Sasha and Olga - a young married couple arrived after graduation in a small town. They have allocated an apartment, and it would have been nice if one of the summer days they did not go to the lake to bathe. Choosing a quiet secluded place, they alone were sunbathing and swimming. Then there was a company out of seven boys, they camped near. Soon Sasha watched as they began to drink and louder and more free and easy laugh. An hour later, when his wife walked past them, one of the guys grabbed her arm. And he does not want Chick join us? With an impudent smile he asked. Minetik to please us? Olga began to break out, but he held. Sasha, seeing, ran up to him. Come on, release my wife! He said. What do you need? Cock! Sasha jumped on him, but also his tut- overwhelmed and tied my hands and foot straps.
Olga knocked on the sand and tore her panties with a bra. She screamed and resisted. You do not want for good? He said the eldest, then look! He picked up her panties, put them in the mouth Sasha and began to beat his feet on his stomach and balls. Do not! Cried Olga, I agree. And then in her mouth stuck member. Sasha watched as his wife sucks dick. He saw that this term is much larger than it. Olga put cancer and she sucked dick shoved into her pussy. In the mouth it is immediately put in another. Soon after the first had finished, straight into her pussy. And repeated carousel. Sasha has always been a petty thought to look at the betrayal of his wife. He quietly climbed on sex files on this topic and masturbate while reading the stories. His small penis stood up and bristled through smelting. Someone took my camera and started to take pictures. Olya excited and began to moan. Her pussy squelched, and the flow of sperm joined by her juices. On the third she had finished. That bitch! She likes when her fuck two bow! I noticed someone. Everything I did not feel anything!
He said fourth inserting member of her pussy. It has a pan! And he picked up a member of the sperm, put it to the pope. Olga seemed torn in two. If no member of the mouth, she would have screamed. Sasha persuaded her long, to anal sex and when she agreed, she did not like it terribly. Yes, and his term was half that. Soon the fourth poured out her ass, and when the fifth began to fuck her in the ass was not so painful. In sixth she experienced the first in the life of anal orgasm. When all fucked her, we took a break. Sasha saw Olya how even glow with joy. He realized that she liked it. I'm going, and wash? Stay here! Someone brought their clothes and gave her husband a shirt. On wipe! But she wiped her feet, as someone suggested, let her husband to wipe! The language! Let our sperm try! Pidarok! Olya nevozvrazhaya crouched over his face, pulled her panties out of his mouth.
In Sasha's face dripped a drop of sperm, and realizing that nowhere to go, he began to lick her swollen hole. He caught himself thinking that fulfilled another of his dream. Look at that! He said the photographer, taking his Cooney, it's worth it! He likes obtrahannaya slut wife. And he pulled off his swimming trunks. His language is easily penetrated the fuck hole and he carefully licked them from the inside. Olya even finished by this. Guys drinking and eating a little rest, and taking the hair pulled from Sasha. Putting on her knees again gave into his mouth. Raising its members have begun to fuck already three. The others watched. And we have one more mouth to eat! I remembered someone and going to Sasha said. Well, girl! That's your turn! You'll be kicking, do so! And I squeezed his balls. Sasha even dark eyes. And he opened his mouth obediently, which immediately inserted member.
Sasha sucking a long and clumsily, but, as a member of the rose and filled his mouth. He was picked up on my knees and just fucked, holding the hair. Now he knew what, when lowered into the mouth. Somewhere we got baby cream and smeared his ass. Cancer Arise! They ordered him. And Overshot in the ass, hit the egg. Sasha screamed and quickly carried out the order. At this time, Ole guys already finished. But they finished on her face and chest. Go comfort such a husband! Ordered her and she stood up to her knees, stroked his head, clutching obspuskannoy chest.
Continued: Bunch. Part 2