The first sexual fun with his sister at Jeremy happened when he was 14 and she was 12. They were alone at home, and both were bored. Raffle storm tore the cable from the TV antenna. Jeremy went to his room and began to look at porn magazine, who took time from a friend from school. This magazine was illegal because it was a model of its age and even younger. The magazine was in German, but Jeremy loved to dream, looking at the pictures and imagining some girls from her school.
On one of his favorite pictures of age the girl was just an example of his sister lying in a lewd pose on the bed, with two boys standing around her and masturbates. In the next picture she was lying and smiling. The semen was on her face, her hair, dripped from his chin. Whenever he reached this page, he really wanted to do onanizmom.Obychno he waited until that time go to bed. But this evening there was nothing to do but one sister was not at home. He stood up, closed the door to his bedroom and took off shorts. Carefully placing the lamp under the magazine, Jeremy lay on the bed, put my head on the pillow, the better to see their favorite photo. He pulled the pants on her hips and slowly began to masturbate his erect penis. His hand moved up and down, while all the attention was focused on the girl in the photo, it covered the young pubic fuzz, wide open in front of the two boys has a children's vagina.
Jennifer, meanwhile, also went to his room. She had changed into his pajamas and went into the bathroom, separating the room and her brother, comb your hair. He stood in front of a mirror with a raised top of his pajamas, and admiring look like tennis balls breasts. He wanted them to hurry up. Some of the girls from her seventh grade they were much more.
Examining your breasts, Jennifer heard the creaking springs coming from Jeremy's room. Surprised, she opened the door of the bathroom in his brother's room. He lay on the bed, almost naked except for panties on hips. His attention was riveted on the picture with a naked girl. He was so absorbed in his occupation, he did not notice her. Jennifer stood behind the half-open door and looked at him.
She had never seen the boys do so. He had seen his brother's naked, but never like this. She felt a tingling sensation and a pleasant itch between her legs. She really wanted to touch this place. She did so, with one of her finger penetrated into the hole, and the second touched the hump on top. Jeremy turned and saw her.
- What are you doing here? - He asked, pulling her panties on his swollen member.
- I wanted to ask you the same question, - she said, quickly pulling his hand and pajama pants.
She was sure that he could not see it because of its half-closed door.
- I want to see your journal, - she said. Jeremy is not no way, because she had seen him. It was interesting to see the reaction of the sisters when she sees pictures.
- Well, - he said. - But only in my room. Jennifer stretched out on his stomach on the bed brother, the magazine was in front of her. The German name "Child sex" It was written in red letters on the cover with several children.
- Wow. I saw Playboy and other magazines with adults, but never seen such a log with children. - She said. Turning the page, Jennifer saw the photo of the girl, her jaws wide open vagina, while the boy put in the hole with your finger there.
Leafing through the magazine, she saw all kinds and positions. Front, rear, children with children, children with adults, girls with girls, boys with boys. She stopped at the photos on which adult male lying on his side, and a girl of her age caressed him, his cock three quarter length was in her vagina. Her head turned, his eyes closed.
- He is so big. How he went into it? - Jennifer exclaimed.
- I think it was well lubricated, when she aroused him. -
Said Jeremy's sister, looking at the beautiful ass, silhouetted against the pajamas sister. He never thought about his sister sexually, but it kind of lying on the bed and contemplating his journal, he instituted to impossible. He said that his own sister is very beautiful. Her body had already begun to take shape.
Legs were a little sister divorced and bent at the knees. She was a short little like a child's pajamas, and he could see the smooth white surface of her thighs. He put his hand on her hip and a little squeezed. She resisted and pushed him away, just as if the spark ran between Jennifer felt the same. She did not know what to do, was very excited to view the magazine and knew that his brother was not accidental action. She turned the page and saw the girl, whose face was covered in cum, exclaimed:
- Fu. I've never been so I can not.
She turned to another page on which cancer boy fucked a girl of his age. On the page opposite the boy had finished, throwing sperm on the ass girls.
- That's better. - Said Jennifer, somewhat longer considering this photograph.
Jeremy vigorously stroking hand hip sister. His hand went up so high that he suddenly felt under her crotch. His fingers penetrated turn overshoe pajamas, and then under the nylon panties. He felt moisture between her legs.
- ABOUT. . . I like it - she said softly.
Encouraged by these words, Jeremy began to remove her lower part of the pajamas, but Jennifer started to protest.
- Just do it. I'm not ready to do it ... until the end, as you know, especially with his brother. Besides, you probably will laugh, seeing my body.
- We can not do this until the end, Jen. Just tell me to stop if you do not like. Browse this magazine really excited me, and I see you too excited. Your body looks amazing, even better than some girls my age.
- Oh well. I like what I did until now.
- I also liked it, but would be even better if we undress.
- Okay. Only you are the first, - she said.
- Okay, then I stripped, - said Jeremy, dropping his pants on the floor. His cock was sticking straight up when he sat on the bed. Jennifer stared at his brother tools, barely restraining order not to grab it.
- Now it's your turn.
- Let me do it under the covers, and then you work off the blanket, - she said. Realizing that his sister was a little shy, he agreed, noting that already achieved a lot this evening. When she said she was already undressed, he threw off the blanket. Jennifer took off her pajama bottoms and panties, but left over. Once again she was lying on his stomach and reached for a magazine. Jeremy did not insist on complete nudity and turned his hand to her cleft. When he started to move his finger back and forth in it, I noticed that Jennifer ass podmahivaet him. It was so cool. When he began to move faster, my sister also moved to the beat of his fingers. Inside ... everything was so well lubricated, he decided to insert into it at once with two fingers. Jennifer reached out to his brother and began to explore a member of his brother.
- Have you ever done this already with the girls before? - She asked.
- No never. None of my friends would not let me this. If you were not my sister, you agreed to be my girlfriend, Jen? You deystvitelnoprekrasna.
- Do you really want that?
- Yes, I just dream about it.
At these words, he went to his sister, turned her face to him and kissed her. The return the kiss was not long to wait, and soon their tongues have already explored each other's mouths. Protruding member Jeremy rubbed against her sister. When their bodies touched gently, like an electric discharge passing between them.
Children continued to study each other's bodies. Now Jeremy sisters first saw the body on the front. Part of it was covered with a light fuzz. Shy Jenny completely evaporated when the upper part of her pajamas fell on the floor and show her breasts balls. Her brother is completely wrapped around one of the balls of his mouth, his tongue caressed her nipple. Continuing to caress her vagina, Jeremy brought her the first orgasm of her life.
She moaned loudly, hips began to move quickly, forcing his brother to penetrate fingers deeper and deeper. Jeremy knew instinctively that it was time to insert his penis. Continued reduction of the vagina sister just swallowed his cock, and only when the convulsions stopped, Jennifer realized that her brother really fucks her.
- Oh, Jeremy. We do not and did not think to do it. But this is so cool, I feel so good. I love you.
- I love you too, Jen. You'll always be my secret girlfriend.
At these words, again Jennifer felt the approach of orgasm. Now her legs were wide apart, feet facing upwards, and buttocks moved in time with the movements of his brother. Jeremy drives the his penis now the entire length, he felt like his balls hit on the ass sister. After some time, he also reached orgasm, the semen from his cock began to flow directly into the vagina sisters.
Jennifer felt a member of tremors in his vagina felt like sperm fills it. The brother continued to cum. Jennifer felt as hot, sticky liquid dripping it on its backside and also start to finish. However, she put her brother's feet and kept so until all has not ended.
they lay and rested for a while.
- I do not propose to hide more secrets from each other - Jennifer said.
- Good. You're the best sister and friend, that can only be a guy. - Answered brother.