It has been almost a year since our trip to Turkey. There was the following summer. Relations after the story became no better, no. Trustee or something. We are not shy and are not afraid to tell each other about our temptations, feelings of someone's attentions and hints. There were stories worthy of the description and for the year. Maybe something like and I would get to them. But nothing extraordinary. For a year I digested that our trip. To be honest, at first I caught myself thinking, envy or jealousy. But gradually it burned out, and left the love of his wife and the belief that it is foolish to confuse sex for pleasure, whatever it was, with the love between spouses.
Gradually they began discussing how to spend this summer vacation was even thought to go to France to visit Marie (she invited). But they did not grow together with its work, and the option was rejected. Accidentally turned up apartment in Gelendzhik, left relatives Lena's girlfriend. Were received address and the keys, and here we are to-Tuu, the wheels on the train on the vast expanses to Novorossiysk. Beforehand scion sent to the village to his grandfather, all the cases settled and the next 2 weeks, we are left to themselves. Vacation decided to start back in the train. First accident, the required number of seats was not in the same compartment. Took 2 shelves CB in different compartments, first assuming the on-site exchange. And then I hinted Lena that if a good company turned up, we can not change. She immediately jumped at the idea, improved it, that we pretend that it is not a husband and wife, and so distant acquaintances, in case you need to communicate.
"Lucky" Lena. And in my coupe and it drove men. With me turned out to be a man of about 50 and. We were all the way to drink beer, and he hunted stories, of which he was a master. Lena Lucky, I wrote in quotes for a reason. With it went the boy 20-22 years, but so downtrodden, probably because of those who are called botanists. He was terribly embarrassed Lena blushed, embarrassed even to eat with her. All attempts to talk replied tersely. But enthusiastically masturbate under the covers at night, thinking that Lena was already asleep. Maybe Lena scared him herself, trying to force the situation. She went to his compartment in her robe, periodically forcing "accidentally" unbuttoned the top button. Often he bent down in front of him, looking at his shelf some small change. In general, constantly provoked him. He looked at her with hungry eyes, but the initiative did not show. And she lash out at the boy still ashamed. He was driving with her 2 days left of the night at some stations, and in the morning went to Lena has some aunt. We laughed Lena that she had to go with my neighbor. Experience in his dealings with the female sex was much more.
In general, we arrived without incident, from Novorossiysk on the same day reached Gelenzhik. Found apartment (clean, comfortable, though a studio). On the first day rested, we went to the little market, filled the fridge with supplies. At night, after hot sex, caused by prolonged forced abstinence, blabbed on how to make the stay memorable. Lena several times a year to tell me that she wanted to try then sex with Paul and me at the same time. Now I remembered it, and offered to find her a worthy partner, and try to translate the idea into practice. In order not to scare off potential suitors, we decided not to go away from the legend that we barely know each other. Relax on the beach separately, but try not to get lost. Fortunately cellular communication has not been canceled. But the first 2 days, we did prozagorali bored individually, in fits and starts exchanging impressions. We already thought to spit on the legend, and start walking together, but on the evening of the 3rd day of the title yet been found. I took a shower after the salty sea, and was about to go out when the next stall joined water. I almost accidentally turned around and saw a young man, age 25. He was standing under the shower jets, lifting up the face and eyes closed. Water jets dripped from his body, going on his belly, as if formed arrow-pointer to its advantage. I immediately decided that this is the man we need. On the one hand, the member was not at all like on the member fields, on the other - it was his worthy replacement. But we will return to this more. Now I had a plausible excuse to meet him, and it is desirable that he did not take me for blue. While I tossed in thought, as if to start a conversation, he had already left. I asked the first available. How to get there, and called our address. It turned out that he knows, and even goes almost in the same direction, I immediately began to write, that I met here the familiar, she was invited to visit and how to get there, I do not know. Immediately call Lena at a hundred, I said that looking for her home, good to eat good man, now it will take me to her. She quickly sort out the situation. She said that she is not at home, and on the beach. So we waited for her at the cafe, next to the house. At this point I persuaded a Man, treat yourself at my expense beer, because he was so responsive and showed me the way. While we were drinking beer, there was Helen. So far, however it was clear on it, do not understand why and with whom I acquaint it. We sat and drank more beer the circle, he promised, if it is necessary to show us all the attractions. At the same time, a little drunk, he did not conceal, I looked at my sights zheny.Vospolzovavshis moment I wrote down his phone number. At the parted.
At home, I have already told Lena that it is a candidate for her boyfriend if she liked it. At first she resisted for decency, but finally agreed that a nice boy, though she expected of a mature man. About its size, I decided not to tell is that it was a pleasant surprise for Lena.
For tomorrow, we are on the beach together came to the cafe, where he was chef Ashot work, but there saw the other guy. It was found that Ashot change starts only at 3 pm. The whole day we spent on the beach. In the evening we went to a cafe, tightly dinner. Conversation with Ashot. It turned out that he will now work until 10 pm, and tomorrow will come in the morning to 3. He invited us to a disco. I said that I did not get, but Lena is coming off, if you give your word that he take her home in the evening. Therefore, in the evening I walked through the park with some young little girl, with whom he met by chance in the same place. Lena went to the disco on the beach. Closer to 10, I could not communicate normally, I could not wait to hear from Lena, how she was doing. I referred to a headache, I took Svetochka phone number and went home. Lena called me about a half of the 11th. She said Ashot finished a shift, and calls her for a walk on the beach. But she is afraid because he knows his second day in all. I agreed with her that is today a chat on the way home, and there is going to decide what to do next. An hour later, I began to worry, and thought to call Lena. Looked out the window, they stood in front of the entrance and said goodbye. 5 minutes later, they both entered into the entrance. And even after 5 minutes, Lena quietly walked into the hallway. I heard the sound of a kiss. Whisper Lena "not today" and then subsides footsteps on the stairs.
- "You do not sleep."
- "No, I'm waiting for you. How are you?"
- "Now I understand the expression - a hot southern guy."
Lena turned on the light. Lipstick lips was eaten. Forelocks were swollen from kissing, from hairstyles remain the same name. One button on her blouse was missing. When she took off her blouse, it turned out that one of the straps of bra also could not stand the pressure. Under the cup with a torn shoulder strap near the nipple could be seen a fresh hickey. We went to bed, I was waiting for her stories. She began to tell:
After I went to the disco, he drank beer, danced, I was glued there even started one. The truth is too brazen and defiant. I do not like. Ashot came up to me as soon as his shift ended. We danced for half an hour, he talked about himself. Then he began to persuade me to go to the beach. He wanted to show me the lunar path. That's when I called you. ... Then she said to him that I was waiting for my aunt, will worry, so you should go home. Along the way we talked a lot, I did not expect from him, that he might be a smart guy. He studies at the University of Novorossiysk. And this is his second university. And here in the cafe earns his uncle to pay for their studies. He says his parents have money, but his father said that he himself must make for themselves. When we had almost reached the house, he took me through the park, at the exit of the park, stopped, turned back to her, showing some monument. Then he began to carry about love at first sight, and so on. Though I understand that he just pribaltyvaet me, but it was pleasant. Gradually I began through word in your ear, kissing me, stroking. I feel I have slowly begins to demolish the roof, his touch. Begin slowly to his house to delay, but not much, as well. That in itself is gradually coming. But she can feel more and more looking for some. And he was under the blouse Sherudilo vengeance, trying to free my chest. Kisses has truly, passionately. Here it is and I can not answer him, so stomach ached at the bottom, I think now it is for me here in the center of the city and take. And there is no strength to resist. So sweet. I hear crackling shirt, he ripped me think, it was only a button came off. He tore cup livchika and sucked. A hand already in panties stroking my little girl. At this time, the car drove past and signaled. I do not know us or anyone. But I was a little sobered. I look around, people still go to 20 feet away from us. I grabbed his arm and pulled him along. The house is approached, it is 5 minutes to the entrance pains, he apologized that he lost his head. I did, of course, forgive, she said she almost lost consciousness right there that I really like. At the entrance he had a little more pozazhimal me, but I have calmed down. I control it.
Needless to say, both took me her story. Its end is already in all jumped on me, and so dispersed that a member jumped out of her pussy, she slipped past and was in her ass. We are in the last year to practice anal sex, so she took my penis is already easy, almost without preparation. She just sighed, and continued to move, now the truth is not so fast. I put her cancer, continuing to hammer away at her small hole, put 3 fingers in her pussy and began to simulate a double penetration. I felt his fingers through the thin partition movement of his cock in her. Presented as a member of my penis rubs Ashot, and very quickly began to approach orgasm. Lena was so on edge that the growling, whining, and I sit down on to the ground. Very quickly I grabbed her orgasm, and together we have reached his peak. Then the council was arranged, how we arrange sex with Ashot. So he reacted calmly to my presence ....
In the morning, Lena went to the beach, and I went to Ashot. I kind of did not know about what they have the meeting ended yesterday. We chatted about anything. Then I brought the conversation back to Lena. Gradually the conversation became more frank, and I told him that Lena has long dreamed of a threesome. She somehow I hinted. So if we offer it to her, she probably will not give up. He proposed his plan, how it will happen. What's her aunt is not at home, you can come to her home in the evening. He kind of nodded, agreed with everything, but in fact turned out to be not so simple. After lunch, he called my Lena, came by to visit her in the evening, he said he would not be alone. In general, all according to plan, but only in terms of me was gone. He promised to come up with some friend. I was not happy with, so we decided to leave my presence is a surprise for them. I accidentally had to be at her home. And they will only have to put up with this fact.
The remaining time we shone the preparation of the event, even managed to get some sleep. I offered to knead her ass, just in case and lubricate Analgesic cream. To which she replied carelessly enough that ass it is now easy to accept my cock, so even if it is a little more - do not worry. Yet I convinced her podrazrabotal his cock and her little fingers stretched.
At about 9 were guests. Ashot was certainly surprised and embarrassed to see me in the same apartment. But I behaved very friendly, so he quickly calmed down. He introduced us to his friend, like a wrestler guy about his age. The guy introduced himself to us Vakha. They brought with them a bunch of supplies. In general, though, the drinks. We set the table to the couch, and the feast began. Lena drank martinis, which ceaselessly poured her boys and men vodka. The boys managed to whisper, and apparently decided to make a drunkard me. Basically, I did not mind to pretend to be drunk. Because in fact, to blame me vodka, perhaps, they would have no more time to run for the additive. It affects apparently Siberian roots. So I easily drank to the bottom, where they keep not finishing their or passed, but to be safe - went to the toilet, two fingers in his mouth and vodka went down the drain. Of course, the noise was in my head, but this is far from drunk. I went out of the bathroom, pretending to be completely oblique. With easy access to the seat. To me immediately jumped frightened Helen, as I probably beat. So drunk she did not yet seen. I whispered in her ear that everything is fine. I was almost sober, just giving you guys the opportunity to do, do not hesitate to me. And if something bad start, then her husband will not give offense ....
Guys, vying Lena showered with compliments, they remembered that they had not drank brotherhood, and without it no acquaintance and familiarity. Lena said that it is necessary to first lady to dance, and then talk about the brotherhood. The boys immediately got down to business. Vaha went to touch wheels on the radio, Ashot, jumped to me with another toast. We had a drink with him. I said that a little drunk, so they had fun without me, and I need to rest. Ashot pointedly exchanged glances with Vakha, triumphing on the ease of execution of their plan.
Flowed slow music. Ashot first invited Lena. They clung to each other. At Lena was now translucent white blouse underneath a beautiful lace bra. On the thighs, under the skirt of light air, such as translucent panties. Ashot about half of the dance rather modest Lena whispered compliments, just stroking her back. Toward the end of the song, he wound up. Movements have become bolder, even a couple of times he gently squeezed her buttocks, stroking them and kissed her earlobe. Waha tried, the entire drive consisted of ballads. Therefore, the next dance he waited, not looking up, looking at Lena, and excitedly licking his lips. Once started the next dance, Vakha immediately replaced Ashot. He immediately clutched my wife in his arms, one hand on the waist, he pressed her to him, and the other is walking on her buttocks, then stroked her neck. Alcohol, compliments, music and gentle stroking of doing their job. Lena just thrilled .... Ashot did not waste time. He poured two glasses and brought dancing. He said toast, filed a crossed for bruderschaft hands glasses. I pick them up after they had drunk. And immediately I retired without disturbing finish toast kiss. Lena looked at me, held with one hand on the cheek Wahi, another took up the back of his head and pulled it to his lips and merged with it in a passionate kiss. Waha, I took the kiss as a signal for action. He even further squeezed his foot between her thighs. He has rested an impressive hill on the jeans in her thigh. Hand, plenty enough of her buttocks, slowly began to lift up her skirt. His other hand is stroking her hair, trying to squeeze between the bodies to the heaving breasts with protruding nipples through the thin fabric. Even finish their music is not interrupted.
I looked at Ashot. He sat on the opposite seat. However, I was almost in total darkness, and it lit up the light from the hallway door. It is, without blinking, he looked at the couple kissing and stroking through his pants count. Because of its size, ... he had not put straight up, and a little to one side. It was obvious stand-out through the pants head somewhere in the region of the pocket. And in the center of the room Waha already groping hand under the skirt of Lena, he kissed her neck, and his other hand was trying to undo the top buttons of her blouse. Affected intoxication or little experience. He still did not work. It ended with another song. Lena looked at Ashot. "We are with you have not had a drink, let's go." Ashot, under hypnosis, even poured 2 glasses. He went to the couple. Waha gave him a place, took the empty glasses, put them on the table and went to the toilet. Ashot wasted no time, Lena stared at her lips gently with both hands lifted her skirt, hesitated briefly buttocks, one hand raised to the edge of the lace panties, the other ran inside, trying to get to the coveted crevices. Again, a little second hand helped himself, parted her buttocks. It was evident that the fingers under the panties already sliding down her pussy. In the room there was a pleasant smell excited my wife's pussy. Lena stood with his eyes closed, not even trying to sway to the music. With one hand she stroked the hair of Ashot, the other stroked his chest. I entered the room Waha. He stood for a moment at the entrance, and probably wanted to pass them on the chair, but Ashot without words, took his hand, and put his hand on his naked thigh Wahi Lena. He himself pulled his hand out of her panties and Lena turned her face to the Wache. Here, too, found themselves face to face, Lena Vaha started kissing. Ashot, remaining behind, hugged his hands Lena and began to conjure with the buttons on her blouse. Immediately through blouse bra clasp snapped, and turned back to face him Lena. As soon as Lena for a moment give up as four hands simultaneously helped to fall off the shoulders and unbuttoned blouse and lace bra. Large breasts carefully dropped into the substituted Vakha palm. He stood behind Lena kissed, stroked sticking as pegs nipples and rubbing rearing a member of her buttocks. Ashot stood in front of Lena on her knees, kissing the belly, the legs, take care of the zipper skirt, then carefully began to lower her panties, not forgetting to kiss every inch of her legs, after the motion of thin lace. And now, in front of me, my wife naked, surrounded by two fully dressed dark-skinned guys. She stroked his head behind it Vahi and ecstatically kissed him. Ashot stood in front of Lena, took the neck, turned her head to him and kissed her on the lips and began aggressively enough, if not rude to bend down my wife's head to his crotch. Lena had to stand in front of him on his knees.
He unbuttoned his pants and pulled his pants with shorts. Elda there fell out, hitting Lena's face. Lena, her eyes wide open, staring dumbfounded at this miracle of nature. Before her rocking long, more than 25 cm, dark-skinned, bolt curve. He was bent or broken in two places, pouting at the bend locations. To top it off, a complete similarity with the bolt brings a large, inflated to a shine with a violet shade head. She loomed over by a member of a sort of hood. "Mommy! You're like a cudgel grown? "- Lena whispered fearfully. Ashot took her head with the other hand took the term and, without saying a word, raised his eldu to her lips.
- "Lasky ran out" - I thought. Would they even intervene, but Lena is absolutely obediently opened her mouth, and with evident pleasure, beginning to suck gigantic head. Smacking and unsuccessfully trying to shove it down his throat, she with one hand podrachivala trunk, the other caressing his balls. Waha is also not long remained indifferent to this scene. He quickly undressed and lifted its nose sticking unit at Lena. His penis was sensitive shorter. Smooth, thick, with inflated veins, looked like a large eggplant or sausage. According to the thickness, it was a wrist Lena. And he stuck a gun parallel to the floor, aiming for my wife. Lena shifted to him with difficulty sucking dick of this thickness.
Ashot went back and lifted Lena's hips and began to push through his monster in her pussy. Slippery from saliva and grease head stretched delicate inner lips and fell inside, causing a groan Lena. He brought it back a little, twisting pussy inside out, and again pushed forward. Gradually the power of his thrusts increased, each time he push through his giant deeper, and now more than half the members disappeared in Lena. Here Lena reached her first orgasm. Rather, it has ceased to feel pain, only a desire possessed her. It is finely trembling all over, her legs buckled, and probably would have fallen if not for 2 ramrod to which she was strung from two sides. Ashot, taking advantage of her condition, and took her by the hips and slowly, gently pulled her to his bolt to the base. Lena got out of the eyes of the orbits of the resisting member into the uterus. From the cry of the throat, which could be heard a mixture of pain and lust. However, the cry was immediately drowned in her throat clogged head Wahi. With half a minute Ashot stood motionless, with his quivering stretched over Lena. Lena was in complete prostration. She did not try to either suck or move, but kept hold of the hairy legs, fucked her in the mouth, Vahi. Gradually Lena came to the senses. She coughed, pulled out of the mouth of a happy member of the Vahi. She eyes streamed tears, saliva ran down his chin. She tried to straighten up, but it scored a member Ashot does not seem to let her do it, causing her pain at the slightest movement. She asked Ashot pour her a drink and to rest. Member Ashot reluctant slowly left the nest chosen by them. Lena drank a martini glass in one gulp and staggered, went into the bathroom. It rustled the water. Ashot with Vakha sat down animatedly sharing their impressions on your tongue. 10 minutes they chatted, drank, then went to the balcony to smoke, throwing the covers. I got up, went to the bathroom, ask how are you Lena. She revealed to me when I found out it was me. She had washed her face, flushed, and as far as I managed to see, even made an enema. In the eyes of all the fucking is not fading light. As it was clear that this is not all, orgasm is not cooled it, and only started to new exploits. She hugged me and asked if I was angry with my poor little wife in the pussy. I replied that it is absolutely not angry that I was pleased to see her so happy, and that after that night, her pussy will be much stronger and hardier. That's just did not give me rest my riser. To relax me, Lena undid my pants, was a member of a number of already ached from long inactivity. Helen leaned on the tub, bent, inviting me to her. I fell into a stretched vagina, made a couple of frictions, then Lena asked me to move to another hole. I understand, in spite of the dimensions seen, she still plans to try today, "sandwich". I wanted to stretch her ass is better, adding a member a couple of fingers, but wild excitement and tightly covering member of the anus, forced me to pour into it almost immediately. While I was recovering from the orgasm, she could be washed away. He squeezes his anus a little grease with analgesic effect (we bought it, when we started to practice anal sex). Whispered to me, when I go out, I pretended that I was sick. And he flew off. I have to complete the picture began to imitate the sounds blyuyuschih man washed on all fours and crawled out of the bathroom. I think my acting skill and no one noticed.
In the room there was already a small rearrangement. The table was pushed into a corner. On the floor in the center of the room was spread out a blanket, a pillow was promptly inserted. Nearby were three empty glasses and a plate of fruit. Ashot lying on his back, Lena sucked his stick. Waha, parked his tolstyachka Lenochkinomu to the grotto of love. But apparently it was not enough lubrication, and it did not work. Then he removed his cock and began to develop her fingers. Gradually Lena excited, lips glistened with moisture, it is easy to stoke already three fingers in it, do not forget to rub the clitoris with your thumb. Waha moistened with saliva head, added a member, felt that he was beginning to fall where you want ... and with one blow drove it for the most eggs. Lena arched, I think it is now vzvoet pain, but it looks like Ashot bad sprained her, and she with evident pleasure the beginning of his podmahivat. Ashot has not given long to miss her mouth, I took her head and began to pull her head on his chlenische, each time trying to log in is not accustomed to such a size throat. Lena, by the way, long ago learned to swallow my head, suppressed retching, and she herself wound up achieving its rotika in this field. Once with my member, it has become fairly easy to handle, it is sometimes experimented with various objects larger. The most that she tried, it was a decent size eggplant. Probably, it was close to the thickness of Ashot member. But there it is 15 minutes trying on it from different angles, yet found the perfect way for him. On the other side of the diligence with which she tried to please Ashot can not be compared with the pampering with vegetables. In the end, she took her hands from his head Ashot, and asked for her to try to do everything itself. It was like a trained athlete to jump championship at the Olympics. She caught her breath, move the lower jaw, flexing it. Widely she opened her mouth and began crawling on his cock head. It was evident, as the thick head again rested her throat as she tries to shove her, forcibly lowering his head down. As they say, athletes - a record not obeyed. She lifted her head, throat mucus stretched to the penis. Tears stream flowed from his eyes. But apparently she had felt that she almost got it. Hoarse voice, said: "We have just received, only you need to kneel." Ashot stood in front of her, looking with interest on it. Lena again caught her breath, squeezed his hand head Ashot to briefly reduce it in size, grabbed the base of his cock and quickly stretched it to the throat, then closed her eyes and took a sip of his head, just absorbing the half the length of its trunk.
There is still Waha not stopped all the time pussy torture on the other hand, pushed Lena meet Ashot. The Lena was almost the whole of his very long penis. Lena slowly began to release his breath. He went out almost as hard as entered into. At Lena was afraid to look. Tears in their eyes, smeared ink, hanging from the chin to the floor saliva, and at the same time a triumphant expression. It was evident that she is proud of it his personal record. Immediately she decided to build on the success and again launched his cock down his throat. I noted with surprise that now she did it already with little effort. Or she guessed a secret swallowing giants, or simply stretched his throat. Or maybe a little of everything. After the third time she swallowed him, Ashot, before standing motionless, had begun to give away the pelvis. On his face was the bliss of doyaschego head a narrow throat Lena. It was not long, when suddenly his movements became sharper, it was evident that he is constrained not to impose Lena's head to the ground. Apparently the head began to swell, as was again rest on the throat. Finally he propihnul her, and shuddered all over, uttering a roar. The first jet hit Lena directly into the esophagus, it is beginning to pull out of the surprises of the member itself, there appeared in time the second, a blow to the glands and irrigate the tart taste of her mouth. The third shot at, not had time to close his mouth. The following portion is no longer flying, and jerks poured from swollen member, flowed on the head and dripped onto the floor. Apparently the sight and began to finish perevozbudilsya Waha.
He pulled out his penis, and poured white blobs back first, and then the cleavage between the buttocks of Lena, a member of smearing semen on her holes. It was evident that the guys got a first-class orgasms. They just fell on the blanket, eyes closed and breathing heavily. Lena, swinging, got up and went to the bathroom. From there, she went out after 10 minutes, clean, smelling shower gel and glittering white naked body. The boys were in the same position as she had left them. Only their members have decreased in size and relaxed lying legs honey.
Lena came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I could smell toothpaste and with nothing comparable - sperm. "How do you view? You wait, now they have a break, and we will continue. You saw how I swallowed? Interestingly, he told me in the ass as you like, or break off? Now I have tried, put 4 fingers. If accurate, it does not break off, I guess. I will go and look after them. Tired of the boys. A bed early. "
This I have not seen her. She was like a mad. His eyes still burned with lust. Tomorrow she has confessed to me that she was afraid of the night, and so bought the pharmacy and took in the early evening some exciting pill. In the absence of desire, and so she never complained, and a beautiful young body, smart strong members, liquor and pathogen whetted her to the limit.
She is naked goddess, gently swinging her hips, she went to the table. I took him with him a bottle of champagne, from which were otpity only one Fougeres first toast. Moisten them a towel, I sat between the boys and started to wipe with a damp towel the sweat from their bodies, constantly adding champagne. Gradually she got to them prichindalov carefully and very gently wiping them with the dried up remnants of sperm. Men have long been out of oblivion, but this concern for them was so unexpected and pleasant, they were afraid to move. After becoming a member of a clean, she gained champagne in the mouth, and, bending down to the penis, sucking the same direction and head. Apparently from the cool liquid or tingling champagne bubbles - members began to revive. While they only trembled, still lying, but it was evident that the blood has rushed to them and more and more fills, causing them to increase in size.
Lena did not force things, I stood up and offered a drink for a pleasant evening, and not less than pleasant its continuation. Spilling wine glasses, drink, guys again showered sitting between Lena, compliments. Not forgetting, as if by accident, oglazhivaet her charms hands, then feeding it from the hands of grapes, then, passing the fruit together. Ashot accidentally crushed in the hands of the grape, the juice dripped on Lena's chest, and now the two laughing, stain the divine body and fruit juice lick it. Lena, falling on his back, stroking their curly hair, directing the heads of young people, to the nipples, it attracts for a kiss, the kiss sends belly. Finally Waha, down to the bright triangle of pubic hair, and starts kissing the delicate skin around it. Lena helps him, bending one leg at the knee, and now the nimble tongue flutters around her clitoris, causing Lena moan and bend toward him. Ashot, giving little time Wache, he bypasses Lena. Adds her legs on his shoulders, and thoroughly taken to prove that he also knows how to fondle women. His tongue, then hits a shot on the clitoris then licking the slot, it penetrates deep into the bowels of the earth, causing all the new releases of its nectar. Waha, remaining out of work, her body oglazhivaet hands caressing her nipples, stroking her hair. Hand Lena finds his penis, has long been on alert. And podrachivaya, drawn to his mouth. Waha has nothing against. Kneels over her head, let Lena freedom of maneuver. Lena takes on the case thoroughly, and she suck it and lick from the beginning to the end, and caresses the tongue sensitive spot under the head, do not forget about the eggs, taking each of them in his mouth, gently rolls of the tongue. Meanwhile, Ashot, with great selections of face rises. Legs Lena and remain on his shoulders. His long cock starts to poke between Lena's legs, trying to find the entrance. He takes it in his hand, and sliding along the crack, lubricates it. Moving the pelvis forward, and this head has itself found its way, gently parted lips. Lips are closed after the head as if he did not want to let go of her again. Following the head starts to crawl the remainder of the giant, with each friction deeper ... and deeper. Ashot not in a hurry, measured swinging dick and trying not to cause pain to Elena. Lena feels his curve member of every movement caresses the walls of her vagina as swollen head and curved portions make her pussy is stretched to the limit, then relax.
Next I will try to describe the events through the eyes of Lena, recovered from her story:
Already dizzy and abdomen throbbing, ready to explode with myriads splashing orgasm. Here is another push member strikes the uterus, and this is the trigger causes her to shudder in orgasm. She still has time to get another member of his mouth, so as not to bite him in a fit of passion. Flashes, glow, flash in his eyes. Nothing around is not only a wild happiness. Gradually, as the distance to get the feeling of tension member of pain that it bursts and disappears. The taste of blood on his lips. Was she still bite his penis? No, here it is bitten lip. Its. Perhaps now this term, scurrying there is excess, but she can not even move, even dig the mouth, and ask to stop. Here he stops. "Thank you, my dear, he understood." Leaves. Nega. Complete relaxation. It appears some unpleasant sensation. Slowly it comes to that the same member of the cat, is now trying to break into her ass. No. Do not. Painfully. What is it hard and hot, and there is no strength even to compress the legs. No, it was not included. Again, relaxed state. On the anus smeared something slippery. Nicely. Stroking the cat, the anus. Suddenly, again, something hard and hot pressed against the pope. Oh, he just dragged on grease my hole. Ahhh! This time, not so hard pressed, but why is it so painful. He's already in me? Head so easily slipped inside? Throbbing ache. Well at least he was no longer moving. Gradually, the pain goes away. Orgasm retreats. It appears clear. It is, Ashot standing over her. Pats on the cheek. Her legs are also on his shoulders. His long cock rests on her ass. No, it does not rest, he was already in her ass. However, while only one head. He starts to swing. Ring anus tightly embraces it and does not move. Exit member does not allow the hood on the head. Log on - dry without lubrication bore. But those rocking start to relax the tight ring. Bolnovato, but tolerable. Suddenly, with a smacking sound head pops up, and without giving the pope closed, breaks again. Apparently jumping, head smeared walls inside the grease. It was good that I managed to say while greasing. I feel like bursting head is somewhere deeper. Smack. Again freedom. This time the head did not immediately rushes inside and outside the first crawl, the lubricating hole. I feel a pleasant chill, cool anal pain. It looks like an anesthetic effect. Here again, the head is directed inward. Now it is not so painful. Wade on the rectum, back almost to the end. Back inside, this is the first node. Here he was a member of the bends. How pleasant was this bump rubbing the vagina. Now back twinge, ass can not yet become accustomed to this thickness. Slightly and slowly pushed back. More and more. That ring anus misses stout member of the bend and tightly hugging him, not wanting to let back. Gradually soreness stretched rectum, it is replaced by a feeling of fullness, and delight from perfect. In the mouth insistently poked a thick head, perhaps he was afraid that I am in pain and can bite, and now decided to catch up. And now back to me two. Popa true aches a bit, but I'm very like this. And fat cock Wahi is impossible to swallow, just chew. Well it is not so annoying, I do not shove it down his throat. But I wanted to try a "sandwich". I recently so wound up that fantasy. Now a little more ass let them stretch and try to ....
From me, from a dark corner of the room, it was seen as Ashot hollowed ass of my wife, each time pushing his long cock deeper. He is an experienced lover, I was fairly accurate. As soon as Lena began to moan mingled notes of pain, he weakened the onslaught, allowing it to get used to new sensations. It lasted long enough and seen tired of standing on her knees, he is not taking a member, he sat down on his side and continued slowly but persistently batter Lena. Vahe apparently also wanted to replace the mouth of the Lena, something hotter. They talked softly among themselves. Waha lay on his back, Ashot helped Lena to get on top of him. Lena groaned and planted her pussy on his thick head and began to rock. Apparently affected by recent myocardial orgasm, or pain in the ass, but there was virtually no lubrication. Thick member is not falling down, but only a dent lip petals and wrenched it back, causing a grimace of pain in both. But it lasted long, Lenochkina pussy plucked out another portion of the lubricant, and has been a brilliant fat cock like a pneumatic hammer breaks between her buttocks. I have long forgotten that I should pretend to be drunk. Sitting in a chair, I enthusiastically look at this spectacle, stroking through the pants have long standing member. Ashot comes up to me: "Fuck, fucking MILF! Bro, if you're in my way when not asked, I would have tried this sex and not. Thank you! Come join us. I'll fuck her in the ass, but I'm afraid to break. Do you have Vaseline? ". I said that I saw the grease on the bathroom shelf, and he went there.
There was the sound of a toilet bowl, and then turn on the shower, I thought he was a long time, and he decided to settle down to a free port. Bailiffs member to her ass, she lay down on the Wahoo, easing my way. I pushed, and my cock easily disappeared into it. Through the thin partition I felt scurrying in her second term. It was unforgettable. We are then at the same time, then turn broke into its depths, occasionally colliding heads or gliding over each other. Vakha was breathing heavily, his hands kneading her full breasts, suddenly grabbed her in his arms, hugged her, and wheezing, and began to hammer his cock pelvis, throwing us both. He ends a long, but I tried not to disturb him, feeling even after he calmed down, he starts his cock deep into the vagina. Gradually, he went limp, became less and I almost stopped him feel, continuing its movement. But Lena has not dropped.
By Lena came Ashot with lost form, but almost not reduced in size member. Lena immediately grabbed him and began to caress the mouth. Member immediately began to gain momentum. When he straightened completely, Ashot offered me to change places with him. I stood in front of Lena, getting pleasure from her mouth. Ashot also came from the ass, discovered clutched in his hand, a tube of lubricant. Gusto struck him on the anus of the Lena. Then he poured on his penis, rubbing his hand over the entire length and began to throw out his gun to my wife's ass. I was all eyes looked like a gigantic cudgel easily slipped into the Lena, and immediately half hid in its depths. I did not expect that this spectacle would cause such emotion in me. Member just ready to explode with excitement .... Throat Lena shuddered, trying to issue a groan, and more refined stroking my penis. I could not stand it, dick shoved down her throat, and began to flow, filling her mouth with their juices. Lena, the first second choked, then sucked cock and literally start to milk it, swallowing the contents of my testicles. Izlivshis in her mouth, I stepped up to the table, poured himself a juice and sat down in his place, continued observation.
Ashot, continued to hammer away at Lena. And now it is shining on the lubrication member easily scurried between her buttocks. Vakha and lay under the Lena. His thick cock again began to take elasticity. And here they are tensioned simultaneously Lena. It is a pity I can not see her face, but judging by her moans, she was once again on the verge of orgasm. A few more synchronous strokes, and her whole body arched arc. She gasps and run over her body cramping. Men dispersed, without stopping, continued to hammer their guns into it. Lena ... almost immediately calms down and begins to beat in a new orgasm. This I have not seen her. She just shakes holes too convulsively compressed, massaging members. Finally, she exhausted drops on Vakha and calms down. Ashot with Vakha continue fuck her limp body like a rubber doll. For a long time, Lena no signs of life. Then there postanyvanie, then the light podmahivaniya ass, and then lifts his head, and asked to drink. I'm not to interrupt them, come to the table, pour the juice into a glass, and I present to the mouth of his wife. She greedily drank the whole glass. Thank me, and all this without interrupting the race. Her breasts jump from powerful aftershocks, two males in it. On the lips dried up sperm. Eyes some crazy.
I'm drawn cast, and I'm going to the toilet. 5 Minutes for my absence, nothing has changed. The same fucking mad. All glisten with sweat, but the recent orgasm, does not give the peasants a quick discharge. Ashot says something, lies next to the blanket and helps Lena climb on it, and then quickly continues to fuck her. Waha parked his cock back, and with one blow in the ass Lena scores. Lena screaming in pain, but she has no one hears. Her tear without stopping a few more minutes, then the movement becomes jerky, and almost at the same time they end. The first was Lena, well, and then and Waha Ashot merged remnants of sperm in it. Lena lay on Ashot and fell near Waha. I was staring razvorochannaya hole, which until recently was neat anus Lena.
After some time, the boys began to stir. Ashot pushed himself sleeping with Lena. We got up, drank a glass more. And the men began to gather, after I convinced them that look after Lena. Once again, drunk on the doorstep for the road, they are extremely satisfied, left our cozy corner.
I snatched his wife with a blanket, got a hot bath, carried her there. He washed himself, wiped and put him to bed, determined to leave the talk for tomorrow. The next morning I woke up surprisingly early. Lena decided not to wake him, and ran to the beach. I take a dip in the cool water of the morning. He went on his way back to the store for breakfast and returned home to revive his wife. Wake her, he made her drink kefir. He gave her a pill for a headache, activated carbon. And once again laid to sleep. And he went to the beach where phoned with Sveta, which walked the day before. It turned out that she was only 16. She rested here with his parents and grandmother, and it was evident that she was wildly bored with them. Despite his young age, the same age it is not attracted, and she without hesitation their otshivala. But in me for some reason she saw a kindred spirit, and enthusiastically talked about the hard life of a modern girl. In conclusion, we have agreed to meet in the evening. I was pleased when she held up for me a farewell kiss, no cheek and lips.
At home, I met a good sleep and happy Lena. She flitted around the kitchen, there was also a pleasant smell of cooking. Apparently she decided not to go to the beach today, and in this way to thank me for yesterday evening. I inquired about her condition. It turned out that she had, as she put it, "It's almost okay, but today it is still better to have a rest." We after eating to lie in bed with her, sharing his impressions. I'm under the pretext of medical care, he demanded access to her holes. Lubricating cream them, I noted that in addition to a small swelling and rubbed sore, no damage. I told her about the Light, which going to go for a walk in the evening. She decided to stay home to read and tidy. Out of the conversation mutual oral sex.
I will not linger for an evening stroll. In short, we had a long walk on the beach, talking, then kissing. Far away, I did not go, deciding to leave the most delicious for a more suitable place. At about 10 I brought her home, however, before her family decided not to show up. The next day we with Lena before dinner were on tour in the mountains, and after it waited out the midday heat in the apartment, when her cell phone rang. Called Ashot it after a long exchange of courtesies and compliments ambiguous invited Lena evening ride on a yacht for the company. Like, a girl friend called, and he was alone. Lena looked at me, I nodded in agreement. Then they agreed on the time and place of the meeting. It turned out that they are only at 8 pm sail. I was going to spend the evening with Sveta and Lena began to gather on their date. Before the evening we still had time to take a nap at home, go to the beach. Then I made an appointment with Sveta and Lena spent, handed her than swimwear accessories, and even our cell, "shoot beautiful views."
We met with Sveta, went together to the cafe, where I am a connoisseur ordered her light cocktails and talked about each of them the story of the invention. Pilis they easily fortress almost not felt, but the young body a lot and it was not necessary. After 3, she was very drunk, and when on the road from the cafe she added more and offered me the "Red Devil" okosela final. In my opinion, she did not even really understand how was in our apartment. Or maybe just pretended not to know anything, not to ask stupid questions, where are we going, and what we will do. I already knew that she was not a virgin. She said that the first time she tried to stand still at 14, finding his parents in the bedroom vibrator. Then he often turned to him, experimenting with your body. Then she was a boy, but he was just zero. She did not even feel anything from his convulsive twitches. So she decided to find out what sex is already a grown man.
I got the real pleasure of learning the tricks of Amy, who knew. On this day, however, her ass was left intact, but the mouth and pisechka left me very tired out. Light was very temperamental and ready to learn the girl. Despite the fact that she had experienced orgasm only 2, that evening, she was very happy, and ready to continue learning. At 12 I had to carry it out, because it even before that time to take time off work to a disco with relatives.
Probably, hours before the 2 I tried to wait Lena, then still sleep overcame me. The next morning, I jumped sharply to the idea, but where is Lena? And immediately he calmed down when he saw her snoring peacefully beside me. I pressed her to dospat, hugging her, but all morning risers do not give sleep. My cock pressed against the protruding hot ass, trying to find a cozy nest. Settling back, so as not to bear against a member of the thigh, I was bursting with them in the heat of the space between the buttocks. Member shudders quietly parted lips and turned inside. Lena, issuing a languid moan, even more stuck her ass, swallow it whole. I started to move it, without encountering any resistance. And when there was grease, or even almost without feeling anything. Then I moved to a higher hole. The same story. Member simply sank without even feeling the pressure of the walls. It was necessary to include fantasy, and only after that I managed to finish and contentedly to sleep without removing a member of her ass. The next time I woke up at 9 o'clock in the morning. Lena was still asleep. I think even the posture has not changed. I got up, washed, he breakfasted. Lena was still asleep. Then I remembered the camera, which she had with him. I found her things. The camera was lying on top, swimsuit neatly folded and dry with a towel lying in the same place. It looks like a swimsuit is not useful, but have long to wash out a towel from nasohshey sperm. The cell was fully discharged. I had to find a charge. I sat in the kitchen, closed the door and began to view the captured images. First came the pictures of nature. Coast in the sunset twilight, then the yacht. Big enough. Occasionally frame people fall, but because of the small screen, it was difficult to see the face. It seems that Lena took off because she did not get the shot. Next to her always someone joked, talked, laughed, but because of the waves of sound, words were not read. Then the camera moved into the inner space .... In the middle of the cabin stood a table. The camera went through the utility room. It seems that Lena got acquainted with the vehicle without turning off the camera. Then came the banquet shooting. At the table sat 3rd guys and Lena. Male voice-over commented shooting. Judging by his voice, chamber ruled Ashot. He in turn came to the guys, they said chamber toast. All the toasts were dedicated to Lena. The other women did not have a cabin. Next time the camera was again outside. It was already dark. Lena behind the camera drunkenly explained to someone that wants to make a lunar path. Next something quietly muttering male voice. Were heard and the sound of rustling clothes excited breathing. Then the moon shooting began quivering, and then just a camera and put her on the floor, and added to the sounds the sounds of kisses and after some time and Lenochkino postanyvanie. Gradually the camera close to the floor, it seems that Lena sat down. Immediately Lenochkin voice: "Wait, I have it turns out, the camera is working." Male: "Give me, I'm off". The view from the camera starts to gallop, and after a while begins to show, sitting on his haunches with a member of the Lena mouth.
She carefully chew stick, lift up his eyes and angrily: "What are you filming? Turn right now! ". The image disappears. Next frame. Again already inside. The image shows the wall-overs men's voices were talking, it seems that long to understand how to turn on the camera. "Why, she has been working for." "It takes?" "Where's the approach?" "On pressing this button?". The camera pans a room. Table is already in a corner. In place of a table piled a heap of pillows, the middle has cancer pyalyat Lena. Screaming she does not give a big dick in her mouth. Next comes the moment Gang bang. I have a member in its holes, guys try full. The camera goes from hand to hand, removes the action from different angles. It takes about half an hour more, then the record ends. Then the camera is turned on again. Voiceover: "charge? Let's shoot it until it passed out again. " The camera pans lying with eyes closed spouse. It shines semen stains. Cum everywhere. Pubic, on his stomach, smeared on the chest, but most of all, perhaps, on the face. Then the camera creeps to take close-up of her labia and off permanently.
I box the camera back in the pack, and wait until Lena did not wake up.
She woke up almost 12.
- "Come to me I'll hug you. Yesterday I came late, you're already asleep. It does not become to wake you. "
- "How to ride on the yacht?"
- "Cool, but you obaldeesh when I tell you as I have a ride"
- "Let's tell the order"
- "In order?
First, we arrived at the boat Ashot. It turned out that the girl his friend was not there. She could not come, then there were two more guys. Ashot really convinced me that all of his friends, so I was not afraid of anything. They set sail from the coast. We put a boat anchor. Then toast came at a time for me to say. Constantly I poured martini. Oh, and then I remember snatches. I remember that my first Ashot right on the deck in her mouth gave his club. Oh! He is also a shot. Then show, the camera must remain. And then he put me on a side. I thought he was going to fuck me there. And he planted me on his dick, lifted and carried inside to friends. I'm trying to get off with him, and he, if I start to flutter, just swing me insert deeper, much breath catches. And so it went inside. Those of course content, is already waiting for me, probably all had agreed. The table has been removed. Oh, and then just the carousel was. I spit, as they wanted. I do not know how many times it came, until they are exhausted. Back when Ashot brought me, my feet do not already converged. I barely found the strength to get to the bath. Rinsed in the shower, and passed out. "
To be continued? Do you need ???
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