already hurt from the strain. Tongue lick lips, then spend them directly on the fly, leaving little damp cloth saliva track. Top hear a groan. I get down with Dima pants with shorts, and hardened to stone readiness member immediately begins to poke me in the face.

- Wait, do not hurry up - bowing palm trunk and begin gently podrachivat second hand stroking his testicles - Not so fast ...

Slowly I reach for the tongue to the head and lick a drop of grease projections. Lightly smacked his lips, tasting. Not bad ... I spend tongue on the testicles, and then leans back and look in the face of Dime.

- Like?

- Yes! - It seems to be a little more, and it just will throw at me, - Come on!

Pretty smile dip his dick in your mouth and start sucking enthusiastically, with smacking, tongue caressing the barrel and stroking wet from my saliva scrotum. Dick Dima less than that of boys, so easy to swallow it to its very foundations, sinking nose in thick spiky hair. Sometimes look up - guys always liked to see my face in such moments, but Dima is now hardly ever understand anything, his eyes half-closed, and blissful moans could be heard in the hallway. Well, what lessons were over, and the kind ...

The guy grabs my head and no longer able to hold back begins to literally stick to the dick. I do not resist, only slightly accelerating pace. A couple of movements - and my mouth strikes the first jet of sperm. With a look of sheer delight on his face Dima just pumps me his seed. Apparently, the boy is not often possible to blow in someone's mouth. Finally, his hands unclenched. I take out a member of his mouth, and looking from the bottom to the top into his eyes defiantly lick.

Dima breathing heavily, still recovering. His shiny dick with saliva, and do not think to fall. But the incident has excited me very much stronger than it seemed at first. And suck new, unfamiliar yet a member - it's so exciting. I decide on another folly.

- Dima, you've got such a great dick ... and you want to fuck me in the ass? - I'm still standing on my knees almost touching his little face in the groin and timidly raising his eyes, like a cat cartoon - Well, shake-a-aluysta.

Saying he still can not clearly, only nods vigorously. Pretty smiling, I stand up, and slowly pull off his trousers. Kid's eyes widen at the sight of women's pants, tight-fitting my ass. Gently spend his palm on the back ready to fight dick Dima, and gently swinging her hips, walk over to the nearest desk. He catches me instantly and quickly, as if afraid that I change my mind, begins to paw. Giggling, slugger.

- Dima, do not rush, to asses the boys should be more tender, - leaning on the desk and puts feet. Dima, immediately greedily grabs my hips, squeezing them like a vice. Rip Off panties. Once again, I ask him to be careful just do not have time - rock hard cock invades me without any preparation, abruptly coming to its full length. Recently, I had a little bit to get used to huyam in his ass, but so sudden invasion - it is still too much. How painful!

- Ahhh! Dima! Wait a minute! Not... ! - I am trying to free herself, but it was not there. I strung the barrel Dima (rear) and firmly pressed to the desk (in front). The guy is not paying me any attention to the desperate cry, and immediately begins to fuck me with the speed of a jackhammer. Cabinet is filled with loud slaps, heavy breathing Dima and my yelps. I do not try to resist any longer and just waiting for it all to end. "Here you have to be liberated. It was a bad idea ... ".

The guy in the meantime changing tactics - now he completely pulls his dick out of my ass and thrusts back again, making it something as quickly as the first time, gently, as if wondering whether ... It is no longer so painful, on the contrary, begin appear interesting sensations. And when Dima's dick again begins to batter me with great speed, in my moans a lot more pleasure than pain. Man, too, is no longer sniffs and literally screams, another second - and dies from exhaustion. I feel like pulsing of his cock, throwing my ass sperm flows. I lick his lips:

- Dima, you liked it?

- Yes, - voice dazed, as if on drugs, - It was great. Sasha, your ass - super.

- Huyase you there entertainment. Tochnyak, super! - Heard an unfamiliar voice from the side. We simultaneously shudder and Dima - literally jumps from me. Belatedly I understand that lock the door to the office no one bothered.

- Serge ?! - Dmitry frantically pulls pants - You fucking from here?

Now I find an unexpected guest. The boy from a parallel class, whether a neighbor Dima, or just a good friend. A short, stout, with a round face like the moon and eternal vulgar jokes. An unpleasant type. stories about sex Slowly get up from his desk. I sense there is no hurry with the vestments, and will not work: all the clothes are scattered around the room. I lift the torn panties and begin to gently wipe the trickling of ass sperm. Sergei looks at me with such sheer lust that and look to let saliva.

- Like where? Agreed well together mislaid library ... that I love you and I am waiting, waiting, and you then it turns out the boys in the ass fuck until one misses. So who are you then?

- That's ... Actually, it happened by chance. You mean it's not idle talk, eh? - Dmitry, it seems, seriously scared. Sympathetic smile: yes, the rumors can go bad. Whether he sucked, whether he sucked - osadochek something will remain.

- Yes, easily, consider that I - the grave, - Sergey turns and carefully locks the door of the castle. I think I relaxed too early.

- But I think it will be right if I, too, will fall to fuck, huh? Then certainly not a word that I am my own enemy or what?

Dima looks at me pleadingly. I sigh heavily and watched the multitudinous approaching Sergei skeptical look. Damn, I never. I never liked fat people! But we must be prudent boy: we're all three together on the floor, and one is excited, and the second - scared, so that both brains work on the floor strength. I refuse - and still all happened, only this time without my consent and control. Sergey already there, and taking advantage of my nudity, loud slaps me on the ass.

- Well, Sasha, in zhopku give?

- Of course - to dodge another slap - Just do not do that anymore. Bruises will remain.

Sergei grinned and turned away, quickly takes off clothes. Unfolds ... Oh!

His penis is not just great: thick, sassivny, with swollen veins, he just frighteningly huge. Even unit Grisha, probably concede in size this monster. "How am I going with him ... I just burst!"

- What navitsya? - Sergei laughs, and I understand that from the moment fascinated staring at his "farm", as if for the first time saw live dick. Red with embarrassment. Wow, I stand naked in front of two guys in the college's office of ass sperm follows, and I was still possible to drive into the paint.

- Sergei, - raise excitement, a startled look on his happy face - Maybe ... I do not want? You razorvesh me.

- Do not worry - the guy comes closer and presses on my shoulders, forcing drops to his knees. He stroked my hair, as if to calm naughty child.

- We pomalenechku, polegonechku ass ... will not hurt ... ass by a dick like familiarity with the uncle. Come on, kiss my pisyun bitch ...

Lick lips and begin to cover the already fully combat-ready member of the light, playful kisses, starting from the scrotum and gradually rising higher. I lick the head, still not daring to let this monster in his mouth. SHOULDER feel excited, literally burning eyes Dima. "And so what stares - it has twice finished. What a hot boy ... ". I begin to slowly suck, while gently caressing the testicles Sergei's already accustomed to such work and fingers podrachivaya him.

- Yes, that, bitch, whiz ... - blissfully guy blinks - Now lick it properly. No, not saliva to moisten better, I will insert in the ass - herself say thank you ... That's it. And now - here lie here.

I do not know how to give back to the purified from junk teaching table. His head hangs from the opposite edge, and you have to strain your neck to see how Sergei hands holds my legs wide apart and his mighty dick while gently almost playfully rests on my ass, still oozing with sperm after fucking last.

- Dimon, are you done that a hole has developed - Seryozhin head of the penis is slightly pressed into my anus, but then retreats - It is easier to go. And girls always yelling as shredded.

I turn around, searching gaze Dima. He has once again threw the pants and is now happening literally devouring gaze nadrachivaya nov risen dick.

In my ass starts to invade something huge. I clamped his hands over his mouth to keep from crying out in a loud voice, but because in the office heard only muffled bellowing. Sergei really works carefully, the intensifying, the pressure easing, stretching literally prodavlivaya her by a dick my ass. But still, it hurts! Probably so they felt themselves condemned to land on a stake.

- Well, a little more patience ... ... Whew! - Sergei's voice almost affectionate. I feel like the head, breaking the resistance is part of me, like a battering ram, and for a moment transfixed, begins to sink further. In fact, do not be my priest "prepared" Dima and liberally lubricated his sperm - would be even more painful. Dick continues to smoothly enter into me, and it seems this unhurried conquest will not be the end, but I feel the delicate skin of the buttocks touch Seryozha thighs. It is fully in me.

I was literally flooded incredible feeling of fullness, buttocks, tense to the limit, it fits conquered cock like a tight glove. I want to scream, but no longer in pain and pleasure. It seems a little more - and generally forget about everything ...

- Taschishsya, bitch? - Sergey grinning examines my face, - Told you like my uncle's dick. You want me to you otebal them?

- Yes ... Yes, please - no air, and in this I almost whisper, - I very much want ... very ...

The guy starts to move. A little bit ago ... a little forward, and back again - is further and a little faster. And a bit more. Yet...

His powerful member walks in me slowly, but inexorably, like a piston THE HEATING car, each time increasing the speed until it comes to a distinctive, relentless rhythm. Our bodies are facing dimensional spanking, huge head, literally turns my poor ass inside out, giving a painful, painful, almost unbearable pleasure. Already I can not hold back: my head is hanging off the edge of the table, limp swaying to the beat of shock, her lips frustrated muffled moans, seems even more spurs tearing ass monster.

Suddenly, my head bows sweaty palms: meet eyes had come up to me Dima. His face - guilty, but at the same time determined expression.

- I'm sorry - it makes me tilt my head even more and literally thrusts his rampant dick between my wide-open jaws. Now I can not even moan - it turns out that something like a helpless bellowing. Right before my eyes go, gliding over the face and pushing his nose at eggs Dima, enthusiastically fucking my mouth, like a spineless toy.

First, it is very unpleasant: nausea rolls, but from a lack of oxygen to the eyes appear colored circles, but gradually Sergei Dima, adjusted to each other, are included in a single rhythm, and all unpleasant sensations disappear, awash with pleasure. I feel like I'm floating on an infinite sea, covered uniformly charged by waves, it lifts me up to the ridge, then gently lowered into the bottomless pit.

"I now fuck" two bow, "my classmates ... I was not even a couple of weeks ago to think this even about kissing ... But, look, here I am, all sticky with sweat, and someone else's semen, taking dicks in the mouth and ass right in the college office, like the heroine of a porn movie ... and I like it! "- thought, piercing my mind, so vivid, so" dirty ", I literally start to beat in ecstasy by firing from his segment streams sperm. And it serves as a trigger for others: a hoarse growl and drove its giant seems to be to the stomach, Sergei starts to lower my long-suffering ass and mouth the second time that day fills sperm Dima ...

Almost a minute I lay motionless, hardly leaving orgasm, scared away all washed and will disable. I hear the boys go to the office, picking up discarded clothing before. When finally start to move, they are side by side and gently, almost tenderly helped to get off the table. While I was trying to put himself in order, Sergei Dima quickly finish the cleaning. All are silent.

On Dima face was an expression of guilt. Surprised I glance at him - "What is it?", But gradually comes to me: for I am a boy allegedly "sacrificed himself", has agreed to give Sergei the sake of secrecy, and he instead of gratitude - joined the process. Sergei, on the contrary, looks like arrogant fat cat, Dorval to sour cream. On the face again grin. What is all the same type of bad ...

- It is necessary ... it is necessary to carry keys commandant - Dima finally decided to break the silence.

- Yeah, - Sergey office locks, and throws another key - you and take it. And we'll move slowly Sasha, then all something to drag.

Dima clearly wants to protest, but not solved, and soon his footsteps in the corridor depth subside.

- Hey, Sasha, - Sergey overtakes me and added a near - you also had kayfovo? Moaned as of porn slut ..

A smirk on her lips again. Here are a freak! I opened my mouth to send him away, but instead suddenly say:

- Yes, it was ... nice. Highly.

He nods, as if he did not expect any other answer.

- Bo, I did understand ... Hey, and let's meet one more time? Somewhere in the place quieter. I jump on my huytse relish.

This ... this kid that he is seriously thinking that I would agree to fuck with him ?! But even here, in response to such a proposal ?! Fuck it! But my tongue continues to live its own life.

- I ... I do not know. Soon Ruslan teammates back from the competition. They must be opposed.

- Garbage as something razrulit, - Sergey is full of optimism - Return - grind. So, how to negotiate with your traharyami, catch you up on that!

He slaps me on the ass and surprisingly graceful for such a massive body, runs down the stairs. "I gave no words! Oh ... "- choking with anger and heartily kicking the wall. Wall do not care, foot - no. Minutes to sit on the steps, hissing in pain.

"And it started so well the day ... Although ... is over, basically, too bad."

Now - time to go home, in the shower, and bainki, gain strength. After all, tomorrow is another day.
Presented? So all this nonsense! Our office is located in a neat two-story house, porches overlook the paved path tiles, a shorn lawn separates the office window from the car park. Precinct forged lattice fence, gates and perimeter under the clock video surveillance. All this beauty is designed and built one Building and installation management.
Largest City Bank ordered to build a office, paid the money and, without waiting for the end of construction, he went bankrupt. In that terrible year, many firms went bankrupt. The former head of SMU, even before former colonel and now a CEO, one his slave routes sued by angry creditors half of the Bank's building and took him under his construction company. In the second half of the house is located is the same bank, just change the name and greatly reduced in size.

The office of director general of a young secretary watered flowers on the windowsill. Her slender, girlish silhouette looked great on the background of orange, sunlit curtains.
-Good morning - I said hello - Artem Fedorovich at?
-Welcome - turned to me girl.
I was just struck by her youth. Not only that, it was two heads shorter than me, and her face looked somehow childlike fluffy. Full association with the small, two-month kitten, who is not that raise your hand, raise his voice - a sin.
-You are our new network administrator?
-Hopefully. And what happened to the old one?
-And no where. Since the beginning was Kohl - telephonist, and then he left, as soon as they bought the computers.
Good economy, I got, I thought, going to the office of the Director General.
-Let, Artem Fedorovich?
-Come, come. Where served? -
And then, at length, eventually became fatal in about Strogino, motion practically ceased, that is, if up to this point we have at least as it moved, well, 20-30 km / h, it is now all the ghoul. It took twenty minutes, during which time I traveled about 200 meters, a pancake. The toilet and MON Pts like a bubble, too, Pts ill. After 10 minutes I undid the belt on his jeans. Even after some time I realized that I have all the edge. The head has swept a bunch of crazy ideas, tapa quietly go out and sit down between the cars, or car and toss lomanut large steps to the edge of the road, but there is - broken, och deep, and not a single bush, damn it. In short even after 20-30 minutes, I was covered in a cold sweat began to trickle start, short. Frankly it happened to me this before, but in contrast to this accident, I knew that in a minute or two will be somewhere comfortable to pee, but here: Some two monster from the next ghazal became honk and wave hands, freaks , pancake. After a while I once again climbed to hand to check how I have it bad, the bottom already unbuttoned his fly half was not just wet and wet. Finger, I crawled under jeans, with shorts were all the trouble .. And then, I felt at first hand, and then his head, a large enough portion of urine. While I was able to stop her, an eternity, perhaps. In the eyes themselves tears. In a fit of rage, I cut down the radio. She looked down, -there trouble - feet on the inside were wet almost to the knee, but the pain has receded, though it was clear that this is not all.
Cork over a few kilometers after Leningradka. There's wagon drove into the Oka River and blocked immediately strip 2.5, plus our motorists, which is necessary for all to see. I rushed to freedom, Moscow is almost empty, quickly accelerated to 120 and instinctively put his hand between her legs. It was disgusting and cold. The machine flew after polutorochasovoy plugs it was a real thrill. Here I felt that I still Pts Hoca write. At this moment in my head something clicked, I felt that this kind of border that was-would be interesting to go, well, the first experience of masturbation or spying for the boys in the locker room, that is, something exciting and dirty, that is. In general, the hand itself Saboya appeared in shorts, his head swam, the wind out of the window and I completely relaxed. When your fingers hit the hot jet, it remains only to press harder: and: it was very cool, and then I took hold of the steering wheel with both hands, his eyes swam, I gradually slowed, and everything flowed and flowed, burning ass and legs. If someone would have seen me at that moment.
At the end I want to say that the most difficult thing was to leave the car and go into the entrance. To do this, we had to sit in a parked car about half an hour. Then he waited until no one except the local drunkards will not be around, jumping to cross the entrance. Lift did not wait, and in a step raced to his sixth. Feeling, I must say were mixed. The mixture was some filth and extreme. Houses - quickly in the shower, clothes to the laundry. Impressed, I was still a few days, but I want to say that not proshlol and weeks, as I have repeated the feat, although several other decorations.

It would be interesting to talk with interested, please saliva in my mailbox are not allowed.

Anya anna_lukianova@rambler.ru


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Is that not stsal boiling water and did the client harakiri. But no attempt harakiri was obvious that he was able to rouse anyone in any state except, perhaps, one exception - if he was a corpse. Alarm worth some rabid attendants, and the main sponsor is hinted Sawa was his boss Claudia Stolz.

The gift was with meaning. Sawa caught after a provincial university in Russia outback in the Moscow branch of the well-known German company after a furious selection, able to withstand the competition and, moreover, hold a job only because of its uncommon technical talent and a decent German. His late morning were a byword and an object of constant fights with the head of department of experimental technologies Frau Stolz. All typical for Germans has been erected in a young and pretty, in general, Frau Stolz per square degree - she was sverhbelobrysaya, sverhtseleustremlennaya, and, of course, sverhpedantichnaya. It just raged, though, and tried not to show, when on Monday morning for a meeting, which began at nine and not a minute later, crawled somewhere half-past nine, and even closer to ten, with bowed apologetically Sawa.

- Bitte, - dry Frau nodded to the only empty chair in the office. - Wee honey agaric late, Sava, - she said with her sverhnemetskim accent. - I Delight your last warning. I raised the question of snimatsya you a bonus for the quarter. And vie honey agaric without a tie. - Dressed in a perfectly ironed pants couple Frau Stolz frowned as a dried lemon and Sawa is guilty fumbling hand on his shirt, he fished from his jacket pocket a crumpled tie and quickly pulled it around his neck. The ritual was completed. Just after he reported to boss their findings over the past week, the Germans eyes slightly smoothed, and the focus became not so monstrous.

Four young colleagues at the Department of Sava - Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov and Koshkind - smoke coming out after the meeting and argued fiercely when blond beast finally will give Sawa wolf ticket.

- Just a couple of weeks and tolerate vypret fuck - confidently predicted intelligent bespectacled Ivanov.
- I do not - reasoned polished Petrov, - wait for the end of the quarter, when the bonus will be divided. She also will get its share.

- Figley her that portion, she in a share - confident all meddle always knows Shorty Sidorov. - Well it's niece Lemke, Vice-President of the company. I bet she has a stake not sickly at this horseradish goat accordion Sawin. Moreover, according to him there is no work predyav.

- Taki and have no predyav - jealously Koshkind intervened. He was the tadpole and the oldest of all five members of the Department, had to emigrate after the MSU to their historical homeland, but soon somehow went back to their homeland geographical, for which he received the nickname of "returnee". - And who superconductivity materials Pozega, and who brought Koshak work, and who, after all, constantly ignores elementary requirement of the job description of the daily routine?

- And I'm still happy to be planted Klavka for most tomatoes, - put an end to the dispute bespectacled Ivanov and everyone hurried to jobs, making it hard to concerned persons.

So, a new day, following the hepib¸zdovskoy party, it is not specified in the morning. Removable Savvina apartment was in a peaceful hibernation, when the Japanese miracle of technology issued pop Fugue in C Minor by Bach with a deafening polyphonic power that with a cat Fritz, named so in protest, and sleep is usually on a pillow next to his head Sava, fright befall diarrhea. Stinking manure generously sprayed on the hair of the poor pet lovers, just a second slower to react to cat samurai podlyanku. Undermine the pillow Sawa saw only the tip of the tail fritsevskogo, glimpsed and who escaped the corner into the kitchen.

With the same swiftness Sawa animal darted into the bathroom and, without even having to say the end of the three treasured words, already framed his victim into the shower head. After spending half an hour, a whole bottle of shampoo and a half-bottle accidentally discovered in the locker master's cologne "chypre", angry and hungry Sawa already ran out of the elevator, almost knocking some pensioner.

- Lord - came behind him raspy voice old lady, dispel all illusions - cats shit in the elevator, the men in the morning some nasty drink, when there will be order in the country ...

Tore the sleeve of his jacket only on some piece of iron sticking out of the front door jamb, Sawa jumped to his outside and caught the car ten minutes. Two stopped, but immediately dashed away instantly as soon as he stuck his head to call destination. Finally he picked up five hundred rubles for a mug to gouging "Moskvich" dyhnuvshee on Sawa so stale that it felt better in my soul, and it seemed that life is getting better. This impression could not spoil the fact that the back seat turned out to be some kind of unnoticed in the heat of the horizontal body, peacefully snoring and deafening producing gases at the most podlyanistyh potholes, neglected murlastym scorcher.

However, the nearer he drew Savva to his office, located in a cozy house on the Boulevard Ring, the longer they tyrkat in traffic jams, made louder than your mug chanson, the mood became dirty again Sava. He once again looked at his watch and was convinced that instead of the nine hours will be no earlier than ten office. When two blocks from their office razdolbayka, almost braked, drove in the ass jumped out of the gate with the military UAZ numbers, and Sawa tyuknulsya head into the windshield, he finally, fully convinced that it was not his day.

When the mug Me under the seat mount, shook the body in the back seat and both with militarist slogan "kill the scumbag!" Jumped on disassembly, Sawa carefully felt his victim for the second time that morning my head and saw that there is no blood, but his forehead was the double thicker and even somehow hangs above the eyebrows. Lack of movement Sava managed to extract the body of the car and staggered, walked to the post, not even vglyanuv in the direction where heard excited shouts, and began flickering hands and feet.

Familiar guard at the entrance looked with suspicion on the Sava and somehow asked to present official identification. The department, which has crept sadly Sawa and colleagues stared at him with various expressions on their faces. Expression bespectacled face Ivanova meant - "no shit myself I said to myself." Glazed ryaha Petrova with ill-disguised glee informs - "bonus now just get the hell!" Sidorov made a turnip, which can be read - "... because of the evening was a languid ... live not sweet, but not sweet drink ... "vozvraschenets Koshkind with a wise sadness swept Sawa look that fancied something of the Old Testament, such as -" and it all goes. "

Sawa almost dragged himself to his workplace when the door of Frau Stolz's office swung open and she leapt to the department, the German team a voice that boded no good, rapped in his direction: - Sava, to me! - And he disappeared behind the door.

"Bitch, - grimly thought Sawa, barely her feet towards the cabinet, - the protection already snitched, scum." Why remember something comes to him rumors that Stolz uses its development and issues of their own, again flashed in his head the events of the morning, strong headache, and suddenly Sawa covered some desperate rage and his colleagues, with frank curiosity watching the outcome, and perfectly trimmed with the office, and this fucking nemchura that kommunizdit his work and, for sure, receives a good grandmother, and he sits on a miserable salary of a thousand euros, half of which pays for the house. The tail head flashed a piece of a song - "this is our last and decisive battle!", And he went to Frau Stolz, slammed loudly behind an impressive door made of wood.

Stolz has risen from a huge black leather chair and beating his vipovsky desk, poluprisela on its edge. A short black skirt from her this was covered up and could be seen the edge of the stocking, followed by a thin white line of the right leg. Her nostrils flaring not from anger, not from anything else, it seemed that it smells like a bloodhound on the trail.

- Warum pahneyt shit? - She asked suspiciously Sawa. He stood silently by the door and stared at the German slender legs. "Paskuda, yet she will explain that his fucking present my cat mentally traumatized." The class-ecological hatred boss began to bubble in his chest.

- Sava I ist fery nedovolna your behavior - continued Stolz, slightly shaking his right leg, from which skirt rose higher, exposing the already decent piece of white quality evromyasa. - I will dumayt serious about your career ...

She continued to broadcast something in a threatening tone, a glowing hatred Sava soul. "What the hell, he thought, this cute blyadyuga makes me a reprimand? Nothing in the department itself is not involved, except that beautiful reports writes to me coming down fifty percent of the work, so that it still listen burial, she pushes me here! "His anger grew, and at some point became uncontrollable. Unexpectedly, he quickly came to Frau Stolz and looked in her widened eyes fright, sharply bent and grasping the German neat ankle, yanked them to the top and to the sides. Stolz was instantly back on the table between her thighs wide apart Sawa saw a thin strip of light pants, he pulled one movement, ruthlessly breaking with stunned Germans.

A member of his instantly stiffened and took a fighting stance. Before him tremble Hairy Pussy, only slightly shaved at the edges, in a black mass of hair which is gentle-pink lips trembled tender love. Without hesitation, Sawa snatched his camera and tucking it into a juicy, soft flesh, Frau, friction began to work with such energy and speed, as if afraid to miss the last train to Domodedovo.

After recovering from the initial shock of Frau Stolz exclaimed below:

- Sava that vie Delight? Warum so Bistro? Tolkien vitte not konchayt now ... - Her loud moans gradually moved into some wild cries in an unknown Sawa German dialect, the only thing he knew was - ja-ja !, and then, closer to the impending denouement - " Schnelle! Schnelle! »Sawa himself, too, from time to time shouting something unintelligible, long legs Claudia has long been curled over his shoulders, and he gripped, bent forward, her shoulders. Taz he worked as elektroporshen. According to inflame the passions of the final scene was worthy of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford. The cries and moans merged into a symphony of ecstasy.

Half an hour later, after Frau Stolz took on debriefing Sawa, after giving away due to the large doors of her wild cries and sluggish ogryzany young employee, both came to the department with red faces. All gloomily watched Stoltz, waiting predictable Savvinov retribution for their sins.

- I want sdelayt organizational ads - with some grim solemnity she announced to employees. "Scribe Savka," - growled softly Ivanov. Petrov something quickly counting on a calculator. Sidorov anxiously sniffing the air, catching some changes in the atmosphere. He koshkind philosophically shaking his head.

- With today ... - Frau Stolz looked at those present - Sava not ostavaytsya to your posts. - All of her head bent, as if in sorrowful silence. - With today Sava naznachaytsya to position my deputy.

Deathly silence was broken by the fact that not Ivanov, not Koshkind, not both at once, so loud released gases surprise that vibrated in the windows of thick windows.

(Igor Veetssom)