- Great - I said - I hope you boys did not disappoint me, because I really insatiable girl, and to quench my thirst I need a lot more of your sperm, which I had just - smiling and I went to the couch.
- Anya, sun, here we have nothing more to do. The sofa will be four of us closely. - Olezhka said.
- The bedroom at my parents' big bed, there we will be where to turn.
- Great - I said - I like to play.
Oleg went first, showing us exactly where to go. Igoryok picked me up, I hugged him and all the time while he was carrying me, I kissed his ear and neck. "For such gallantry need to thank him in a special way" - I thought, but still not really thought of as. Anton walked behind eating me with his eyes.
How did it perfectly - feel wanted, to satisfy the passion of several men feel their power. I felt lustful female, ready to give any male that I wish. And the realization that in a moment I will have as many as three males, drove me crazy.
And here we are on the spot. Oleg was right in bed with his parents was an impressive size. I even thought that it would be very interesting to peep what they are doing here ... and maybe even take part ... Now I gave free rein to his imagination ... "It would be interesting to seduce Olezhkinogo Daddy, how would he react to it ..." - flashed through my head.
But fantasies fantasies, and beside me stood a very real guys with very real intentions. While they undressed to a goal, I had a few moments to assess their true worth ... more accurately assess their merits excited. I am happy for myself once again pointed out that my boyfriend (Olezhka I considered her boyfriend), the largest member of all three. "And I was lucky with it, I thought." In Antosha and Igorka members were approximately the same. I decided to give the initiative in the hands of my men, let them decide what to do with me, I'll translate their fantasies into reality.
The first came to me of course Olezhka. I was lying on his back, his hands behind his head and he smiled cheerfully.
- Come to me, my sweet - I beckoned him.
Without answering, he crept up to me, knelt down and gently lifted my short dress to the navel. Then he gently held his palms on my hips to knees, and slightly parted them. Then he leaned over to me and kissed my feet in my own testicles, but not touching themselves. It was so unexpected that groaned to me that thought is capable of. "Oh God, I do not even dreamed of such caresses ... Despite its excited state, he decided to give me all your affection."
- Olezhka ... cute ... I love you !!! - I almost cried, digging his fingers into the sheets.
- I'm also on you crazy Anushka - he whispered and kissed my belly and navel.
Brought me out of the world of dreams into reality Anton, he placed a pillow under my head and began to aggressively push his cock in my mouth. Igor just took my hand and placed it on his testicles. I eagerly took Antoshin unit and began to suck, my right hand on his ass, I left podrachivala member Igor and Oleg, meanwhile, threw one of my leg over his shoulder and naslyunyaviv index finger began to caress my anus ring.
Frankly, I was very excited, and my cock was already crowded in tiny shorts, so that his head has to get out. Funny picture ... probably
Meanwhile, Igor Anton and pulled me with the dress. Igor became over my face so that I could suck his cock and began methodically to fuck me in the mouth ... Yes, it is to fuck, blow job because I could not name. I put my lips tight ringlet him to get maximum enjoyment, hands, I grabbed his leg.
- Anton! Ka Hold her legs until I start to develop its point - said Oleg.
Anton took my legs, threw them as high as possible, so as not to interfere with Igor fuck my mouth, and of course they are widely spread.
I felt like something cool kasnulis my ringlet. Of course I could not see what it was, but I was sure that it Olezhkin finger from smazochki. He slightly massaged my hole and gently pressed on her penetrating inside. "Well, Annie, not a long time you have left play the virgin" - flashed through my head.
Meanwhile, Igor slowed down and took his dick out of my mouth. "Wonderful chance to thank him for having brought me here on his hands" - I thought.
- Igor, cat, turn to me sing, I want to lick your chocolate glazik - I told him.
He did not have to wait. After a moment, I admired this spectacle: in front of my face adorned Igor elastic buttocks, and on the middle, there was a small hole with a dark halo around. Simply fascinating spectacle, I want to note that the vegetation on Igoryok was not, except for rare hairs on the scrotum.
Like a lot for one night - I thought - it's just a jackpot.
I pulled up a little Igorka self adjusting convenient for me to distance even wider spread his buns and licked his timid "glazik". He apparently liked it very much, because it immediately groaned and stood rooted to the spot, giving me to understand that I can continue.
I licked it again. Then he kissed, licked, and again tried, as much as possible, to penetrate into the tongue.
The first time I was licking the anus, and I saw a lot of pornorolikov where such procedures were shown close-up ( "That's handy" - I joked about herself). But video is not able to convey the whole range of feelings that are at the same time you take possession. At first I was a little not nice to feel the language of a particular taste typical of these places, but we must pay tribute to Igor, the boy he was neat, this after a couple of seconds, I greedily licked his point, and kissed him (if relevant here is the expression :) aspirated, He licked again and again kissed. I do not deprive attention, and that his testicles and then slapped me on the chin. I learned on the go ... First swallowed one testicle, sucking it as a lollipop, then another, then just licked them, and again returned to the anus. The real reward for my efforts were jerking Igor and his irrepressible moans.
But back to my populichke. By vremini Olezhka already introduced me three fingers, but of course it hurt, but it was not too much time to this distracted, especially that in parallel with the development of my anus Oleg squeezed my testicles for that by the way I was incredibly grateful to him.
Podolbiv my hole a couple of minutes, Oleg said:
- Prepare your cock, now we are going to deprive our Annushka virginity!
Kissed again lastly point Igor, I let him go, he moved to Oleg, Anton did the same, and I, too, had kept their feet higher and wider in order to ensure the most favorable review of my lovers.
- Annie! You choose who will shoot down you play the virgin - said Oleg.
- I chose a long time ago - I said softly - You did this, my sweet!
Igor Anton and looked at my chosen one with obvious envy. Let envy, but then more will pull me - I thought to myself.
Oleg took a pack of condoms and gave each guy one by one.
Then print your.
- Stop! - I okriknula it.
- I myself want to put it on you!
I changed position, kneeling down in front of Oleg, he took a condom, put it in his mouth, bent over Olezhkinomu penis and took it into his mouth, helping himself with tongue and lips I wore a condom on the penis. Then he lay down on the back, threw her and spread her legs and said, - Come to me, my dear!
Olezhka was attached to my ass and gently pressed on my hole, he first introduced the only head. After waiting for a moment ... he again pressed and penetrated me deeper but still not completely. I was ecstatic, that's it, done. Oleg again made an effort and now I felt his testicles.
"The first tries!" - Flew in my mind, nothing seems to come up with skill my brain was unable, as I lay in a daze.
Meanwhile, my partner has become potrahivat me, gradually increasing the tempo.
In order not to waste time in vain, Anton rubbed his penis in her mouth my and I had to meet with the forces that make him a blow job, I sucked it purely automatically, all my attention was focused on the sensations that Oleg gifts to me. It is already quite vigorously and confidently fucked me, the pain was gone by the wayside, and I began to enjoy the process.
Again, I lost control of the time, but speed up, just at a frantic pace, which asked Oleg, I realized that it would soon be over. I took out a member of Anton and asked Oleg cum in me! It said it was just in time, since the ambush me last time Oleg came out of my priests, nervously tore from his prezik member vzbrochnul bit, again I planted, but not full-length, produced in me a stream of warm sperm !!! It was the climax! Testing all these manipulations with my body, I also reached orgasm at the same time with Oleg finished herself on her tummy. With my cock spilled so much sperm as there was no more nirazu. I'm just exhausted from such ecstasy lying on fully relaxing bed ... I was at that moment was frankly do not care how many more guys standing in line to get me to fuck, even if they were ten or twenty ... I was the first time in his life experienced an orgasm so strong, I had finished at the same time with her boyfriend, who had just robbed me of my virginity. It seems to me that I even fell asleep on some piece time.
My boyfriend lay down beside me, he began to gently kiss my lips, not passionately, but simply and quietly kissing. I answered him, I hugged his neck and drew him to her, we kissed and kissed. Meanwhile, someone has planted me in the ass, no matter who it is. He did this rude affected excitement, he did not even fucked me, but the reader will forgive me for this turn, but he fucked me, fucked fuck like a whore, not caring about what she feels. But this time I felt kisses Oleg and that was enough.
As I learned later, Anton fucked me, it did not last for long, past his thrusts were especially painful for me, but I tolerated. I did nothing to ask, but he followed the example of Olezhka and released all his cum in me.
It was followed by at least a rigid Fucking already Igor. For myself, I noted how ridiculous chomps his cock like a piston chasing my ass sperm left by previous partners. Even I was surprised that he fucked me for a long time, I expect that it gives out faster. He ends violently and gromno, and also to me.
I felt like sperm derived from my popochki ... it was a nice feeling. Since the guys have released all that is held back by a whole evening, it came a little break in our orgy. While Igor Anton took a shower at a time, I suggested Olezhka lick his point, and this time gave him a lot more fun than Igor. Oleg during that time has made me free from the panties and smeared not yet dried semen on my tummy.
But if you think that our night and ended on this, I hasten to inform you that you are wrong.
Guys were lads - strong :)
But the fact that we already get up to in the morning I will tell you next time.